Burris, Glenn and Masoli Dynasty

Had we gone this route would we have faired better the last 3 years and maybe had a dynasty?
We signed for our future at the expense of the fantastic teams we had in 2013 and 2014, 1 play away from Grey Cup in 2015 and a yet to be determined 2016. Were these our years to win it?
We built for the future but missed the present in my opinion.
That is why this season has been so tough to take, one of the most frustrating in a long time. We were so close and I am seeing us trend down. I think we missed our best opportunity in a long time to win a cup or two and now maybe it's too late. We have a lot of work ahead of us this year and beyond (or Austin does anyway). We are 1 Eastern Semi Final loss away from unravelling and taking a huge step back. I'm not seeing much to build on.
Let's hope I am wrong.

You can't really believe what you're posting, do you?

Glenn? Burris? Come on. Burris is only as good as the receivers they've landed (and great ones at that)
I'd take Zack over Burris any day. Masoli over Glenn any day.

You cannot put a team together for now AND the future by hanging onto a 40 year old who is playing above all excpectatios. If Ottawa had as many starters out for as long as we have, then they'd be in real trouble. This is Henry's last season as a starter or they wouldn't have signed Harris.
Coaching did not cause Zacks knee injury. Coaching did not cause Zacks concussion on what looked like a head to head shot. Coaching did not cause most of the DB's or the SAM's turnstile due to injuries.
I think our lack of cohesiveness has caused the issues we had/continue to have.
Losing Connell likely hurt more than anything else . I don't like Austins play calling.

Burris and Glenn.....laughable :lol:

Burris and Glenn ?? Dynasty ?? Seriously ?? just one question......how hard did that mule kick you in the head ??? :lol:

For years all I read on this forum was “we have to develop our own QB, we have to stop with the recycled QBs” - then we develop one… and we want the recycled ones back.

If we had kept Burris and Glenn then at the start of our training camp next season,
Burris would be 42 yrs old and Glenn would be 38yrs old,
Collaros would be playing in OTT and Harris would be playing in MTL

Seem to be forgetting that they TRADED Glenn to get Burris! No way they would have had both of them as Burris was still under contract in Calgary.

In spite of the injury problems the past that Zach has had in the past couple of years, I'd still take him over whining Hank! I agree that Hank is only as good as his receivers AND the YAC that they manage to pick up.

Just listening to Austin post -game scrum and he sounds upbeat and not overly concerned that they lost. He's looking ahead to next week already, rather than at the abysmal record.

Austin's not overly concerned but his future is in a guy with a weak arm and now a weak knee with a history of concussions.
I'm concerned for him.
It's not the time to develop a quarterback when you made it to the Grey Cup and the rest of the team is outstanding...
In speaking of developing....They better develop someone fast as the Jeff Mathews tryout didn't go so well today either in my opinion - flashes of brilliance but big inconsistency. Collaros now has a consistent history of serious injuries.

I feel I got kicked in the head all year, that's why I'm so pissed! Nice comment by the way; I guess you can't have an adult conversation on here with out being an As s.

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Please tell me you don't think Collaros has a weak arm........

Well, he thinks we could have traded Glenn for Burris and still kept both of them on our roster (not to mention payroll, in this salary cap era). Which belief is sillier?

Biggest mistake the TiCats have made is letting Burris go. Plain & simple. To say he's only as good as his receivers is true for any QB. Throw in an Offensive line that will block for you & "YOU are the MAN"! Something that the Ticats have not has since Danny McM. We've had some excellent QB's over the years of which have basically ran for their lives and been run right out of town. Sad truth, but the truth hurts.
As for Collaros ..... he's a 2nd string at best IMO. To throw more fuel on the fire, I would take Kevin Glenn over Collaros as well, as he's been successful with more teams than not... except there is something that happens and he moves on. To bad really.


weak arm ? weak knee ? wtf u smoking i want that holy smokes

Zach is our Future get on or get off The Arblows could use some fans get to walking down the QEW

NOT Burris is a premadona cry baby bumb

Wow !!! Either this is sarcasm at its finest or.....................We have another mule kick to the head contestant winner :lol:


He is definitely our future, Austin Showed Him the Money! Austin has 100% invested in him. He's ours and isn't going anywhere!

The point of this discussion was that maybe we missed our opportunity when it was in the present which is looking like the past now....unless he can pull it off Sunday and the following Sunday on the road... the future will be another rebuild around him with no Cups to show for. And before the mule kick to the head comes, BTW great commentary and addition to this discussion...I am pissed that we didn't win a Cup in the last 4 Years when the team in my opinion was peaking.

Sorry.... but you need to explain to me how a 40+ and/or 38+ year old QB would have prevented the decimation of the defensive secondary, the o-line, the receiving corps, a running back here or there, etc. And btw... BOTH Burris and Glenn missed games due to injury...

Comparing it to 1998 and 1999 (we won in 1999 the second time back to the cup).
We lost in 2013 and when we got back in 2014 I think we would have had a better chance with a more experienced QB. A late comeback and Speedy B made 2014 look close. It wasn't really. That's all I'm saying...I get it. It's all hind sight. Great teams, nothing to show for it and now a team that looks on the down swing. Frustrating that we may have missed opportunities.

Sorry, couldn't resist....but I'll wait for the mule kick apology at least. BTW Hank look terrible yesterday at the Grey Cup....that's why I'm so pissed still.....it should have been our 4th trip in a row there with him. It's ok, I'm sure we will rebuild and be back in a few years. We missed our shot.