Burris or No????

Curious to hear from Argo fans.

Do you want Hank next year or are you content with hitching your wagon to Jyles and Co?

Being a Grey Cup year in T.O, i think Burris is the only QB out there right now, so yes

I am not so sure about Hank, as it appears that he has hit a wall this year.
After all he is what 37 years old and this decision to possibly sign him has all the bad memories of the Joseph signings.
With the best before date having long expired.
Now having said that it may very well be that the Cats may also be looking at Hank.
I still think that Jyles does have a better up side with more mobility then Hank but it is his passing that is at risk.
If we get a new HC such as the offensively minded and former QB Scott Milanovich or ditto for Dave Dickenses, then maybe either can work with him exclusively to work on his throwing mechanics which appear somewhat off even though he has a better then average arm strength.
Regardless of the QB, the team need to sign a dedicated QB coach.