Burris/Fantuz tell fans dont like it dont come back

On the 5th quarter I had my blood boiling even more then it was before…I have been a season ticket holder now 12-13 years and this is the most frustrating season I have endured yet and that is even with the 1-17 season in there. This is absolutely Ridiculous. I have a HUGE ISSUE I hope is brought up. On the fifth quarter I heard from ppl in box J saying that Andy Fantuz and Burris were both telling the fans at the end of the game if they dont like it dont like it to leave and not come back. This gets my blood boiling. We pay these damn players salaries and they have the nerve to talk to the fans that way. It disgusts me. If Burris and andy indeed did say this there should be an apology and be addressed especially saying these are to be our team leaders. That on top of their brutal play this is turning into a disaster.

which was it, stala or burris?

just like fans, players are human too and go through the same emotions as frustrated fans who post things on msg forum that they wouldnt post after they have cooled down. Wait and see if they say the same after tomorrow or after. I am betting not, and not because of anything anyone else says about it, but simply becuase they have calmed down

Did Stala say this? I find that very hard to believe. Burris and Fantuz on the other hand, now this I could see. I hope this is not true.

5 home games and they are telling fans if they don't like it, don't come back? Honestly...that is laughable, I hope it isn't true but I could picture it. Those fans were there long before Burris/Fantuz, they will probably be there long after.

Fantus and Burris I accidentally wrote Stala in the headline i edited it…The players need to worry about their now 4 game losing streak and not concern themselves with the fans…put your heads in the game.

8) Apparently it was Burris and Fantuz, according to callers on the 5th quarter, that made the comments to some
   fans who were on their cases about their play !!

   From what I understand, Burris and Fantuz said to the heckling fans,  "if you don't like it, don't come back again".

An accusation like this, made publicly, as it was on radio, should be seriously looked into by team management. Even though this is professional sports, if true, it's simply a case of employee frustration being taken out, verbally, on company customers. I'm sure those customers were, no doubt, loudly expressing their dissatisfaction with, and to, the company's employees, when it would better have been directed at the management. However, there is no acceptable excuse for the alleged actions of those employees. I say that while quite confident in assuming that said employees had not been directed to respond, as they allegedly did, by their management.

Over to you, Mr. Mitchell.
I think your customers, whether involved in this or not, deserve at least a public report on the findings of your investigation.


If you dont like your team or your coach or your playing, dont take it out on the fans.

I was going to come on here a say something really negative but there's already lots of negativity so I'm letting it go. :frowning:

Wa wa wee wa this is juicy!

If they don't appologize, I can see the boo birds coming out whenever burris or fantuz touch the ball now in subsequent home games :thdn:

To be fair, I've heard some pretty nasty things come out of some people's mouth from the area behind the Ticats bench......REALLY nasty things!! (and usually booze-fueled

Please excuse the players if they said this. The both have sucked so much this season that they are probably frustrated. Just a note" John Hufnagel is a smart man!

Thats nothing.
Its part of the game within the game, and you should be glad you were invited.

As a fan whos attended games for over 25 years, this is my house I will be back, as for them time will only tell,whatever not even an issue.

No big deal, this is not a church picnic. Players get frustrated and some may react emotionally without thinking. Like none of us have said something and immediately wished we could catch back those words.

In most stadiums, you would not even be remotely close to the bench to get into the players' grill, whereas here, you probably had an inebriated paying fan spouting uncomplimetary lines over the wall at an obviously frustrated player. Come on, to complain about that is plain silly. These guys are human and let their emotions get the better of them, but let's not hold them to a standard of perfection just because in a weak moment they blurt out something in response to a fan who feels that by buying a ticket they can question your ability, manhood or your mother's morals.

However, if a day after a game at a press conference or radio show, (not during the game) a player was to say those things, then internal team discipline would be appropriate.

Folks, we have bigger issues than this, this thread should end now. Figure out ways to win games not on standards of politeness in the middle of a frustrating game on a hot day.


+1 middleguard, they are as frustrated as the fans.

Yeah, then they said" Hamilton Sucks" and get your car off my front lawn. They also made a number of comments regarding the number of people in Hamilton with missing teeth and something about how the city smells

What the players said it true. If there's something about the game or game day experience you don't like, don't go. Sure, we pay their salaries but it's up to us as to whether we want to do so or not.

What they said is idiotic and disrespectful but it's also true.

If I had any issues today, it was that I'm helping to pay for the Invisible Man's salary. Sam Giguere you know who you are.

An Argo-Cat fan

This is kind of off topic but I think I saw Burris and Cortez arguing on the sidelines?
I wouldn't hold it against him if he said those things to the fans as I think he was just extra frustrated today.