Burris on 6 game injury list?

Recent tweet has Burris out for awhile. Dislocated or broken little finger. Harris's team for a while earlier than expected.

Yup it appears to be true. The CFL's reigning MOP the oldest and must Indestructible Quarterback in the league the last few seasons has finally been fallen with an injury. I'm still shaking my head that the thing that finally takes him out is of all things a baby pinkie injury. Crazy when you think about it as compared to the garden variety injuries that have taken down other QB's recently such as Concussions, separated shoulders , ACL's etc etc. And Henry gets taken out by a pinkie. Who would'a thought it ?

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/06/29/redblacks-put-henry-burris-six-game-injured-list/]http://3downnation.com/2016/06/29/redbl ... ured-list/[/url]

It's a conspiracy. They are just resting the old man.

While I don't doubt that the injury is legit, I do wish he'd have handled it a bit better. He looked like he was shot with a tranquilizer dart.

That didn't really hit me until I watched the game again last night. That one dude on the Eskimos had his finger going sideways and he just trotted off. He didn't collapse on the spot. He did get a little googly-eyed, mind you...

Disclaimer: A buddy was telling me about a similar injury he suffered and when someone hit his finger funny later on, he said that he felt a jolt all the way down his spine and thought his teeth were going to explode out of his mouth. So, you know...easy for me to say from the couch...

Thinking on it, that's probably what happened with Burris too. He said he hurt himself on the previous play. Probably when he caught the shotgun snap it just hit him in the perfect spot to make wobbly.

That move to grab Harris looks genius now in retrospect. Ottawa was quite fortunate last year that they were one of a few teams to avoid major QB issues, without a proven backup QB.

I guess the question is if Harris plays well, will Burris have a job when he comes back?

Most durable player in the CFL ends up on the IR because of a pinky finger on a handoff ! Crazy...

I certainly would have lost bets on these two questions:

  1. Which QB will be the first to go down with an injury?


  1. When Ironman Henry Burris finally gets hurt, what type of injury will it be?

Yup, he must have really Effed up that pinky but good to be placed on the 6-game. The thing of it is though is that it's kinda hard to throw a football or anything else for that matter when you only have 4 workable digits on your hand. It will be interesting to see how the RB's do without him but my guess is that they won't even miss a beat with Harris running the show. In fact it will be really, really interesting now to see what happens there when Hank finally does comes back. :expressionless:

Well, you could still throw a fit ... throw a game ... throw out the trash ... throw your voice ... throw your back out ... throw caution to the wind ... throw your life away. Plenty of great options there.

Remember once you admitted that Marcel Desjardins made a nice move and I thought you'd been abducted by aliens and replaced with a clone replica?

You might have a similar moment here, so brace yourself, but...

I think Ottawa's better off with Harris. :cowboy:


Wow, after reading your post I had to turn on the Weather Network to see if Hell had actually really frozen over. :slight_smile: :cowboy: :lol: and then after that I opened the window to see if I could see any pigs flying by. :wink:

I'm curious why you say that.
Certainly in the long run. But..
Harris had a great half.
Burris had a great half.
Burris was MOP and led them to GC
Why the conversion to the immediate?

Agreed. I like Harris a helluva lot, but he's proven nothing in this league yet. Hasn't put together a full MOP season, hasn't won a Grey Cup. And there were definite dips in his performance last year with the Argos. Much easier to come off the bench and pitch long relief when the other team hasn't prepared for you. Now that he's the man for the next 6 games, teams will take film apart on him and the going will get tougher. We'll see how he reacts.

Is it 2015 or 2016. Got two words for this; Deja Vu.

And that means if the Argos will likely go at least 0-2 before winning a home game at BMO and places a great sense of urgency on their next two games on the road. Harris won't lose that week 4 game.

I think he's just a more disciplined player.

Now you have to bear in mind that whenever Harris played Ottawa last year, he pretty well carved them up. So I grew to fear the guy.

Hey, if they decide to ultimately return to Burris, I'll be quite all right with that. But Harris looks more like he's in control to me.

Catching passes from Burris seems challenging. Catching them from Harris looks easy.

Bah! Nothing to worry about till the Leafs win the Cup

Now there's 3 words that just never hang out together anymore. :wink:

Also, Harris is 30. If you're lucky he has a five-year career for you before his athletic skills start to decline and he's in Graybeard land.

I find it interesting that you point out QB's who have not proven anything because they have not won a GC.

First Collaros, now Harris. They have been around a whole ( total ) 3 years as starters. :roll:
So what ? They are only going to get better.

The best qb in the history of the CFL was Warren Moon. ( 5 )

Followed by Ron Lancaster ( 1 )

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IMO ^^^^^^^^

You do not need a GC ring to prove your worth.
Nice but not required.

Anyway, Ott getting Harris is the best off season score of all teams.