Burris/Glenn swap

Greetings from Tiger Town

Sorry to say but I think we got the better end of the deal. Ive tried supporting Glenn for 3 years and this pass Eastern final lead me to believe he just doesn't have it. I think Porter is still our future but, viewing from this end of the country, Hank's still got it.

Calgary is my #2 team so hopefully we'll meet in Toronto this November.


....time WILL tell.
I'll welcome Hank the same way I did with Kevin, Jason & Casey.
The irony in Steeltown is that most "fans" who blame the QBing can't see what our O-line haven't been doing for any of the above noted QB's. Doing their jobs!
I believe Calgary may actually pull this out as a better deal as they have Tate & Kevin now + 1 and a conditional draft pick....
Unless we see major improvements to the TioCat O-Line we will continue to let down our QB's like we have & our fan base.
Good luck in 2012 Stamps fans.


I'm curious to see if Cortez will keep Quinton Porter.

Forget about Glen vs Burris, Burris vs Tate is the better question.

The pass from Burris to Cris Williams in Hamilton the other night was a thing of beauty, Tate does not have that pass in his bag period!

Tate is a good QB no doubt, but he is not a deep passer, to me deep passing is what the CFL is to me. JMHO

Calgary did the only thing that they could do. Burris had a month long snit and there was no way that they could let him back into that locker room without lowering the bar of team conduct for the other 50 dudes on the roster. You can't let a baby sulk in the corner, give him a free pass and then expect all the other guys to keep their socks pulled up. It's a double standard and you can't treat your hard working players that way. Burris f**ked Calgary and they did well to get a quality player back in return even if on straight up talent Hamilton wins this deal.

Players of Hank's level of immaturity always shape up with a change of scenery. If he sucks it up in Calgary, he admits he's a baby. He won't do that. But in a new town, it's a fresh start and he can refocus himself without losing face.

Same with Arland Bruce last year. It sucks for Hamilton fans to have to watch him light it up in BC when all he did from TC on was drag his ass and b**ch that his spot wasn't handed to him on a silver plate. But in a couple years he WILL wear out his welcome in BC too, just like he did in Toronto.

Same with that whiner bch Patrick Roy when he went to Denver. He realized that he needed to grow up, but refused to do it in Montreal and admit that he was just a pouting bch. But in Denver no one cares how he acted in Montreal so long as he performs. When the going got rough he turned his back on his team and walked. Not what I call a champion.

When egos like that cop out, the team is fked. I can't stand bches like that. It's a real shame because physically, Hank is as good or better than he's ever been. he could play until he's 45. He could break all kinds of records.

There is a Stamps training camp primer posted at CFL HQ's site. [url]http://cflhq.ca/2012/06/training-camp-primer-calgary-stampeders/[/url]. There's also previews for other teams.