Burris or McManus?

It seems Smilin Hank has lost his confidence(dropped passes are not helping him either), but I feel that Danny Mac should start for the rematch in Calgary.

ofcourse u feel that way...your a rider fan and u want calgarys backup to come in and throw INT's to your team and give u an easy win.

its ok to feel this way.

Actually, I wasnt thinking that way, my thinking was that if Burris watched a game from the sidelines and studied game and some game films, that might snap him out of his slump.

and im sure u really want to see him get outta his slump...hmmm

I actually like Burris, I would like to see him do well... just not against the Riders... :lol:

Burris will be fine, it is a long year and as some one has said it, the league 18 games are a marathon not a sprint.
Don't forget, I would venture that the west may be won with a 10-8 or even 9-9 record. So the competative balance will result in every team including the Stamps having their moments with the starting QB's.

heck, I would bring back Peter Liske!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule (this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

There you go again Sambo! :lol:

Hey , it was just a thought, something is obviously wrong his game, or the Stamps would not be 3-3. Since you think my solution is wrong, what would you do to shake Burris out of his slump? Nothing?

Unlike you Sambo classless! I would say that it is not just Burris that is playing poorly! The receivers must take most the blame here! Our defense looked like the rider a week ago! :lol:

So then there is a communication problem between Burris and his receivers. I would say that there is a bigger problem with the Stamps if a QB in his second full with virtually the same receivers(except for Thurman), cant connect a third of the way into their second season together. Maybe the receivers dont have the confidence in Burris that they might have with McManus

NOt matter how your small brain would like Danny Mac to play it will not happen. Burris and company need to gel again as a unit! I think the problem started when Burris and Rambo had the disagreement! I think the coaches need to sit a certain receiver to send a message to that group. As far as blaming one player for their slump that is plain stupid. The defense did not play well that last time I looked Burris does not play on defense. Danny Mac will not be a starter again unless there is an injury! Nice try like DG stated you rider fans would like that to happen now wouldn't you. :lol:

...Danny McManus can still put zip on the ball ...only problem is he zips it to the opposition dbs' too often...i still think the stamps have to go with Henry...if only for the fact he is far more familiar with his receivers...here's an interesting ??? ...does anyone think there could be a problem with Hank and his receivers after he berated ol Rambo awhile back....maybe they are a little nervous brought on by what Henry is going to do them .. if they screw up...just a theory....IF Burris IS pulled in favour of Danny ...watch out for the 'big sulk'...he may want to move on...nothing like good team chemistry... :roll:

Dad it seems that is the case since that blow out on the sidelines the receivers have done nothing! When was the last time Copeland dropped three passes in a row when it hits his hands. The thing that ticked me off he had the gull to go to the sidelines and laugh! The coaching staff should pick one and sit him for a few games! But it is obvious the past three games the receivers a reluctant to run routes at normal speed! They showed what Henry was looking at last night and I am not taking anything away from the rider Db's they played well but I saw tow receivers just standing there! Those guys standing should be put on the practise roster for a while!

You might be on to something papazoola, there could be trouble in the Stamps camp, red05 stated that recievers are just standing around, could be that they don't want to play with Burris..he's to wound up most of the time..

Which two? If you are going to keep Burris in, then he and his receivers need to hash thing out, get everything out in the open. Then , and only then will things change. As long as the commuincations problems continue, the stamps will stumble through another game.

....what would really bother me IF i was a stamp fan my son...is that after Copeland drops the rock a couple of times....he goes back to the bench and starts smiling and grinning (i thought that was Henrys job)...i don;t know if you think that's a proper reaction...but i know if i was the coach...heh.' Mr. Copeland its pr. time for you...till you get that grin off your face...right-on red... :roll:

For sure Copeland is a jerk for doing that! His team mates are in the game and this moron goes to the bench after the ball is thrown into his hands and he drops it and he has the nerve to laugh! Just maybe he is proving he dances better then he can catch! Thurmon is another! That is the problem for the offense, the defense was not as bad thats face it they kept the score down! If the offense would do its thing then it would have been a different game. The riders played like it was a feeding frenzy in a swimming pool of sharks! But I sure did like Lil Nate taking a nappy on the field there! :lol:

Danny Mac always was overated and is now washed up.

Agree he should have retired long ago! :lol: