Burris offered Contract by Bummers

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 39m
Confirmed - the #Bombers have made a substantial multi-year offer to Henry Burris.

All the best to Hank except when he plays the Cats then I hope he doesn't play well but not wishing any injury at all.

Just like when he was signed by the Cats, Hank makes the Bummers legit. HUGE gain for peg.

[b]The same day Henry Burris was released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the veteran quarterback received a substantial multi-year offer to join the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

However, the 38-year-old is in no hurry to sign with another team.

"I'm not in a rush. This will be my last contract, so I want to do it right," said Burris on Thursday.

Burris was released after the Tiger-Cats signed for Toronto Argonauts pivot Zach Collaros as a free agent.

"Congratulations to Hamilton and Zach Collaros," said Burris, who wasn't surprised by the move. "He's an exciting young quarterback and has a great future in this league.

"I'm ecstatic and appreciative that the Ticats granted me my release so that I can move forward."

Burris, who threw for almost 5,000 yards last season, is intrigued by the interest being shown by the Blue Bombers and other teams in the league.

"Just to see the interest that's coming in is gratifying and I'm just excited to see what the future holds," added Burris.[/b]

Classy guy all the way!!!


Anyone else think that one of the teams talking to Henry right now is the rEDbLACKs?

The east is gonna be really interesting this season.

Potential long time, veteran QBs in Toronto, Winnipeg and Ottawa, and 2 unproven, virtual rookies in Hamilton and Montreal.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but my eyeballs will be glued to the games this year. Can't wait.

I expect Winnipeg to be back in the West this year. And I expect OTTAWA to be in last place in the East. Beyond that I'm not sure.


I wouldn't put Ottawa in the basement so prematurely. They have Glenn leading the team and with his experience they should be good for at least a few wins in their first season. Argos on the other hand have lost some key personnel like DC Chris Jones and ST coach O'Shea. Hamilton and Montreal are both unknowns also with near rookie QBs leading them. I think the East will be tighter than most people believe.

really bummed. was hoping Hank would be our starting qb to open the new stadium. I think he earned it.

All the very best to Henry Burris a Classy Guy and great team player.

As far as where Hank ends up, obviously Winnipeg is the front runner, and I have heard many say Ottawa, personally I don't think Ottawa because they already two good QB's in Glenn and DIMarco.

However I could see Montreal being interested and I said it before after the retirement of A.C. recently and the signing of Troy Smith and Tanner Marsh I think the Al's would want a player like Burris to come in for two years and bring his experience and level of play to the team and work with the younger QB's in Smith and Marsh?

Montreal needs to fill the void of AC right now and although Troy Smith can do the job of filling in last year with Marsh their is still questions about his play as a full time starter with the Al's, Burris could handle that, and also be with a competitive team in the East something he wouldn't have right off the bat in Winnipeg which is moving from the basement of the East to the West this year?

I think the GOLDGREENS could really use the Hankster. :expressionless:

Having Burris in Montreal doing the so called grooming doesn't remove any of the questions about say Troy Smith. Hank did nothing to even show in Hamilton to prove he is even capable of grooming a young QB. If the reports are true he plays worse when he isn't the guarenteed go to guy. I can't see him being that guy. Might as well go through the growing pains now while the other teams are still developing.

Its going to be hard watching Hank play for somebody else especially if they win.

I think Hank will end up in Edmonton, before anywhere else. He has kept his home and family in Calgary and Edmonton is close. He said himself that this will be his last contract....I think he could help Reilly develop. (after all he only has one real year of starting, and limited success)

Edmonton has a trio of very young QB's on the roster behind Reilly and I think Edmonton would offer Hank a decent contract. They may bring him in to fight for the number one spot (perhaps a 1 and 1a type) and the trio of others will fight it out to keep the 3rd. :wink:

in any event...I wish Hank nothing but the best. :thup:

Provided they can protect him. Hank's best option is to go to Winnipeg and help them bring that program back to respectability. It might not be a GC but it would be something he could take equal pride in.

While I think Edmonton is the best fit for Henry and family, they may not make a starting quarterback salary offer while I am sure Winnipeg will. It would depend on Henry's desire to be a starter.
Regardless, the entertainment level Henry has provided to Hamilton fans has been excellent and I wish him well ('cept against us) wherever he ends up.

Unless he likes Winnipeg’s offer, Hank’s best option might be to wait for the injury bug to strike somewhere, then name his price.

You can bet Hank has had multiple offers and will take his time sorting them out. Its up to the bidders to give Hank an offer he cant refuse, Work em Hank, work em. I think Hank has wanted this all along. :wink:

I highly doubt he has had multiple offers. Especially at the money he is looking for. There might be a few contacts with regards to becoming a back-up at much lower salary. I can't forsee him working anyone for much more than the Peg offers him.