Burris is a Pain-in-the-Neck!

This whole Shivers thing is such a joke. Yeah he’s mouthy, and I would prefer if he didn’t shoot his mouth off so much. But $1000.00 fine, please. For a league that’s too timid to fine the obvious salary cap offenders, fines an old man for creating excitement over a nothing game. In fact, Cowtown is the beneficiary of all this, and should be thankful to old Roy.

Anyone who took his comment even remotely seriously, is an IDIOT plain and simple. Nobody took Westwood’s moronic banjo statements to the press seriously. We were told it was funny and we should be laughing. Likewise for this statement - lighten up!

The difference is, you can bet some idiot hotshot rookie will take “bounty” statements like that seriously and end up almost killing a guy on an illegal play to try and get a roster spot.

Westwood was taking a cheap-shot at fans that really could do no real harm.

It was right for the league to fine Shivers for saying that - the CFL doesn’t need a “Bertuzzi” incident.

Exactly. Football players aren’t all geniuses.

Speaking of that, how’s Andre Rison doing in Toronto’s training camp?

I think that whole issue is kind of a joke, Shivers is a good guy, but says what is on his mind, that being his downfall. Although this was said jokingly, it is still not something to be said, especially with all the tension around Henry and the RoughRiders. On the fine, well that is ridiculous, Shivers shouldn’t be fined so much for a comment that he said jokingly, i think the CFL could loosen up a tad.

I think a fine is completely appropriate for what was said; though personally I don’t think $1000 is enough.

If they fine a coach for spouting off about crappy officiating, they’ve got to fine a GM for making such grotesquely inappropriate remarks about endangering the life of one of the players.

Just because a person claims to be “joking” doesn’t give them license to say whatever they want to; not in this league or in this country. We all have limits to our free speech, and when we make inappropriate statements we stand up, accept responsibility for our actions, and face the music like men. What would happen if, say, Tom Higgins responded to it by saying something like, “Well, what else can you expect? That’s what happens when you make one of those people your general manager? Just kidding!” Kidding or not, the uproar :evil: would be swift and severe…and rightfully so!

(I’m not saying Higgins is a racist; that’s just a hypothetical situation to illustrate my point.)

I agree Dave. Too many times people tend to try and cover their behinds by simply claiming “oh, it was a joke…everybody knows I wasn’t serious”.

That said, let’s leave ol Roy alone for a while. I’m sure this won’t be the last time he talks out of his ass this season.

…it’s done…nobody left the field in an ambulance…let it go boys…

Rednwhite I agree this is old news and we must move on. Just one rebuttal then I’m done.

Dave, I have utmost respect for you, but I must disagree. And Wow, Higgins a racist, who’d a thought? Oh…you meant that as an analogy. But posted on a public forum, that COULD have been taken out of context, even though you clearly stated it was only an illustration. See how absurd this can get?

Can you, in all honesty, suggest there is even ONE person/player out there who would interpret Roy’s statement as some sort of instruction to go out there and litterally break another player’s neck? If such a person exists, that same person is capable of a lot worse, and needs to be institutionalized.

As I mentioned before, I think it was a stupid statement, and perhaps a warning or some such thing would have been appropriate. But fining the old fella just seems over the top.

The CFL handled it perfectly. You have to put yourself in the league’s shoes - there is so much bad press about teh CFL in this country it’s pathetic, and the last thing they need is a high-profile “incident” that damages their reputation further.

As I mentioned before, if nothing were done and Burris got hurt, it would be like “Bertuzzi and Steve Moore v.2.0”. The fact that it was advertised that the league fined Shivers, even if Burris had been injured yesterday on a late hit or something, nobody could say the league didn’t try and intervene.

Prevention is easier than the cure. Also, what do you consider an appropriate fine? The $1000 isn’t coming out of any of our pockets, so who really cares besides Shivers or the Rider organization?

I think the league has maximum fines for it’s players, coaches and GM’s. I’m open for correction but I think there is a $1000.oo maximum fine, and thats as high as it goes. As Esk Jebus stated…Preventive medicine from the league!

Besides…It’s not Burris that everyone has to worry about throwing long to. It’s Copeland! …LOL

Its too bad the league doesn’t police the salary cap with the same tenacity that it polices team officials public comments.

There is no cap…It’s only a Guideline…

1000 $ for threatening someone to death isn’t too much money when you consider we have to pay 8$ to get a mere beer.

Just got out of my straight jacket from laughing so hard…The local radio station just put on a fake news conferance from Regina. They had some one portraying Roy Shivers and he was threatening to hae his defense step on Casey Printers “Turf Toe” on Sunday. The radio station went on to fake a “Counter” interview from Chilliwack (Lions training camp) where the equipment guys were attempting to locate some steel toe shoes for Printers so he could escape uninjured from Sunday’s game. It sounded so authentic, until I heard who the Deejays were that were purpotrating the stunt.

Ahhh the media… too much time on their hands.