Burris offered Contract by Bummers

No more easy win against the Bombers if Hank goes to them....Does anyone remember the Calvillo trade to Montreal...I think that came back with Aces to haunt us for years...Not saying that our team won't be good but Burris in Winnipeg could make them a real threat....Do or die for our Mr. Head Coach !

No comparison at all between the Calvillo situation and Burris. Calvillo struggled here and when we released him did anybody predict he would become one of the greatest quarterbacks in history over the next 15 years. Nope

Whereas in releasing Burris we are releasing a quarterback who in spite of helping us get to the Grey Cup last year - is past his prime and likely can play another year or two at the most at a level almost certainly is not going to be as good as what he has been capable of the last five years. He struggled the last half of the season here and in fact struggled for most of the post season too. He had what - one good drive in the semi-final, a great half against the Argos and that's about it. Thank goodness our defense stopped Montreal cold and shut Ricky Ray down completely in the second half of the final otherwise we would not have been in the Grey Cup.

I think it was very telling in the press conference introducing Collaros today that when Austin was asked did he think it was risky signing Collaros and releasing Burris and before the question was even finished Austin was already shaking his head no. Also kudos to Austin for starting the presser by complimenting Burris and wishing him well and by saying he would advocate an Henry's behalf no matter what Henry does in the future.

Good memory (other than the fact that it wasn't a trade), and good point. I can't even remember the last time someone mentioned that on this board - almost never happens.


For sure he deserves to be unemployed in the CFL no more than 48 hrs! He is a winner but for how long at his age ? That's what killed this cat in tiger town when a young star comes around and Austin wants to put HIS stamp on our team :cowboy:

I think it was very telling in the press conference introducing Collaros today that when Austin was asked did he think it was risky signing Collaros and releasing Burris and before the question was even finished Austin was already shaking his head no
The only thing this 'tells' is that Austin thinks very highly of himself, and he believes his judgement to be beyond reproach.

(other than the fact that it wasn't a trade)

sorry...forgot that he wasn't traded...was he just released from Hamilton?

Flying_A - it doesn't say that at all. His answer to that questions and some others speaks volumes about how he values the opinion of those he surrounds himself with and that Orlando played a huge role in convincing Austin that this was the right move. Austin even says when answering the question and I'm paraphrasing here - he said he's not dumb enough to think he could make a decision like this on his own without input and counsel of people in some ways wiser than him and once they (meaning the coaching staff) weighed all the pros and cons of decision they were very comfortable that this is the right way to go and because of that due diligence - to them they are confident this is the right move - therefore not really a risky one to them.

And I very much agree with that sentiment as do most knowledgeable CFL commentators who's comments I've read on this. Burris was not the future of the Ti-Cats and the Cats landed the big prize of free agency - beating the Bombers so now they need a plan B - which may include Burris.

While hoping to get Burris' signature, WPG has released another former TC QB - Jason Boltus and alos one of his teammates while here - Bo Smith. (CFL Transactions - Jan. 31)

why do we care where he goes he was a cat and aint no more good luck hank all the best but life goes on

Your quite the spin doctor :roll:

Burris missed a 5000 yard passing season because he was loyal to his team and H.C. nuff said

Calvillo was brilliant as a rookie for Vegas, and was misscoached on a bad TiCat team with a grumpy D minded H.C.

common denominator is they were both S--- on In Hamilton!

If I was in Austin's position I would make the exact same move once Collaros was available. It is the right move for this team. That's not disrespecting Burris. He's a Hall of Fame quarterback who played well for us but to me was showing signs of decline at times in the last half of the season as every player his age does. Is he capable of having maybe one or two more very good seasons - maybe - but looking at the upside of Collaros you make the move now. Austin isn't in the business of loyalty for loyalty's sake. He's in the business of building winning football teams for now, next year AND years beyond.

And other than a few whines I've seen on these boards - anybody whose football opinion I respect have been unanimous in saying this is a great move by the Cats. If you call that spin - so be it .

I see. Anyone who doesn't agree with you is a whiner and obviously not within the realm of your respect. The fact that you seem to have closed your mind to any other opinion or possibility means that all you have done is "Spin" as in spinning your own opinion as the only one that matters????

OK Billydee87 I'll grant you whine was not a good choice of words. What I should have said (and what I mean) is that people before this move was made - who I consider to be knowledgeable football people (well respected journalists who follow the CFL) have been pretty much been unanimous in saying this is a good move that makes a lot of sense for the Cats. Is it risk free - of course not - no move is - but is it unduly risky - no - and that seems to be the consensus of knowledgeable football people.

And to be brutally honest - most of the posters here and on the cfl.ca chat board who have commented about this being a good move have tended to be posters who argue their points well - and even when I've disagreed with them I respect their knowledgeable, well thought out excellent posts on other topics. To be fair I've read a couple of posts that reasonably argue this might come back to bite us - but I guess my 'whine' post was an unfortunate reaction to some posts that to me didn't meet that standard (for me) with comments like (paraphrasing here) - this coach is full of himself, Burris has been treated like s**t, and other posts like that.

Should not have painted all who disagree with the move with the same 'whine' brush.

Burris may have been offered a contract by the Bombers but he certainly isn't rushing in to make his decision which means he's still on the fence about the Bombers offer or he has other offers on the table and is taking the time with his agent to look at everything and what suits Henry best.

Henry's agent said he had other interests they were looking at and I'm sure outside of Winnipeg that other teams like Montreal, Edmonton would fit into the hunt for a good starting QB like Burris.

I wonder what the reaction on this forum would be if we hadn't signed Collaros and after Feb. 15 deadline, Burris was dragging his feet on signing back with us and leaving us hanging for a few weeks in limbo with no starting QB!
Remember. he refused 2 contract extensions.

perhaps Burris' agent knows that saying there are other interested parties might put pressure on the bombers to increase their offer.
i suspect there are either no other offers, or offers that are for backup positions with backup money. the latter would mean the agent isn't lying, but he's spinning it to the benefit of his client. good for him, that's what he's paid to do.

i hope the bombers don't fall for it, as they will be henry's only chance at being a starter.

He never said he had other contract offers. Just that he'd been contacted :wink:

Calvillo was so brilliant in LV in 1994, his HOF credentials were practically sewn up on the basis of his rookie stats alone.

2,582 yards
154/348 (44% completion rate)
13 TDs, 15 INTs
64.4 QB rating
Led his team to a 5-13 record

Doug Flutie was certainly looking over his shoulder at this up-and-comer.

Not to mention also that Calvillo's last year in Hamilton saw him start 12 games on a team that went 2-16

2,177 yards
160/278 (59.6% completion rate)
80.6 Q.B rating
12 TDs,11 INTs
12 Fumbles lost
2-10 W/L record