Burris Nov 3rd against BC

Are the stamps going to play Burris Nov.3 against BC or let him rest until they play the playoff game against Saskatchewan????


...my gut feel is that he will play, that too many mistakes happened in last night's game that he personally will want to correct, and the coaches will probably want him to correct as well so that his confidence is high going into the WSF...but we know also that Henry can be sat and can come back to form very quickly, so it is possible he might not dress...

....I say he starts and it goes from there...

I agree R/W...I think he should start just like I hope KJ plays the whole game when the Argos come here Nov 3rd. It really is a double edged sword though, If he plays and gets hurt then the decision to play him is picked apart and is portrayed as "stupid" however on the other side if you rest him and he comes out flat in the playoffs then the question is why did he sit and get of of sync so to speak. Thats goes for both Hank and Kerry. I believe you can't play scared so I would make the decision to start both of them and let them play the whole game and hopefully that will lead to one heck of a game here on November 11th!

In all honesty, as a Rider fan I would love see Burris not be able to go to obviously help our chances but more importantly as a CFL fan, I want to see the best talent both teams have to offer on that field and have them put on the best 60 minute show they can for everyone watching the game whether it be live or on television.

Best of luck In BC and I look forward to having you in our backyard this year for the WSF! Just as long as the road team doesn't win this year :lol:

Newspapers here are talking about both teams using their starters but "Frequently" substituting. I guess you can read into that what you want.

You know of course, who's evers team loses will be "Forecasted" out of the playoffs by the other 6 teams posters. Its a no-win game for both of our teams. :roll: :roll:

Expect an exhibition style game.

Pinball was criticized for not playing a lot of starters in '04 , then proceeded to win the GC. An interesting dilemma for both teams . For BC even more so because all QB's are potential starters for the playoffs.

Pennw that is a problem most teams would love.

Besides, Calgary needs to rest their starters so they can beat up the Riders the following week! :wink: :wink:

Sporty we are doing something different this year. Our cheerleaders are are taking kick boxing are going to kick the hell out of their cheerleaders (guys included). Then the football game will be decided by the players.

Well 2005, If Burris can get on one of his hot streaks, you guys could be a surprise and do a lot of damage in the Western Division.

I have this nagging hunch that the Riders are going to get all caught up in the "Hoopla" of hosting their first play off game in decades, that they will come out flat. Calgary wants to make amends for last years disappointment, and I expect them to come out strong early and silence the crowd. If Calgary can strike early and take the crowd out of it.....Who Knows!

Wed, October 31, 2007

B-team heads for B.C.
UPDATED: 2007-10-31 02:58:36 MST

Many starters, including Burris and Reynolds to sit


For the second time this season, Nik Lewis will be scratched from a game.

And, just like the first time, the Calgary Stampeders receiver isn't vocally opposing the decision to sit him in the final regular-season outing.

There will be an impressive group of offensive players sitting out Saturday's contest in Vancouver against the B.C. Lions, as quarterback Henry Burris and running back Joffrey Reynolds aren't expected to see action.

Lewis will be in Calgary watching from his couch and nursing back, shoulder and ankle aches, but this isn't a punishment for his comments after Saturday's loss to the Montreal Alouettes and instead a planned week off.

"I will watch," said Lewis. "I'm not frustrated about it. I hope you guys know I played 16 games and put up 1,100 yards and should be an all-star.

"If some people pass me, I don't mind. I'm No. 2 right now."

J.R. Tolver will play in Lewis' spot, while Ken Simonton will carry the rock instead of Reynolds. Ben Sankey and Barrick Nealy will split time at quarterback with Burris resting.

Burris, Reynolds and Lewis ran scout team yesterday in practice, while their replacements took first-team reps.

"At this time of year, that kind of stuff happens," Burris said.

"Certain guys get a rest and other guys get ready to go. I'm just trying to get sharp with some scout reps. B.C. and us run a similar style offence."

On defence, the only player expected to sit is tackle Keron Williams, who is wearing a cast on his bruised hand.

With the playoff destination already decided, the Stamps are feigning preparing for the stripped-down Lions.

They are more focused on getting ready for the Nov. 11 West semifinal in Regina against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

"It's 100 percent B.C.," said head coach Tom Higgins with a grin. "If you buy that it's 100 percent B.C., I will sell you some oceanfront property in Alberta.

"As far as the players are concerned, this is what we're executing but some things have ulterior motives. B.C. is playing the same game we are. We will have a couple of wrinkles and have some fun."

Reynolds, who loves contact, is worried about rust with a week off.

"Basically, it's not my call," Reynolds said. "This is a chance to get other guys a chance to play. Having a week off, the main thing is getting hit. It will be hard for me, not to even play a little bit."

Although Lewis didn't apologize for saying Saturday night he's the 10th receiver on the team, he conceded those words were spoken with emotion.

His grandfather, who helped raise him, is sick with Parkinson's and Lewis can't be with him in Texas.

"It's been a hard year because there are things going on at home," Lewis said.

"I'm a family guy at heart so it's hard not being there for them. It's been a tough season for me and when things don't go well on the field, it makes things that much harder.

"(A game off) gives me a chance to heal and play three great games in the playoffs."

The last time they played Burris in early October the Riders got their butts handed to them. I am glad they are playing in Regina.

I’m glad you are resting Lewis…Get him ready for the semi-final.

I hope you print some of the Rider poster comments on how they are looking past Calgary and BC to the Grey Cup. You should hand them out to Tom Higgins and the players. Would be excellent bulletin board material! :wink:

Sporty all western teams have this material. The rider fans will spout and they will cry. We all know this and so do players in opposing teams.

There is a difference between this years supposed Lions QB CONTROVERSY than with CP. JJ, BP and DD all work well together and aren't selfish so I don't believe it will be an issue this season.

LB your correct but there is going to be huge problems in the off season. Each and every QB in the Lions den will want to be number 1 and really they all could do it. A luzury the Lions have but can end up being a curse. I do not believe this will have any effects this season even going into the playoffs. Wally seems to thrive on this though and it will become a big problem next year. Now if you could pass that problem to other teams they probably would love to have it. Either way I hope the Lions or my Stamps kick the crap out the Riders they are losers.