Burris' prognosis

Wonder if anyone has heard how long Burris is out? What an ugly way to be taken out of the game!

...the Herald reported he left the stadium with his left arm in a sling and highly medicated....some players interviewed said he was in considerable pain....not a good prognosis....

Well if it's his left arm (he is right handed isn't he?) that's better than if it was his throwing arm. In which case it improves his prognosis considerably.

fair enough!

I am disappointed too. I mean that sincerely! I was looking forward to a Burris vs Pierce matchup. I guess you can look on the positive, its not this throwing shoulder.

I see Ben Sankey is in your camp now. Will it be Sankey or Smith in BC on Saturday?

Smith and Nealy for now but do not be suprised if Sankey gets the call in the Rider game if SMith fails his mission. SAnkey under Cortez did very well but has he still got it no one knows.

Sankey, oh yeepeee, I can hardly wait. We're all in for real treat.

Higgins coached Maas in Edmonton; think there might be a trade coming up?

Anybody who wants Maas is in for major disappointment... when are people going to realize this???

Did he do anything in Hamilton?? Even when we had talent (Ranek, Vaughn, Lumsden, Holmes), the answer is a resounding.... NO!!

Has he done anything in Montreal, one of the more talented teams in the league? The answer is NO!!!

When are people going to realize that it is not 2004 or 2005 anymore?? He's not the same guy!

You do not want him!! Trust me... a major disappointment.

Joe Montana would have failed with that Tiger Cat team. Serious I am not Maas fan but thats face it one guy does not make up a team. Hopefully continuely tweaking the Cats this might improve. The D line looks to have been improved (recievers should be next).

No way should the Stamps waste their time on Maas, he is washed up. His throwing arm is shot like Khari Jones was at the end of his career. Too many shoulder problems & surgeries over the years have caught up to him.

…agreed, we go to the dance with the dates we have…we might struggle intially, and maybe those points scored against Edmonton will come back to help, but it’ll be close for a playoff spot…all is not lost yet…

With due respect. I would be concerned if Mass showd up in Calgary. Like 2005 said, Joe Montana couldn't do much with that bunch in Hamilton.

If Maas took a pay cut, he could be a "Band-Aid " fill in until Burris came back.

No need sporty he will miss two games three at the most.

I did not see the original game. I have only seen replays. Last night I saw the whole play (not just the hit by Moreno). It appeared to me that as Burris stubbled his left arm jammed awkwardly against the turf on his way down. To me it appeared more likely that he dislocated then and not on the hit. Did anyone els notice that?

Burris in an interview stated that it was not his diving that caused the injury but the hit from a player. In otherwords when he fell he did not hurt himself even on the slide but from the player impact which caused the injury. But again no suprise from this league that they do not wish to have consistancey. Sad really because it hurts every team when a late hit occurs and causes a star player to be injured. There are many that are not called and yet when a player so much as touchs the top of a QB's helmet the flag comes out. This is over and done with but I can tell you the onweship of the Stampeders are livid and I would like to be in the next BOG meeting with Cohon. If this guy does not soon find a fix to this he may soon be back flipping burgers at MacDonalds.

RW05, even Wally B disagrees with you and Burris.

But then again, Burris has never ever accused somebody else for a mistake he made. Or jumped up after close hit and claimed roughing, or yelled for an interception. No not Henry. I am he is from Calgary, he could never do anything wrong.

…oh mikey, when will your jealousy of all things albertan cease?..it’s really quite sad…

…begone troll…i cast you out…