Burris goes deep!

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As a player to be part of a first class organization is something you always strive for, said Henry Burris. The future of the Stampeder organization is very bright. My family and I are very excited to be making Calgary our home for years to come.

just replace "Stampeders" with "Riders" and "Calgary" with "Regina" and you'll have the exact same thing Hank told us a few years ago. I'm telling you this for you own good Stamps fans; he lies through the gap in his teeth.

.....but he's not bitter.....

Good for the Stamps.

.......lol, really......o.k. Jeremy, we'll keep an eye on him. I sure hope that multiyear contract, awesome condo in Bridgeland, new baby and a happy wife don't conspire to make Henry want to run away.....

ha ha ha ha not again!

......All QBs are to report in Monday to begin training.......

And just for Jeremy we will put a GPS chip on burris so we can track him.
Jeremy you still miss him I can tell you are again talking about him.