Burris lost that game for us!!!

He had a chance to put the game away in the first half with two times in the red zone and no TD's.
Plus very unproductive in the second half. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

As a player in a leader's role, it revolts me to see Henry falling down after light contact to try to draw a cheap flag.

I support and like Henry a lot overall but this just shows where his head was at. Get determined and play on Hank. This isn't the real you is it?

BTW terrible pass interference on Williams in the endzone once again not called.

Our defensive coach had a big influence on the last few games. 30 and 29 points aren't enough? Don't kid yourself.

Pass interference on Williams in the endzone in the 4th was observed by the official and let go. Terrible officiating on this call.

[quote="GOTC"]He had a chance to put the game away in the first half with two times in the red zone and no TD's.
Plus very unproductive in the second half. :
He's old and tired with NO coaching...with some leadership he has a couple good years left ....Now that we can get a real coach ( LaPolice) we can dump this fool that can not be making over minimum wage...come on you can't argue with this if you have any intelligence at all.

Agreed. He looked like an Italian soccer player

and on another route by Williams in the 2nd quarter I believe.

The Coach is not out there throwing interceptions and not producing in the red zone. I would check your intelligence.
Your problem you can see it is easy to replace a coach , but your know that we are screwed if we need another 1st string QB.
I say we are done with our persue of a grey cup apperance with Burris period. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Burris looked very frustrated today. On almost every incompletion he was throwing his arms in the air. He also seemed to have some heated discussions with Cortez on the sidelines. Not a good sign for the rest of the season.

I agree to an extent, but this is the worst defense in recent history, if you look at the schedule EVERY loss is 30+ points against. 30+ against WEEK after WEEK after WEEK is unacceptable is it the players or the coaches? Only time will tell.

One reason for that is that they're on the field way too long. The result of too many two and outs by the offence.

I live in Cambridge, so I watched on tv, but on the 5th quarter, some guy called in & said Fantuz & Burris were ragging on fans behind the bench, saying that if they (the fans) didn't like it, they don't have to come back.

Can anyone else confirm that this happened and/or what was said?

or more likely, the result of their inability to stop the other teams O.

The defense is indeed brutal but this particular game might have been well under 30 points if Burris didn't throw a pick 6 and the special teams would have contained Owens better. I blame this loss on a sputtering offense.

I have been a Ticat fan for over 30 years and it sickens me to see what has happened to this team over the years. We finally have a great quarterback in Burris and I do mean great - but we have no o-line whatsoever. Yes Burris makes mistakes just like any other quarterback (even Anthony Calvillo makes mistakes). If we were able to give Burris more than the usual 0.1 to 1.0 seconds to thrown - we might actually put up 40 points per game. But our o-line gets beat with only 3 rushing d-lineman forcing Burris to either throw on the run or off his back foot. We need to solid nasty offensive tackles not the turnstiles we have now. Just remember who are quarterbacks were for the last ten years - did that give you a brain freeze.

Our defensive schemes are absolutely brutal. Everyone says we don't have good players on defence - well unless we have good schemes how do we know how good they are. I do think our d-line needs some help but I think that our lb's and db's are fine.

It seems like that if we don't put up over 35 points we do not win games - most defences ask for the offense to give them 20 points and they will do the rest, not us.

So before you start blaming Burris for the loss - look at the other factors that are causing him to get frustrated. Afterall he has given the defence the lead or a tie in the waning minutes of the last 4 games - unfortunately he can't play defense too.

Agree on this. Although you could agree the D needs to stop the blew team in the 4th, Burris2 INTs, one for 6, cost us the game. I type this as I watch Kevin Glenn lead his team to 2 third qtr TD`s to take the lead.

I don't believe Burris should shoulder the blame alone for this loss. Singling out particular plays or particular players isn't all that fruitful. I think there are lots of reasons we lost this game and don't have a better record this year. Mostly, it appears at this point that we just don't have a very good football team. A lousy defence that gives up 30+ points every game, a sometimes flashy but very inconsistent offence, and unimpressive coaching overall. Thank God for Chris Williams.

I can't say I'm too optimistic about the end result this season. I had hoped for better. Maybe they'll turn things around. Stranger things have happened.

Burris' pick 6 didn't help and thank God for C. Williams.

But when your team puts up 30 points and loses, it's not the offense.

For the 3rd week in a row, even when Burris has played like crap, he put us in position to win. All the defense needs to do is make 2 stops and field a punt. We don't ever do that when it matters the most, in the 4th quarter.

You have not been paying to much attention this year. Earlier when Hamilton was moving in for a score, trailing by around 14 points, and time running out, Hank had his pass blocked, caught by his offensive lineman, who was held in the grasp, while the whistle blew, he flipped it to Hank, who started to run outside. Confronted by an opposing defensive lineman, and the whistle, he stopped, danced a little jig with the lineman, then smiled and tapped him on the head. This is totally unprofessional conduct by any player to the opposition. Even if you are friends off the field, on gameday, you are not. If you watch him, game in and game out, he does this all the time (so do some others). That is not how you lead a professional team. Just another way they make the CFL, look bush. You would not see it in the NFL......And I am a CFL and TigerCat fan.

Hank now looks like he did in his last days in Calgary.
Special teams have ben giving him great field position & FGs, OL is giving him time, RBs making yards & protecting the ball, & the recievers are human pretzels trying to catch his errant passes. Everbody is playing their asses off.
Hank responds with fumbles, INTs, triple coverage attempts, & pick sixes.
I've seen the fading star hit the ground running too many times not to recognize what is happening here.

The defence has some good players, but is hampered by bad field position, exhaustion, a big man at DT, & a raw coach getting schooled. I hope they are allowed to continue to learn and improve.

Just an observation:

Poor execution on convert, give up one point,
Give up safety touch, give up two points and momentum changer,
Lose by three, there ya go. As a side note Argos also scored a TD and convert so we effectively gave them 9 points with that decision.


Give opposing team the wind in 2nd and 4th quarter when the clock stops lots in the last 3 minutes, a poor coaching decision.

A defense that encourages its DB's to play off receivers by at least 10 yards, not effective especially on short passes. We see this game in game out.

A safety who had a open opportunity to take a hard shot on Owens after he had caught the pass around the 3 yard line but decided not too and also missed the tackle. TD Argos.

Years of mediocre football in Hamilton, thank god they won't be playing their home games in the hammer next year.