Burris is ageless

incredibly, Burris remains one of the best and most durable QB's in the league even at the advanced age (for pro sports) of 40 years old.

he threw for another 400+ game last night (426 yds) with 35/45 (78% completion) 3TD (1 Rushing) 0 INT and currently sits in second place behind Collaros in passing.

admittedly I had prematurely written off Hank the past couple seasons believing his skills had diminished to the point of of no return.

Boy was I wrong.

Given the number of backups and rookies playing QB this year one would EXPECT him to be amongst the best.

Measured against the other guys playing the position, sure. But very few people seemed willing to believe that he could throw for 300+ yards on a semi-regular basis anymore and over 400 a couple of times.

Well, it was against the Riders who are not exactly a great defensive team. I get the point though. Quarterbacks go down left & right year after year. Yet Burris is there game after game, and he is now 40 years old. Guy does not even need a short yardage quarterback as he even does that. Whoever backs up Smilin' Hank every year has a chance to dress the full year without ever attempting a pass the whole season.

actually, Hank has kept pace quite well with first rate QB's Bo Levi Mitchell and Collaros even surpassing GC champ Bo at this point in the season.

Yeah, THAT I kind of wish he DIDN'T do, for the reason you describe. I'm in no hurry to see DeMarco or O'Brien play. :?

It seems, for this season at least, that bad Hank has retired. I have not even seen a hint of bad Hank in 2015.