Burris.. short leash?

This guy. he seems to have a Jekyl and Hyde Syndrome this season. (and a lot of last year too)

he has an outstanding game! then stinks the joint out!

how much more can you give this bum before you finally say enough is enough!

how many games has he played this year where he has completely sucked??

ya he's had some good games where he's won a game that nobody thought the Ti-Cats should have won..

but then he goes and stinks vs teams he SHOULD have defeated!!..

if Cortez wants to keep his job in 2013, he needs to rid himself of this mess.

As long as Burris leads Hamilton to a win this week vs B.C. at Ivor Wynne is all that matters..ect. From what that Gridiron Guru :thdn: says about Glenn is a line of BS; comment is posted in the Lions forum. Goat Head Soup :cowboy:

Don't know how many bums lead the league in touchdown passes and are second in passing yards. He has had his Bad Hank outings, but that's no different than any other year. Sure, the wins haven't been there and he has been the reason the Ti-Cats have lost a couple of games, but you're out of your mind if you think his leash is short. He's not getting benched at any point and he'll be in a Tiger-Cat uniform next season unless he doesn't want to be.

What game did the Cats win that nobody thought they would? They beat Toronto at home, Montreal at home twice, Edmonton at home and Saskatchewan on the road. The Cats were not prohibitive underdogs in any of those games.

Burris is in Hamilton because of Cortez. They know each other and I am convinced Cortez took the job only if the team acquired Burris. The trade to get Burris and the hiring of Cortez took place within a week of each other. Coincidence? I think not.

But I might suggest you refrain from commenting on situations you aren't fully informed on. Cortez is in no danger of losing his job. He signed a four-year deal and the Cats aren't going to eat three years of that deal. We leave the irrational firings to the guys out in Saskatchewan. Burris will be here next year unless he retires, and so will Cortez.

Cortez is in no danger of losing his job. He signed a four-year deal and the Cats aren't going to eat three years of that deal. We leave the irrational firings to the guys out in Saskatchewan. Burris will be here next year unless he retires, and so will Cortez.
Even if WPG catches Cats for the final playoff spot?

I dunno 'bout that..............

Even if WPG catches Cats for the final playoff spot?

I dunno 'bout that..............

Yeah, I'd have to believe - even in the above stated scenario - Cortez will be around for, at the very least - one more year, and more than likely 2 more, with a good chance for all 4.

When such a substantial commitment (ie.4 year contract, and 3 job titles) are made to an individual ... it is very rare for those who made the commitment to admit a mistake in judgement and correct said error.

Like it, or not - for better or worse - Cortez will be in Hamilton for the foreseeable future ...

Just to be true to the thread topic - again, agree or disagree (I'm in the former camp) - Burris will be the starting QB for the foreseeable future ... this season, and next.

Wouldnt really call the firing of Marshall "irrational". They now have a guy who should be in the running for Coach of the Year.

Doesn't matter. He signed a very lucrative four-year deal prior to this season and the Ti-Cats are not going to pay him not to coach for three years. Even if the Ti-Cats lose every game the rest of the year, Cortez will be back in 2013. There is no chance he gets axed; none.

Hindsight is 20/20. Saskatchewan didn't know Chamblin would be available in the off-season when they fired Marshall in August. The move to fire Marshall was completely irrational. Any team firing any coach after eight games is irrational regardless of what comes afterwards. You can't honestly believe that eight games is long enough to evaluate whether a coach will be successful or not. It was a knee-jerk reaction. It happened to work out for them this year, but we have no idea where the Riders would be with Marshall in year two of his tenure. The Riders were a mess last year, and Marshall was the sacrifice. No one could have made last year's team a winner, but it just so happened that Marshall was the coach and he unfortunately took the fall.

Despite inconsistency, Burris has done well overall this season. A bigger concern is Hamilton lousy defense. Fans can be more patient with a struggling quarterback if the defense is strong enough to win games by itself. Now Hamilton cannot win games unless the offense excels, but offense cannot be expected to be hot all the time.

Corey Chamblin [Riders] is my vote for Coach of the Year 2012; good call greenandwhite I must say.

Actually, 2 years ago it basically came down to Chamblin and Marshall. Ken Miller wanted Marshall whereas Brendan Taman wanted Chamblin. It just so happened that the Riders picked Marshall as he had more experiance in the CFL. Hindsight was 20/20 as you say at that time, and the Riders knew they made a mistake. They corrected that mistake by picking Chamblin this year, and riding the team of a flawed hiearchical system. Many fans, including myself, were not happy with Marshall's hiring at the time.

It wasnt after "just eight games" as you say; Why had Marshall been in the league so many years and never been given a chance at a head coach? He was a good defensive coordinator, but did not have what it took to be a quality head coach in the league. Give credit to the Riders for recognizing that sooner rather than later. Had they held on to Marshall for the full four years, I would be willing to bet that the Riders would be holding a gun to Gainers head to save the team yet again as they did in the 1990s. Of course this is all just speculation.

G&W good post, saved me bringing up the HC choice 2 years ago.

Another point is why hasn't Marshall been hired by anyone since he was fired?

I am well aware that it was down to Chamblin and Marshall for the job, but that doesn't change the fact that the Riders did not know if Chamblin would be available the following year. He could have become another team's head coach (such as Hamilton's) and the Riders would then have to take someone else, perhaps even someone not as good as Marshall. Also, who is to say that Chamblin, had he been hired in 2011, wouldn't have suffered the same fate as Marshall? It was the power structure in Saskatchewan that was the biggest problem with them last year, which you yourself admit. Regardless of who they hired, that would have still been there which means any coach would have faced the same problems as Marshall. And I'm sure there were just as many fans that were happy Marshall was hired.

Why it took Marshall so long to become a head coach is immaterial. He was passed over for better candidates. That doesn't mean it was the wrong time for him to finally take over a team. I will give no credit to the Riders for recognizing anything. They simply did not give Marshall a chance to be successful. No one said they had to keep Marshall for four years, but there are plenty of head coaches that struggle their first year and turn out to be great coaches. Ron Lancaster went 2-14 in each of his first two seasons as head coach in Saskatchewan and we know what he ended up accomplishing as a head coach. Looking down south, Bill Belichick (6-10 in Cleveland), Bill Walsh (2-14 in San Francisco) and Bill Parcells (3-12-1 with the New York Giants) all had horrible first seasons, but look at where they ended up.

Marshall hasn't been hired because he's getting a nice six-figure salary from the Riders not to coach. He gets his full contract and gets to spend time with his family; sounds like a deal many of us, if not all of us, would take.

Kind of a loaded post, but I will try addressing a few points.

  1. Marshall was not respected by the players last season. He lost the locker room right from the getgo. Part of it was the hiearchy, no doubt about it. The other was that Marshall was hard to play for. Marshall inherited a damn good football team who made it to back to back Grey Cups, yet could only lead the team to a 1 and 7 record.

  2. You throw out all of these names. Here are a few more: Richie Hall, Rich Stubler, the list goes on and on. Coaches that made good coordinators, but not so good head coaches. I said it last year when they hired Marshall; his style of coaching just doesn't fit the evolving CFL. He may prove me wrong with another team, and I wish him all the best.

  3. You called the firing "irrational". I don't feel that it is by luck that the Riders found a guy such as Cory Chamblin to be their head coach. The truth is that there were other more qualified candidates that would have made the Riders better than they were last year. Dave Dickinson, Khari Jones, and others just to name a few. The Riders opted to extend an offer to Chamblin, and I'm glad they did.

I wouldn't mind seeing what Porter could do if Burris starts slow. He's been fire and ice this year. Statistically he's probably having one of his better years, and you can't lay all the blame on his shoulders, as the D is pretty horrific this year.

I think this is one of the situations where perhaps the numbers don't tell the full picture. He has the best QB rating, and he is having the best year of his career, but he's also contributed to 22 turnovers directly, 14 interceptions and 8 fumbles. Fumbles don't really show up on a QB's stat sheet, and he's had more than anyone.

Burris 39 TDS, 14 Interceptions, 8 Fumbles - 22 turnovers
Ray 12 TDs, 10 Interceptions, 6 fumbles - 16 turnovers
Glenn 19 TDs, 12 Interceptions, 4 fumbles - 16 turnovers
Calvillo 27 TDs, 11 Interceptions, 3 fumbles - 14 turnovers
Durant 16 TDs, 9 Interceptions, 4 fumbles - 13 turnovers
Lulay 25 TDs, 10 Interceptions, 2 fumbles - 12 turnovers

I won't post the rest as there's been a combination in Edm and Winnipeg.

No way Burris gets benched and he will be the starter next season as well. Finally geting Cobourne dressed for each game and moving Veteran Stala to the 5th Reciever opposed to youngster Onrea Jones has helped even more. If the Cobourne move would have been done earlier both he and Walker would be able to be part of the Game plan.
The defense is what has hurt them the most in helping the Cats to hold onto leads. Bringing in Peguese, Tory Davis (who for some reason did not play last week and pro vet Ricardo Colclough have strenthend their D especially on the D Line. If Knowlton can come back the would have an all sat SAM LB back in place.
Burris had had to get used to a new receiving corp and his number are outstanding. Defense needs to be more consistant.
Although I do Believe that Quinton Porter will be better the second time around. After seeing a lot of PT in his younger years his job descriptionwas never consistant with he and Glenn both seeing PT. With Porters role being defined as the #2 for at least the next two seasons behind a succesful CFL QB in Burris he has the Chance to be an effective CFL starter yet. Two years behin Burris may be just what he needed

Man there is no way Cortez wont be back next year...

Marshal was in a no win situation as soon as the team and particularly the quarterback gave up on him.

When I read the title of this thread, I interpreted "short leash" to mean managing Henry & scripting the offence in order to give Henry small successes that can be built upon.

My example is what Kavis did with Joseph. Moved him around. Moved the pocket. Three & five step roll outs. Designed bootlegs. Edmonton did a great job "managing" KJ and got the ball out of his hands quickly into the hands of play makes like Stamps & Charles.

This is what Hamilton needs to do with Henry early on in games. Especially on the road. Need to cut down his options. Play action to the back, roll, primary target, if not available, run.

Henry needs a bunch of small successes to build momentum & build his confidence. We all have seen when it goes bad for Henry, it really goes bad!

I like that game plan for hank and the offense. You do not see enough of that anymore in the CFL with the QBs rolling out, moving the pocket with options to run or pass.