Burris Opinion on receivers in the CFL

Hanks opinion on the best receivers in the CFL?

Hank States the following:

One thing Im wondering when I read response is that we're basing our decision on guys who have annually put up numbers. They have made a differnce for many years. Not just potential but actual results.

My starting 5 would be: X(short side receiver)-Dominguez(Miles close second)
Z(wide side receiver)-Thelwell(Armstead)
W(short side slot)-Lewis(Stegall, Thurmon)
Y(wide side slot)-Tucker(Copeland)
R(#3 Inside slot to field)-Cahoon(French, Baker)

Wow, Pretty good selection......

I hear Huey checking his wallet to see if they'd fit under the cap!!! 8)

Myself the eskies do not have to worry until 2007 season so I am sure many teams will be unloading players next year. Huey had to sign his best player.
Hmmm Ed Hervey you should have gone to Gades could have been their marquee player by now.

You gotta figure he'd put at least one of his receivers on that list. I am quite surprised though that the only lion he chose was Thelwell as opposed to simon or claremont

No Ticats on that list AT ALL! First, second or third choice, at any position.

I don't know whether to be insulted, or relieved that no one is interested in Flick and Yeast.

I can't believe that French and Thurmon are on that list. He may be a bit biased having played with them

Me too Billy......................neither one seem able to hold on to the ball for big plays