Burris offered Contract by Bummers

Some news from Kirk Penton on a potential Burris contract

"There's a good chance Henry Burris will make a decision on his football future early this week, and many signs point to that team being the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Burris' agent, Chris Gittings, reports there are "multiple offers" on the table for the former Hamilton Tiger-Cats pivot, but no other team has a starting position open and the Bombers have apparently got out the cheque book for the 38-year-old future Canadian Football Hall of Famer."


"What Winnipeg is offering Burris is unknown, but there are rumblings throughout the league it's between $300,000 and $350,000 per year."

So it turns out that there was a possibility that it was the Cats that turned down the "counter offers" from the Burris camp in the spring

"Hamilton tried to extend Burris twice last off-season, and he was interested in staying in Steeltown, but the Tiger-Cats declined his counter-offers and he played out his option year."

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/02/03/burris-close-to-decision-on-football-future-with-bombers?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/02/03/b ... um=twitter[/url]

Wondered how much of this had to do with money. There wasn't, or isn't, really, much discussion about that.

There must have been a significant loss last year.

It was time to go younger. And with everyone else doing it, we did not need to be stuck wirth a old QB in 2 yrs when everyone elses are starting to get the hang of the game. That would have put us 2 steps behind the 8 ball for sure.

Two years is a long time to develop his successor.

How long has WPG been trying to replace Pierce. How long has MTL been trying to develop someone after Calvillo ?

I don't think you can compare the collection of losers that ran the Bombers into the ground or Popp to Kent Austin when it comes to developing a QB. I mean the young guys played great this year for the Ticats. Kent Austin has always gotten superb productivity from his Quarterbacks. Like I said in the other thread. I don't think this has to do with Burris age or play it has to do that they weren't prepared to pay him 350 to 400k a season at the expense of losing a Giguere or any other young talent they want to extend or chase during FA.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/burris-shopping-for-raise-agent-243172971.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 72971.html[/url]

"While Gittings refused to identify Burris's other suitors, sources have said the Burris camp has had discussions with Montreal GM Jim Popp in recent days and it's believed Gittings has shopped the quarterback in Ottawa and Edmonton.
Gittings confirmed at least one of the offers is from the Bombers and he said he has talked with Winnipeg's front office several times in the past couple days in a bid to get a deal done."

"He said Burris's most recent deal with the Tiger-Cats paid him on the low end of the CFL range for starters and he's looking for a significant raise after two years of leading the CFL in passing.
Gittings said the Ticats made Burris two contract-extension offers last spring, but they were in line with the pay scale of his previous deal and Burris balked. Gittings said Burris countered both Ticats offers but the Ticats would not budge and only at that point was the decision made to play out his final season and see what the future brought."

and another story from Gary Lawless

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/First-Take-Bombers-cant-chase-signing-Burris--243333831.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... um=twitter[/url]

"Sure, turning the Bombers moribund offence into a ball-moving, touchdown scoring machine would make summer better for everyone around here but Walters needs more than a QB and he can’t park all his salary cap money in the bank account of Henry Burris.
The deal the Bombers have offered Burris, the CFL’s passing leader the past two seasons, is solid. Well over $300,000 per season with a two-year term. No other team in the CFL is in a position to make such an offer and as much as the Burris camp wants to rumble about multiple offers, Winnipeg’s is the best out there. Walters doesn’t need to negotiate against himself.
The Bombers know how much money they can afford to spend on the quarterback position and still have money left over to improve the rest of the roster. This team was 3-15 last season and it sucks in a lot of places. Expensive places like the offensive line.
One would think Burris would want to get a fair deal done and leave Walters time and money to improve the rest of the roster. Burris, of course, has to be loyal to his family first and foremost and get the best deal possible. There aren’t many paydays left for Hank and he needs to make sure he’s smiling every two weeks when the cash clears. But there’s a limit and a happy middle ground for everyone.
Walters can’t be held hostage by Burris or the sins of Joe Mack. He needs to follow his plan and his schedule. If Burris doesn’t fit into it, so be it. There are other ways to rebuild."


Great stuff. Grover. Thanks for digging that up!

"He said Burris's most recent deal with the Tiger-Cats paid him on the low end of the CFL range for starters and [u]he's looking for a significant raise after two years of leading the CFL in passing[/u]."
good luck with that. I love Hank although doubt very much any team will offer a "significant raise" (if any) of his TiCats salary, as only 1 team in the league is without a true starting pivot, which leaves little leverage for negotiation.

and no team will pay anywhere near what he wants as a backup.

But certainly explains why the Ticats walked. Austin felt Henry out a couple times and realized what his expectations were and chose to go in another direction.

I think if Burris was going to sign in Winnipeg, he would have done so by now. The Bombers offered him more money than any other team can, so what is he waiting for?

Wouldn't surprise me if Burris ended up in Edmonton or BC.

Can't blame him for hoping for another offer. But in the end he will pinch his nose and sign in Winnipeg. Probably before the end of the week.

Maybe, but Burris in Montreal is also an interesting possibility. The Alouettes should have some money to throw around now that Calvillo is off the payroll. Burris and Troy Smith would make a formidable 1-2 and I would think the Als would be a more appealing option to Burris than the Bombers. The Als would give him a better opportunity to stick it to the Ti-Cats! :twisted:

As a fan I'd love it but based on the two multi-year commitment the Als made to Smith and Marsh. I would guesstimate that the max offer the Als would make to Burris would be 200 to 225k a season. No way the Als are going to offer Hank a bulletproof 3 year contract at 350k plus.

this is all a ploy by Burris' agent to squeeze every last penny out he can out of the Bombers.
Burris' agent is going all-in at the poker table with a small pair, but the Bombers hold all the cards - a full house.
i hope the bombers don't doubt their Full-house, fall for Burris' bluff and fold to his demands.

i hope the bombers tell his agent, if Burris doesn't sign by friday, the contract value decreases. you'll see him sign thursday.

Bombers are basically desperate though.

And it appears so is Burris agent.

If i was Burris, my last choice would be the Bummers. At 38, why would he want to join a rebuilding team. That's why Montreal might look interesting to him even if the money isn't quite as good as what the 'Peg might be offering. Actually, Montreal with Burris looks pretty good to me. Even better than with Smith who still hasn't proven to me that he can be AC's successor.

An Argo-Cat fan

At least he knows in Montreal they would honor his contract and he would not be running for his life every down and would get playoff money. I still think he goes for the shinny contract.

Latest rumour is Burris to the REDBLACKS!

Don Wilcox ?@ottawasundonw 17m
Ottawa @RedBlacks say they are gonna make "major' announcement at 11 a.m. Been lots of rumours about Henry Burris. Could it be?

REDBLACKS Nation ?@REDBLACKSnation 53s
#REDBLACKS call for an 11AM press conference to announce the signing of veteran QB Henry Burris.

Burris takes Glenn's job again?