Burris no 6-5-1 as a starter...is that consistancy

Burris is now 6-5-1 as a starter. Is that consistancy. Some would argue yes it shows that he consistantly inconsistent…what do you think

Someone smarter than me can add it up, but after 10 years in the league, I think "Smilin" Hank has a losing record (as a starter).
That smacks of consistancy....

Teams win games and not individuals in football. The best measure is QB efficiency rating which disregard wins. Burris is consistent enough to be recognized as one of the top quarterbacks in CFL.

Thirdperson it seems your are another smart poster. Too bad that certain rider fans can not get over Hank and that is apparent with the posts above. I like it kepp knocking the guy he was having a great season up until his injury.

Here is a question for anyone to answer, but specifically Rider fans, if you were the GM of the Riders and to make a choice in 2005 between Nealon Greene and Henry Burris , who would you have kept? I would have tried to keep Burris, and told Nealon he was going to be the #2 guy. I believe this was the biggest mistake of the Shivers regime.

Well Sambo you are sticking your neck out here friend. The fact ia we already know mike and arius (moe and curly) love kneelon.

It wont be the first time I've done that , 05... :wink: :lol: :lol:

We can only expect that from those two of course. The guy has better stats then Joseph as far as TD passes and if the is inconsistant then I would want him to keep doing it. :lol: :lol:
Arius you love Hank and that ivery obvious.

Being a Rider fan, I would gladly have kept Burris over Nealon. The fact is, Rider nation was hurt big time when Burris promised to stay and then bolted for a guaranteed starter's job the first chance he got. Then lying about what he was offered from the Riders just put the nail in the coffin. So some Rider fans will never give him a fair shake and that is unfortunate.

He is working his way into the elite status but is not there yet. The elite QB's find a way to help their teams win when they are not at their best and Hank is not quite there yet. Or maybe his team isn't there yet. We will see soon if he is out for a while.

Agreed Sambo. Although I am not exactly a Burris supporter, Burris is the better of the two (much better). He always showed great promise. But even in Calgary earlier this year media was asking who was going to show up? Hank or Frank.

Sambo, anyone who says they would have kept Nealon over Henry is lying or stupid. Yes, Henry has bad games. They seem to be early in the season always. But no one can deny that when he is on his game, as he tends to be towards the end of the season, that you would be hard pressed to find a better QB in this league. It is funny because every time I read the Calgary news after they lose and Henry is the scapegoat, it seems he is almost blaming everyone else and saying that a QB does not win games, but then it seems his biggest problem is that he takes it upon himself to win games and that is when he starts making errors. I still think Hank is a great QB. I am happy with the way Joseph is playing this year, but I would still go back and keep Henry if it were an option. That being said, I am glad Hamilton pulled out the win yesterday and I am sorry that henry got hurt. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

Go Riders!!

Breaking a promise and crying about it is this not childish. And if it is then there must be several childish fans cheering for the gren and white. Thats not talk about the GM that was caught lying many times. Oh the fact he too made a promise and broke it means nothing to these childish fans.

First off many offenses struggled in the first part of the season. The defenses are further ahead at the start of the season. Our defense was young and new and it took them time. As far as Hank and Frank well think what you may the guy threw more touchdowns then any QB in the CFl take that to the Hank oops bank.

  1. Loyalty ranks high in SK. Maybe not so much in your area. There is a big difference between crying about something and being angry about what a player has done. Unfortunately, there are indeed a few fans that will never forgive. Most don't care any more.

  2. What lies or broken promises are you speaking about?

I would have taken Nealon. I liked his game better. I honestly believe that if you took away his injury on that roll out carpet in Toronto, he would still be playing. But when he broke his leg and really injured himself, it took away his game. He never ran like he used to, because he couldnt.


I don't think that Burris is the QB everone makes him out to be. He is just beniffinting from a great receiving core and running back.

The Stamps will do just fine with out him.

Burris has not won one thing to make him an elete QB in the CFL. If anything he has proven that he is a choker in the big games.

YA that is why he leads in TD receptions where do you people come from.

There is only one reason why they still streak in the pasture.

Of course you would Hank spanked you last game. Jump for joy he will not be there in two weeks.