Burris no 6-5-1 as a starter...is that consistancy

I'd much rather Burris be healthy for next week's game in BC. Just like I'm sure you wish the Lions had DD or Pierce back healthy. It's never nice to see an opposing team's QB go down like that.

Get better soon Burris.

I agree! :lol:

It's the same as when Crandill was playing in Calgary. An avrage QB looking better than what his because of an abouve avrage recieving core.
That explains the number of TD passes.

Well I disagree it takes a QB to get the ball to those guys. If that is the case anybody could throw the ball. :lol: :lol:

Actually, the qb efficiency rating only measures passing ability. It doesn't include fumbles, it doesn't include sacks, it doesn't include wins, it doesn't include running, all major stats for a quarterback.

I will date myself here, but going back to a decade or two the riders had another quarterback called Joey 747 Adams. He could pass for yards like crazy, but he was inconsistent, it cost him his job.

While passing efficiency is just one measure it is not the end all to be all. In the end, if you don't win and you are just another quarterback.

In pro and college football, quarterback efficiency rating is still the best way in measuring quarterbacks. Turnovers, sacks, wins and rush yards are not ignored but are counted under other statistics. Wins result from a combination of defense, special teams and offense. Quarterbacks don't deserve all the credit for wins or blame for losses.

What about KNeelon he su-cked with good short yardage passing offense. Those 5 yarders add up over time. :lol: :lol: :lol: Now where is Kneelon maybe picking up trash in Regina by now.

Sambo, thats a no brainer! Rockey Butler, oops I mean Henry Burris.

Be careful, the Burris bashers might run you out of town. If they do, come on up here, we can fish on the lake and talk football. :wink:

Becareful what you say Sporty! The do not come in ones. They come in herds :lol: :lol: Yes Sambo will not get deported from Alberta or BC I am sure. :lol:

Well they have to come to Moose Jaw to get me! :lol: :lol: Im not much of a fisherman, but a weekend on the lake does sound great, thanks Sporty.