Burris my M.V.P.

Ok I know, I know whats this guy talking about now, read on.

I think Burris should win for MVP. Most VAIN Player!!! His prize could be a classy mirror that he could try and fit his inflated head into all day on November 11th/07. Stick a cork in it Hank.


Another Rider Fan...wow...now I really hope you will eat crow when Nov 11 is come and gone. You Rider Fans should be happy with the selections...but nothing, as it appears, seems to please you :frowning:
You knock the Eskies, you knock the Stamps, and have knocked the Lions. Hmmmm

4evrcfl....Burris is the one that went public with the crying...kel was just commenting on it.

Ummm sheyea....they are our divisional opponents. I'll knock um' all day if I want.

And for the record Ive been grinning ear to ear about all the nominees, with one exception. I believe all BC O-Linemen consciously employ an illegal tactic or six, and as a result I find votes for players that cheat to be spoiled votes. I'd be voting Goodspeed for O-Lineman without even thinking about it.


Do you think a player should be publically stating he feels he should have received one of these nominations, or do you think he is best served by a more humble approach?
It is one thing for his coach or teamates to say he was snubbed, but another thing altogether to be yapping about how his numbers are better and "what else can I do" to get a nomination.
I can answer that part for him by the way.
Win more ball games!!
If the Stamps were in first place right now, with exactly the same passing stats, Burris gets the nod.
And I can answer another question for him.
Don't player of the month awards count?

Sour grapes about these awards doesn't look good on anyone.

Burris is such a cry baby... victories always come before stats, he should know that.. Who cares how much TD's you throw for if you can't win football games.. Plus if you look at TD's passing and rushing.. Burris only has one more.. Sure it was probably a very close vote but have some damn class... I hope the Riders absolutly blow away those cocky Stamps... Burris better be ready for the NOISE!!

Burris is such a whiner!

man that boy, he thinks he's the cat's meow! yet his team is 7-9-1!!!

Big ups to Kerry for being the class act he always is.. Well deserved award. Had he lost he wouldnt have said ****, and we all know that..

Just like Joe Smith even though I think he has a good argument to be the MOP finalist but Joseph was a good choice too.

I thought individual awards were about a player not how the team wins. Hmm you learn new things every day in the warped world of rider fans.

Did you notice the game at McMahon Stadium how those green fans had their crying towels out in October. Not after the game but at half time. If your team loses be prepared do not run.

If any one of these players got the nod for MOP, I dont think you could argue with the choice. Joe Smith, Kerry Joseph and Henry Burris are all deserving candidates, but only one could get nominated. I am a little disappointed that HB would publically say that he deserved the nomination, he should have handled it better. If he really thinks he is deserving, he should do the talking on the field, in WSF. I wonder if his comments are just to motivate himself for the game on Nov 11.

Was a little self centered of Burris to come out and say that but he was just speaking his mind and didn't realize how vain he sounded.

Correct as always, 05.
Winning is never a factor when leagues hand out their MVP awards.
The fact that I had to go back 30 years (I only briefly checked the list against standings, so nobody sue me if I missed a guy) to find the last time the CFL MVP was on a team with a losing record (as the Stamps will have this year) is likely just coincidence.
The reality is, individual awards in team sports almost always reflect winning.
For some reason, people associate outstanding play with winning.
Never understood that myself.........

I thought it was odd that Burris would speak out the way he did, too, considering Burris and Joseph are actually very close as far as stats are concerned...Burris has ten more passing TDs, Joseph has 8 more rushing TDs and 6 fewer interceptions...his missing the games shouldn't have anything to do with it, but his tendency toward inconsistent play should...

Tough to see whats going on out west with all that NFL talk out east eh? How about you give us the how and why of ur statement there Zeke.


Personally, I think Joe Smith was robbed! He was the number 1 reason the Lions are where they are. And it's not like it should always be a QB. As Simon won it last year. His numbers and TD's speak volumes.

Calgary Herald reporter M Petrie's statment on the issue which I agree with.

No one I spoke to on Wednesday disagreed with the B.C. Lions receiving five of the six individual CFL award nominations. Really, how could they?

But a lot of guys were choked about Kerry Joseph getting the nod for most outstanding player ahead of Henry Burris . . . including Burris (story in tomorrow's Herald).

Actually, Burris made a very good point by reminding me he was CFL player of the month in August and September. I looked into it a bit more and neither Joe Smith nor Joseph were player of the month at all this season.

In October, Joseph played three games against the worst defences in the league (two against Hamilton and Calgary once) and threw a total of five touchdown passes. In his first October start alone, Burris threw five TD passes.

Burris gets slagged for a slow start but, really, if you look at the season he only had three undeniably bad games — at Sask, at Toronto and vs BC the first time. Some of those circumstances were beyond his control. Looking at Joseph's season, you'll find just as many stinkers.

The things you have to like about Joseph's season are: a) He won games (11-5 record to Burris' 7-6-1); b) he succeeded without his top threat, Matt Dominguez and; c) he made plays in the clutch (the 13 TD runs are part of that).

It really is a close call but Burris is the most outstanding, dangerous player to suit up in the CFL this season. Wonder if the Stamps will reimburse him the bonus money he might have lost by being told to sit out the Winnipeg road game? One more good performance would have made the choice much easier for voters

There is no denying that JS had a GREAT year. If you say he's the reason for BC's sucess, I'll trust you. What with a 5.4yds/carry average over 273 carries thus far, his contributions are impossible to ignore.

Joseph's contributions, similarily impressive, are however unbelievably being ignored by some people on this forum. His 8yds/carry average over 86 carries is an amazing 2.6 yards better then that of Smith. Its no secret that JS plays behind an O-Line that(debatably could have chosen for 3 players) includes the West nominee for M.O.O-Lineman. While injuries and ejections have hampered the cohesion of the first yr. Sask. O-Line this season. That advantage is Smiths, but in this case, Joseph has done more with less. Avantage Joseph.

Scoring. Granted Smith may have had a better avg. over his first 86 carries of the year, but how many touchdowns did they both have hands in? Smith, a respectable, but not team record breaking, 19 touchdowns. Joseph, a team record breaking 37 TDs(and one game remains where Im almost sure Smith will rest), with 24 through the air and 13 on the ground. And thats not even getting into passing yardage. Advantage Joseph.

The one area I find where Smith has it over Joseph is in turnovers, but barely. Joseph inevitably must throw the ball unlike Smith but has tossed his CFL low 8 ints. Joseph has also fumbled the ball, his CFL low, 5 fumbles, totalling 13 turnovers to this point. By contrast Smith a stingey 4. Well done Joe, CFL non-fumble champion of 2007!!!

Both played though well documented bumps and bruises all year. Now, who is the the most outstanding back in the CFL? Number 4, Kerry Joseph.


I found this to be interesting as well from Captian Crunch on SMS:

Shouldn't take too much effort, I mean what a terrible QB that generates more touchdowns with three less games, matches if not exceeds yardage with three less games, has a far superior QB efficiancy.

I don't have to put too much of a spin on the fact that I'd rather have Hank the Joseph.

But I think its great that Joseph gets the caretaker nod, as a MOP candidate in a year when there was a rash of QB injuries.

I mean I love the arguments from the Rider fans.

  1. Kerry Joseph should get it because of the team record - Frankly thats a bogus argument, first of all, because the award is MOP not Most valuable to his team. And even if you get through that argument. Joe Smith was the center point of a team that lost two outstanding QB's, and as far as team records. The Lions had a better record then the Riders'

  2. Well if Hank wasn't hurt - might be a legitimate argument, except that Hank in the games that he played was superior to Joseph in almost every category except for the rushing touchdowns, in three less games.

  3. Well Hank had a below .500 record so he should be eliminated - frankly Hank had a above .500 record, Akili Smith et al had a 0-3 record.

The only way that I can see Joseph being an MOP candidate is that Tillman called in some favors with his former friends in the press, because for the life of me, I don't see how Joseph is more outstanding then Burris.

I mean honestly it would be like me naming my girlfriends brains as the reason why I was first attracted too her (because we know that its simply not true, she's got an outstanding rack)

Even with the MOP award, we all know that in the West, Kerry Joseph is no better then the 4th best QB in the division. Ray has a better pedigree, Dave Dickenson when he plays is far better. Hank was better this year period.

Again I couldn't agree more.