Burris on TSN Panel

Hank was made for this type of forum on TV. He's a knowledgeable guy and as a very successful QB in this league - he has a perspective and experience on the field that other position players simply do not. His voice seems a bit too gravelly for the TV broadcast tho. He's a bit harder to hear/understand than the others and it's not a volume thing. Hope to see more of Hank on the panel.

He's still a rookie as commentators go and he'll get better with time, just as Stegall has. He's pretty easy to like though.

Hank is very good, he's well-animated and a great counter-foil to the styles of Jocker & Milt. I guess its all but official that Big Chris is off the panel - just that Chris doesn't want the reason made public!

Agree that Hank gets too raspy - too much yelling and screaming during his 20+ year career - plus whatever bonus screaming he can do at home! Hard to listen to!

Good move by TSN.

I was surprised at how well he did. First time and all. Sounded like he's been doing it for years.

Yeah he was really good. Made for this. Very bright and insightful as well.

I've been watching the panel less and less especially with Schultz gone. Now with Burris there, I may never watch it again.

Seems a bit weird that he rips the TSN panel during a live broadcast two years ago, and now he's working with them.

Could not agree more

They now have the 2 most conceited players in the history of the league

Dunigan used Burris' Grey Cup ring to burn Milt bad. Best burn of the year maybe.

One thing Milt (and even Doug Brown) are extremely sensitive to is being exposed as star players who preferred accumulating stats vs. winning championships.

If they were given sodium pentothal both would yap they played with inferior players, inferior management and inferior coaches. For the most part the sodium pentothal would have done its job - but age has taken its toll and both Milt & Brown are too classy to lay blame.

Ringless Milt is just part of CFL lore!

Some people just look for reasons to complain here.

Hank is great. He does work CTV am broadcasting.

Even before going to Ottawa.

Here in Calgary, he did some casual work , reporting work for a local station.

Should not surprise anyone, he is good on the screen.

Agreed!!!!!!!!!!! Burris was a great QB. In what league? Was always on the hot seat
for poor play. Yes occasionally big game. But not great.
Now two squeaky panel members. Burris & uncle Milt.

He did win the MOP in 2015 and was the main reason why Ottawa won the Grey Cup last year.
I don't remember too many times when he was on the hot seat for poor play.
The 2014 expansion season was probably his worst but he had a bunch of no-name receivers.

A welcome addition to the panel, he's got a good voice and very knowledgeable about the CFL

Calgary 1999 Burris played 18 games 4 TD and 4 interceptions
Sask 2000 30 TD 24 interceptions
Sask Calgary, Hamilton gave up on Burris
Ottawa 2014 11 TD 14 interceptions.
Ottawa 2016 12 TD 9 interceptions. Mostly back up.
Ottawa 2016 great grey cup story win.

Burris good quality average QB. 3 teams gave up on him fans were hostile at times for poor play. Last year Hank was backup until play offs.
As a announcer on panel we will see how squeaky does.