Burris is DONE as a STARTER for CGY-

Knowing Huffnagel Burris has finally played himself out of the CFL--

Tate will be the starter, I mean TATE is a smart Qb who can read the defense, run, look a defense off, make accurate throws, take what the defense gives him.

Burris stands in the pocket with his pants on fire, cannot make a 10 yard throw, is the most inaccurate QB playing PRO football anywhere, gets rattled, cannnot read a defense and cannot throw an intermediate pass.

Facts are facts, TATE is a future star in the CFL, he has the MIND and the throws, Burris was never good, I really feel that Burris cannot make any throws except for those little dump offs that are tailor designed because he cannot read a defense--

That INT to PARKER was his last throw as a STAMPEDER STARTER-- MARK THAT DOWN- While the play was unfolding I was screaming at my Tv to Burris to keep your eyes downfield and keep your head up, this guy has no clue anymore, CGY is a talented offense with a mentally challenged QB--

Burris has been the weak link for CGY for years, ya winning a GREY CUP< ya but he had a NFL starting corner on that team, a former NFL receiver in RAMBO, and REYNOLDS in his prime- Even in that GREY CUP game he hardly completed a pass over 10 yards--

THis is a great day in STAMPS land, TATE is the man, he will be the best in the CFL with Lulay, in fact he has such a natural feel for the game-- Has bURRIS ever done what TATE DID LAST NIGHT?

Burris is good for one thing, losing in playoffs and looking rattled and missing open receivers all day long--

Time for Burris to hit the bench where he belongs and let the YOUNG GUYS take over--

Even Cornish said TATE is the man, I am sure the CGY receivers are happy, FORZANI with a TD finally, did BURRIS forget that FORZANI is on the team?

Now if CGY can teach the DBs that you cannot TACKLE and GRAB the receivers CGY will be fine.

Henry Burris was last years' mvp. He has not played well this season, for sure, but come on. He's a franchise player, a grey cup champ and a really good quarterback. I believe he could be almost as good as he was last year. You don't go from great to terrible in less than one year.

Drew Tate comes in the game with nothing to lose and catches a sleepy, cocky toronto defense off guard and then gets on a roll. He didn't get the ball down field on his last possession when it mattered most, by the way. And frankly, he hasn't played well much of this season to that point, and you would likely be slamming him in two weeks if he went 0-2.

I want Burris in at QB to start against the riders, but on a short leash. I think he needs and deserves another chance.

I totally agree! ^ :rockin:
One way or another, they will still be in the playoffs, and with only three games left, let them finish what they started.
Burris has made mistakes, they all have, but penalties have been even more costly, yet they usually only lose by one or two points. :expressionless:
They don't need a hotshot coming in to `save the day, with more {mouth} than action. :oops:
This is no time to be changing gears, it will only lower the morale. :frowning:

p.s. Why can't they play Cornish and Reynolds?

Huff announced today Tate will get the start, but Burris is still the #1 QB. Apparently he just wants burris to take a step back and watch the game, then Burris will be back for playoffs, and possibly the last games of the year.

reynolds will be back in on Friday as Coker is hurt

I do not agree that Burris is done, we shall see! The pressure is now on Tate, how will he manage now that there is film on him?

I feel the same way about Ray as you do about Burris.

The author of this thread says Burris might be out of the CFL? I paraphrase

Certainly Burris could name his price to sign with the Argos, so he is a long way away from being out of the CFL

My how quickly they turn.....

Knowing Huffnagel Burris has finally played himself out of the CFL--
I seriously doubt that.

Even if Calgary released the pivot today, I'm certain a few teams would consider offering him a contract.
He's not that far removed from an MVP season and should have a good 2 or more decent years left.

Burris will be good for a team looking for immediate respectability while grooming a younger QB to take over the reigns.

I think that many may be jumping to conclusions. While Tate has looked good, he hasn't had much playing time. I would hardly say that the success he saw in one game will make him the starting qb from this point forward. While I have no doubt that he is the qb of the future, I'm not so sure that Huff will be writing him off. In fact, he has already said that while Tate is starting, Burris is still the number one qb.

Tate looked quite impressive in his first start last night, especially in the first half of the game.

Expect a high caliber career from this fellow…

sounds like Tate is gettin the start again this weekend. Burris is not happy at all. i think he may have got too comfortable with his starting position. the games we won were in spite of burris. That being said, it will be interesting to see what tate can do against an actual Pro football team as aposed to the riders. we could see burris agian. sometimes a wakeup call can re-ignite a player.

Agreed - Montreal will be an excellent test to see where Tate is at. I was very impressed with Tate's first have against the Riders, but was less than impressive the second half.

i dont think he even really got on the field in the third. the interception got ran to the five, then tate on for one play, then off again. shows how much a rythem is important to QB's.

Hey Henry, the body ain't even cold yet and they have forgotten about you. So much for fan loyalty in Calgary, sadly Reynolds got treated just as badly. Well best of luck on whatever team you land with as I'm sure your not quite done yet in this league. MOP last year, canned this year, wow!!

What`s the situation if either Tate or Burris gets injured prior to the Grey Cup? Should there be a contingency plan in place in case of the unthinkable?

Now if Tate gets another hit like he took last week? Separated shoulder (God forbid) and with Henry in the dumps mentally etc, who have we got to backup at QB? Is The young Canadian ready for the fire?

Remember who Calgary brought in last time, and with Pierce struggling with/without injury, maybe a certain QB sitting in Texas stock has just gone up?

Like any team losing one decent QB, for the most part even with Burris at this point you would be SOL and there would not be a damn thing anyone could do about it.

See the situation at Winnipeg even at home last night against the Argos! :roll:

Was thinking Bishop would be good insurance, before Bombers snag him

Quick !! Call the Click !!! He's baaaaacccckkkk :lol: