Burris offered Contract by Bummers


Wow, what an interesting season 2014 would be for the east if Ottawa signs him.

I can't shake the feeling that letting Burris go is going to be a mistake. Hope I'm wrong.

Once again, great find Grover!

Thanks Cap'n,
Ottawa just may have a better "O"line than Peg!
They could trade Glenn to the Bummers for some nice pieces.
Could be a BIG payday for Henry

Gary Lawless, WPG Free Press, has tweeted confirmation that the BB's have been informed that Hank has signed with the RB's.

WoW!!!! Could you imagine if that happens????? After running Glenn out of town,it would be priceless to see all the B.B. fans falling all over themselves lining up to kiss Kevin's Arse and welcome him back like a long lost son.Bomber Nation dumped all over Glenn after the '08" season,saying he was a bum,he couldn't win the big one,get someone better in here etc etc.
If this does happens,just wondering what odds you could have got in Vegas that Collaros would be a Cat,Burris a REDBLACK and Glenn ending up back in the Peg for the 2014 season???? If this is indeed true,it's shaping up to be a crazy,nutty CFL season on the horizon.

I could see Marcel sending Glen to Montreal. The least he could do is give Kevin the choice of where he wants to go.

Glenn is better than Burris, and if the RedBlacks signed Hank, this is a step backwards, IMO.

That Cap space that would have been better spent on other positions.

Who knows what happened. Maybe Glen turned down an extension. Maybe they wanted him in Ottawa for the fan forum and he told them he was busy??? Plus Burris has familiarity with Hage. He is better at "selling football" than Glen. They will get a really good asset for Kevin if they decide to trade him. So they also improve that way.

Not really that much of an upgrade over Glenn.
But can now trade Glenn for some real good players

Would be awesome if they trade hank to Winnipeg for assets. Haha

Don't know what assets they will find there. I think there will be a lot of interest for KG if that's the option they decide to go with.

Man, the Bummers just can't win... on or off the field!

Perhaps this is the reason that Glenn has made no appearances for the Redblacks this year. You'd think the QB would be the face of the franchise, so it was bizarre there was no press conference.

Called it!! No one seemed to agree at the time.

Heard Henry interviewed on Tim & Sid earlier today. He mentioned having family in Springfield, Massachusetts and that playing in Ottawa will allow them to see many more if not all games and that his children will be able to meet & spend time with this family from the east coast of the United States. He also mentioned liking the opportunity of being part of something special ... Ground floor & 1st year of an expansion franchise.

I wonder if some of Hank's thinking was that Winnipeg is part of a 5 team Western Division now and that making the playoffs out there would/will be even that much more difficult. Being in the east, all they have to do is get a little lucky & beat out 1 other team, cross-over excepted, and you're in the playoffs.

As a face of a franchise ... Ottawa could not have done any better. Smilin' Hank is perfect for that job. Shakin' hands with corporate types, smilin' and posing for pictures, getting out and about in the community ... There's none better than Mr. Burris. And let's face it, they're not going to be judged by Wins & Losses in the first couple years. Selling out games. Selling suites. Getting sponsors. That's the initial hurdles for the REDBLACKS. Add some exciting football ... which we know Hank can deliver with his go for broke style ... this makes sense to me.

This is a good deal for Burris & Ottawa IMHO. Burris can be part of something different, special, unique and really put a good final chapter when it comes to his legacy. No other option offered that IMHO.

And when he retires in a couple of years, he'll be the first QB who will be able to say he is the all-time passing yardage leader for two separate teams.

(Fact check: I have no idea if that's true, but it sounds like it might be.)

Ricky Ray might become the second.

I looked it up. (Snow day and I'm bored!)

Damon Allen is the All-Time Passing Yardage Leader for the Ottawa Roughriders franchise by a mere 314 yards over J.C. Watts. Since that franchise is defunct ... He'll go down as the ATPY leader. He's also the leader for the defunct Memphis Mad Dogs. Lastly, he's #1 in BC over Roy Dewalt. Although Lulay should be able to overtake him in 4 to 5 years. So as of now, Allen is sitting on 3 franchise All-Time Passing Leader Records.

Calvillo is the all-time passing yardage leader for both the Alouettes & Las Vegas Posse.

Officially ... David Archer is the leader in both Sacramento and San Antonio ...

Ricky Ray is #1 in Edmonton and is approximately 10K away from surpassing Condredge Holloway in Toronto.

Back to the title of this thread..... OFFER REFUSED!!!