Burris: "it throws a wrench in the entire system"

Burris defends Cortez

With Cortez gone and his replacement not yet in place, Burris said he's unsure about his future with the club. “Who knows at this point? When you see things happen like this, it throws a wrench in the entire system,? Burris said. “ George was an integral reason why I was brought there. We're going to see once this new hiring occurs, who he wants and who he doesn't.?
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I think he's just saying if the new coach isn't a Burris fan, then he needs to know that asap and look elsewhere.

8) Mitchell didn't exactly give Burris a ringing endorsement during his interview on the Bill Kelly show yesterday !! :roll:
   Even if Burris comes back, it will be under a new coach and more than likely a whole new offensive system !!

    If they don't want him back, who will be our new starting QB ???

     Let the fun begin again.  The ramifications  in this situation could be another major problem in this whole scenario !!

I’d first like to say Hank is a hell of a guy. He took time to talk to my daughter and sign an autograph for her. He had the signature smile on the whole time. It’s sad to say, but I think he is done. Despite his huge numbers, he isn’t going to be the guy you are going to build a franchise around. It’s not his play that dictates this, but his age. He was brought in this year to win the Cup and he didn’t even come close. The Cats aren’t likely to sit on this contract for too long. If he was 35 maybe. It sucks that he’s nearing the end of his career. I’d love to see him in a Cat’s uniform for the next 5 years, but I think the club will go in a new direction.

Didn’t even come close? I beg to differ. Top offence in the league. Even if you subtract his three pick-sixes and Williams’s six return TDs (and the other teams’, to be fair), still near the top. Thirteen points away from finishing 11-7 instead of 6-12, with five games lost by three or fewer points. That’s pretty close, IMO. Even the one game that he gave the ball away seven times (and that one game really skews his turnover stats) we only lost by a single touchdown. Personally, I’m thinking he did pretty much everything we could have expected, maybe more.

Other than that one comment, however, I’m afraid you may be right. A little nervous that the new GM, HC, and OC will dismantle the high-scoring offence we had this year.

Maybe this opens the door for Quinton to stay.?? .........Just had to throw that in :lol:

The more I think about Cortez untimely departure and Scott Mitchell still at the helm, the timeing of release of the head coach does not make any sence at all. If Austin or whoever is hired as GM and HC, Mitchell is scheduled or expected to leave in 2014. This will mean a new president will be hired and he will be stuck with the current GM/HC. What would stop the new president from not liking the GM/HC and firing his ass too. As I have stated before either this move is brillant or just another Scott Mitchell move that he has sold to Bob Young. As far a Henry Burris, I can't see him staying when you will have a new GM/HC on board with an entirely new approach and thoughts on player talent and skill sets. Here we go again folks the soap opera continue.

if BY is serious about fielding a contender, then he should offer Mike Riley the moon to come and be HC. It might take the sun too though

Next year in my mind is a throw away season. If Burris doesn't want to play here then why not toss Porter a contract and see what he can do with this team in a season. I wouldn't be opposed to this plan.

Or of course we can throw all caution to the wind and see what can become of Dan Lefevour. Gives him an easy first year, let him get his feet wet then maybe he explodes onto the CFL scene in his third season? ...

Just spit balling.

now you can shine your shoes :stuck_out_tongue:

Burris said that because he's the only guy who actually liked Cortez.

But that ain't his call...

Wasn't there some discussion here a while ago about Scott Mitchell meddling in football decisions?

I certainly hope that's not true.

Because its just a shell game, the new President will still report to Mitchell.

As I said in another thread, Mike Riley makes over $1.5 million per season coaching at Oregon State. He isn’t coming back to the CFL.

how about if BY offerred him 5 mill, just to move to Hamilton as well as a House.

It is possible to go from being a joke of a team to the GC in one year as the Argos proved with their major coaching changes and wholesale player moves. However, I’d have to say that the stars lined up just right for them in 2012. It doesn’t happen very often. Moving Obie further upstairs was a good move but they really need to get the new pieces in place quickly. They need a new HC and both coordinators before they can even begin to look at players and a playbook.

An Argo-Cat fan

Porter and Lefevour? Oh god we need Burris back.

If Burris doesn’t want to be a team player let him go. Too often this season it was about Hank. Everybody wants consistency here but he was the most inconsistent on the team. Give Porter and LeFevour the chance to show what they have got. They never gave either Porter or LeFevour any opportunity to come in when Hank stunk games up. If he really feels that it is a bad situation for him let him go just like Calgary did.

No, he wasn't. Not even close. You don't pass for 5000 yards and lead the league in touchdowns, operating in the league's highest-scoring offense, without being consistent. Did he have picks and fumbles? Sure. But anyone who thought he wouldn't was delusional. This is who Burris has been his whole career. If the Cats have even an average defense, it's quite possible they make the playoffs and knock off Toronto.

I hope I'm wrong about this, but I will venture to say right now: firing Cortez was a big mistake, and will set the Hamilton franchise back at least 3-5 years.

That's a bold statement - what's your rationale?