Burris leaning towards retiring

Redblacks' Burris leaning towards retiring

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some snippets

“A lot of things point to me not playing,? said Burris, who wants to spend more time with his wife Nicole and their children Armand and Barron.

“Trevor was paid to be the starter,? said Burris. “(GM Marcel Desjardins) said Trevor will be the starter (in 2017). I don’t know if I could be a backup. Maybe I go into TV, I worked with CTV Morning Live last off-season and I had a blast. If there’s a good time to step away from it, it’s right now.

“You have to let emotions go,? said Burris. “AC (Anthony Calvillo) didn’t get to do this, Damon (Allen) didn’t get to do this … I’d be one of the lucky ones able to walk away as a Grey Cup champion.?

If you don't need the money, if possible, go out on top.

He knows he will get his chance again. He should stay in 1 more year and come to camp as fit as he can be

If he wants to get involved in media, his stock will never be this high. If he plays and suffers a serious injury that requires a year of rehab he may miss out on it. Walking away a Champ is pretty cool.

I wish he would just STFU. It is all about him and it has been that way since he got here. Play me or I take the ball home.

Then again, he did help bring you a championship. You should be happy about that part.

BTW, I think he should retire.
I have stated IMO reasons in a previous thread, so I will not repeat myself here.

If he wished to go the media way, he will do very well.
When he was here in Calgary, he did some freelance sports reporting and was a natural.
He loved the camera and had fun doing it.

Not everyone can do that. I remember at the 2014 Grey Cup, AC did some in house panel work and he was terrible.
Talked soft and was insecure in delivery.

I am a ticat fan.

Burris has been a diva since he came into the league, long before he got to Ottawa. But he delivered everywhere he played...

Sorry for the assumption.

When you stated " he has been that way since he got HERE " , I thought HERE was Ottawa.

That along with your Down by the Ottawa River location. :smiley:

I can’t see any reason that Burris wouldn’t retire now. ( unless finances play a part)

He cannot achieve anything more on the field, the team doesn’t want him to start, he’s just defied age and odds to win a GC. He’s at the top of his off field bankability that could last 20 years VS one more year that in most likelihood will be declining.

If there ever was a time to go out on his own terms its now.

Agree 100 %.

Also, it would be best for the RB's. They need to move on with Harris.

Harris is a bona fide starter. The RB's could lose him , then Ottawa starts from scratch.

Being a fan of Henry, I would hate to see him decline to where he gets called into the office.

He has a chance to go out on his terms with his legacy.

Many excellent comments on the 'lean to retirement' reported on Old Hank.

Only one thing wrong - I'm sure he'd like one more crack at another huge piece of CFL financial pie!

CTV morning show in Ottawa couldn't pay more than $125,000 (if that). CFL starter is between $375k to $500k

Only other CFL jobs not in playing, coaching or mgmt. paying more than $150,000 is TSN panellist - but that would mean either Big Chris or Milt would have to step aside - and I don't think either would be willing to do so (on their own volition anyways)

Hank would get some spot starts on CFL on TSN but not much in the way of extra pay - perhaps another $40 to 60k for coming on once over 4 or 5 games (or filling in if someone gets sick)

My guess is he doesn't file retirement papers - BUT doesn't attend any training camps either. That way he can bide his time and wait for a key CFL QB to go down - and vola Henry to the Rescue. (ie. Collaros, Durant, Willy, Bo-Levi, even Jennings or Nichols)

Then he's sure to be able to command $25,000 plus per game easy. That might be Hank's next play! :cowboy:

Lyle, It is my understanding that Burris is under contract with OTT for 2017.
He is not a FA, He either plays for OTT or he retires.

"Hank’s current pact has him making $200,000 in base salary and a possible $80,000 in playtime bonuses next year."

He could always come over to the riders and play for ? $200,000 + bonuses. Maybe

Perhaps he could pull a George Blanda .

Retire as a QB and then just kick FG's. :smiley:

The smart choice would be to retire. There is nothing like going out at the top and in style. He will always be able to remember that this last game was his best and his most satisfying. It like going to a wonderful buffet and feasting. You push away from the table, at peace, satisfied and contented until you decide to just make one more pass at the buffet. You end up asking yourself, " Why did I have to go and do that and spoil everything?"

Regardless of the money incentive, he'll be 42 when the 2017 season is underway. He led the fledgling Redblacks to a Grey Cup championship by beating the hottest and strongest team in the 2016 season. And he did it by leading his team and overcoming what was beginning to look like a Calgary thrashing. It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

It is not that Burris could not help the team at the age of 42 while playing back up but when you have achieved your dream and it has become a reality there is nothing wrong with saying, " I gave it my all. I tried my best. I helped my team win a Grey Cup. As a teammate I brought some excitement and thrills to the Ottawa Nation. I have made the world a little bit better. I am a happy man. It is time for me to pass to torch and let the younger fellas have their moment in the sun. That is how I want to be remembered. "


Yes even though he left the riders, I have to admire him for sticking to his guns and pressing on, good job hank. I hope the riders learn a hard lesson here after trading durant , To some players age isn't a factor, and that's a fact.

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 33m33 minutes ago

BREAKING: @HenryBurris plans to retire. Expected announcement from #RedBlacks tomorrow. End of an era after 20 seasons

Congrats to Hank, He was outspoken , but he backed it up! Every word! If you got it, Flaunt it!
Outstanding player, Outstanding career.

Hanks numbers.

I wish he'd have checked his ego aside and backed up Trevor Harris next season. Would have increased the likely hood of an Ottawa repeat at home.