Burris, Higgins & Copeland DONE in Cowtown??

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Howell was the only one making things happen for the Stamps as Reynolds was held in check (55 yards rushing) and receiver Nik Lewis and Jeremaine Copeland combined for eight catches for 99 yards.

"It hurts and I'm probably hurt the most," said a weeping Copeland afterwards.

"I don't know what next year brings.

"The little line for contracts comes into effect. I know I'm one of the highest- paid guys in the receiving corps and across the league.

"I'm hoping I stay in Calgary and don't have to leave on this note. If it goes another way, I had a great time when I was here.

"I just wish I could have won a ring here. It's going to be rough this off-season."

The biggest change could be the coach, as Tom Higgins has suffered back-to-back playoff disappointments at home following strong regular seasons.

"Our personal expectations weren't met," Higgins said.

"I take full responsibility for what happens because the buck has to stop somewhere."

Burris, the $350,000 man who went 16-of-32 for 198 yards and no passing touchdowns knows plenty of changes need to be made to a roster ownership hoped would carry the club for three or four more years.

"That's the sad part about it because you know there are a lot of good guys in this locker- room who won't be here next year," said Burris, who now has to start facing the remote possibility he is one of them.

"We're a team with a lot of talent that didn't get past the first round. Until we actually show on a consistent basis... until I show it..."

The big question now is whether he'll be given time to show it in Calgary.

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It’s not like Higgins fumbled and threw the ball away numerous times, is it his fault for the opening touchdown scamper in the second half ? …kind of, the boys looked like they were sleeping on the 1st play of the second half…

they wont get rid of burris, whos going to replace him???

he definitely needs to look in the mirror and take a pay cut tho....and copeland.

Higgins can't be held responsible for turning the ball over six times. Holding onto the ball is the players responsibility.

As for Burris, I'd say it took so much time for the Stamps to find a good QB, if they let him go they might just go back to their Feterik-years record.

And for Copeland... I say cut him loose ! We'll take him back in Montreal and free up Thyrone Anderson just for you.

I would say that Copeland is done in Calgary, but Higgins and Burris will be around for awhile. I wonder if Grace will be gone next year as well, he was scratched in favour of a rookie. There will be some changes in Calgary next year, and another team could get some quality guys. It should make for an interesting off season.

Paycuts yes but i don't see our organization going crazy and firing half our team.

Something certainly does have to change though. The entire team seemed to be incosistent this year. Defence, offence, special teams. A lot of people like to put all the blame on Burris alone but it wasn't just him playing poorly.

Looking at the big picture, those 3 have done well enough to deserve contract extensions. Maybe less money for Copeland? No need to make changes unless better personnel is available.

It would be nuts to dump Higgins, and it is unlikely Burris is going anywhere soon.
Copeland is likely one of the few free agents calgary has, so he might be expendable, especially as Higgins has never been a fan of his antics.

But Calgary isn't all that likely to make massive changes. First, they already have taken full advantage of the "signing bonus" loophole in the new salary cap, and nearly everyone on the team, including Burris, is under contract for 2-3 years. And with all the money spent up front, it makes it tough to cut or trade players.

A quick reality check though tells us that the core players on Calgary are pretty good, so not much change is needed.
Another factor to consider is, the team actually never was as good as some seem to think they are/were. They played way over their heads last year, and that carried over to the start of this year. But really, on paper they aren't "better" than BC or the Riders. So maybe expectations are a little higher than they should have been? People seem pretty ready to forget how awful the team was in the two years immediately before the new owners and Higgins arrived. Just to point to how exaggerated this belief of how "good" the talent on Calgary is, everyone talks about what an outstanding receiving corp Calgary has.
Well it isn't as good as BC or Toronto or Montreal, and I maintain the Riders didn't even try to resign Elijah Thurman, not because he is a bad receiver, but because he wasn't going to make the team anyway.
The only guy you really have whom I wouldn't mind seeing in a green jersey is Nik Lewis. The rest are overated.

Any way, now that Cowtown has seen exactly what Henry Burris brings to the table, maybe people will finally believe me when I say I certainly don't miss him in Riderville, and that we should never have even signed him in 2003.
Burris is a talented guy, but no one man is going to be a teams salvation. QBs take too much credit for wins, and too much blame for losses.

Just on a sidenote, if people are still wondering why Hank, who has seemingly always played his best against the Riders, picked yesterday to stop that trend, don't underestimate the Shivers factor. Henry has always had something to prove to Roy, but that no longer mattered yesterday.

...can't see them dumping Henry...but i do see Higgins getting kicked up-stairs and Creehan being the head-man next year.....Player wise....they have a lot of work to do on defence....sorry Clarky you are now playing for a club with more work to improve, than the Bombers.....good-luck :lol:

Paycuts well that would happen anyway the meat and potato's of their contracts were 2006. They will tweak the line up but do not expect to much to change. Remember it is only a game, Improvements to next years roster you can bet on that. The team that one yesterday deserved to win. They showed what it takes to buckle up and win. The Stamps all season read how good they were and found out you have to prove it. The last part of the season all they showed is they can coast and expect to win. Sorry but it takes determination to win and the Stamps showed none. Good luck Riders you deserve to play BC.

Blame lays on the shoulders of the whole team not just a few. Football teams win the important games not individuals!

It would surprise me if Jermaine is done in Calgary. I like him, but the Stamps obviously like Nik Lewis (with good reason).

No one is done in Calgary until they have found better! I find it funny the Rider fans answer to everything is boot a guy out of town for a sub par season. Big deal! Until Barker finds someone better Copeland will be playing for the Stamps!

the rider fans are the only fans that back their team (WIN OR LOSE), sorry paul. i hope calgary keeps them all. they simply were up against the best defence playing inspired football.
b.c will remember 1989 on sunday

I don't see big changes in the Stamps. Maybe one or two players here and there. I am disappointed in Copeland though, he seemed more interested in Touchdown dances than catching footballs. Perhaps he will be reminded to focus on what he is getting paid to do, not for the theatrics.

Im not trying to kick anybody out. Im not liek that. I just said it wouldnt be surprising if the let JErmaine go. The way he was talking after the game he didnt sound to confident.

Pretty sure it is the Calgary Sun article at the beginning of this thread that is openly speculating about Copeland and others, not so much Rider fans.
Some Rider fans may agree or disagree with that speculation, but that is fair.
Speculating about Copeland in particular is fair, as I think he will be a free agent this year, and as he has been getting paid as if he is an elite receiver and playing like a second rate one, a pay cut or a bus ticket will be his most likely options.
Plus Higgins has been pretty clear that the dancin’ fool routine just doesn’t cut it, so Copeland may no longer be welcome in Cowtown. If that issue is not resolved, I don’t see him coming back.
Or he may just test the market in which case, it may have nothing to do with whether Barker has found someone better or not, or if Higgins likes him, but simply market pressures, ie., he will go where the money is.

It all boils down to the real possibility that Copeland will be somewhere else next year. And it has little to do with whether or not Rider fans think he had a subpar season.

After Simon made a laughing stock out of Hopeless, his stock in this league has taken a tumble...anyone notice how the end zone dance routines have all but vannished? Could not have come soon enough for me

copeland will probably test the open market, find his value has decreased, then re-sign with calgary for less then hes making now.

Nahh, he'll sign with Hamilton...they need another washed up, wannabe receiver.