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Some people just take this Burris thing way too seriously.....

Even more , IF , CALGARY wins on , SUNDAY!

just some pre game HYPE , since B.C. and my ARGOS have almost clinched 1st place in the CFL , WEST and EAST.

if only ottawa had beaten hamilton, everything would be right in the CFL

I guess it would sorta suck for Burris, walking on to the field and being the most hated person in the stadium by thousands of people.


I wouldnt count on that

Go Stamps!

Crandell is also facing his former team too.

why not? The riders got blown out the last time the Stamps faced them.

...and now here comes all the excuses about the injuries...etc..etc.

I could care less about Burris vs Sask I just want us to win the damn game to clinch playoffs already.

Just another game ....humilating Burris would be a bonus but I dont expect that to happen... A win would pretty well sow us up a playoff spot and thats all I am looking for.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


send Calgary to the East please!

This should be the best game of this week end!

.....very poor sportsmanship (not to mention sour grapes) to wish Burris a poor game today. If we win, I want to beat a healthy, talented Burris, not one that craps the bed.....There is no pride whatsoever in beating someone who is not at the top of their game. I want both teams with their big guns working overtime, high scores, big plays, and me chewing my fingers off because the nails were gone in the first quarter.

GoStampsGo, are you suggesting you think injuries had something to do with the first game's outcome? Nobody brought it up until you did, and my only comment would be that you play the game with whoever is healthy. We lost with the team we had on the field in that game. This game, there are different dudes in the lineup, so it may be a different outcome.

This will be a great game either way but I truly believe the Riders prevail today

I'm hoping you're right argofan

Lets Go Riders
duh duh dudu duh
Lets Go Riders

Will have had my first drink in approximately 40 minutes. Its gonna be a good bus ride, and Its gonna be a GREAT game

Go Riders Go

Poor Billy's gonna be doing alot of drinking today. Hope he doesnt
forget his crying towel. LOL

We make Sask pass and victory should be ours. Easier said then done,
but i like our chances.

Good luck Sask and lets hope for a good game from both teams and the

Its the MAIN event, you know.

I predict Riders win 10000-0. At least 25 of the Riders TD's will be on contreversial calls by the officials.