Burris doesn't expect to be a Stamp next year


At this point in his career, it would be strange to see Henry Burris wearing anything but Red and White.

But the seven-year Calgary Stampeders starting quarterback knows he could be in different colours next year.

Now that Drew Tate is the starter and Burris is watching from the bench wearing a large overcoat, there is a real chance the 36-year-old will be elsewhere next season.

Maybe in double blue.

While there are still two games left in the 2011 regular-season and the Stampeders are in the West Division playoff chase, it’s hard not to wonder what the future will be for the CFL’s seventh most-prolific passer of all-time.

When it comes to possible destinations, the Toronto Argonauts constantly come up as the most obvious place.

The Argos have struggled at quarterback the past few seasons, and they host the 100th Anniversary of the Grey Cup next year.

There is a great need for stability, and Burris would bring that, plus a chance at making a playoff run.

Although the Argos are excited about the future of Steven Jyles, that franchise always wants a marquee name leading their team because that’s the best way to get attention in the Big Smoke.

Burris isn’t getting into next year talk just yet, but he realizes he could be finishing out the final year on this contract elsewhere.

“With the situation right now, it might be inevitable,? Burris said Saturday. “I just go with the flow. I haven’t been thinking towards that.

“It’s something that was mentioned in my house. My wife is an athlete, so she understands that this season isn’t done yet. She’s says, ‘You are a quarterback who wins championships, not games.’ That’s what I’m focused on. I did what I could to get the team into playoffs.

“That part’s been done, so I will do whatever it takes now to win a championship. I don’t care about the little things. At the end of the year, we’ll see where the cards lay.?

There is a long history of veteran quarterbacks going to the Argos to finish out their CFL careers.

While not all of them were successful, there are some examples of situations that worked out well.

Damon Allen was traded from the B.C. Lions to the Argos in 2003 when Dave Dickenson signed in Vancouver, and Allen was the Grey Cup MVP in 2004, leading Toronto to the victory over those Lions.

Doug Flutie joined the Argos in 1996 for back-to-back championships seasons.

Then there is the Kerry Joseph deal. The Saskatchewan Roughriders sent Joseph to Toronto, and the 2007 CFL most outstanding player had two ill-fated seasons with the Boatmen.

There is still a chance Burris could come back as Tate’s backup, but at age 37 and with some good football left in him, that might not be his best option.

“We will sit down and talk,? Burris said. “I know I can still be a starting quarterback. I know I can still win championships.

“I had a great run here in Calgary. We will talk about whatever is on the table. I’m still property of this team, and this is where I want to be.

“We will sit down and try to work something out. Just like I want to be on the field, I’m with this team always. This team has done a lot for me and we’ve had a lot of great experiences throughout my life.

“This city has done a lot for my family. No. 1, we want to be here, but I want to play also. Sometimes, it’s not your complete decision. You are only 50% of the issue.?

It may be wise for the Argos to obtain Burris for a season or two in order to invoke immediate stability to the team while Jyles or another young QB is groomed and integrated.

It is difficult to ascertain if Jyles has recuperated fully from his shoulder surgery and uncertain if he can regain previous form.
Then again, he had not played ball for nearly a year so it may just be a little rust and a tandem QB situation, ala Hamilton, may work well.

..I wouldn't expect Henry to be thinking anything else....Writing is on the wall....Stamps will not part ways with him till the season is done and then Barker will place his call...Maybe the hammer????He still has value and wouldn't look out of place in Cat uniform....Certainly wouldn't hurt them...Argos are more likely as i think there's a few doubters in the big smoke as to Jyles ability..Should be interesting where Burris lands in the off-season.. :roll:

No way the Argos must not go down this road again similar to the Joseph fiasco.
Since Burris would not want to be a back up, based on this year as it appears he has hit the wall the possibility of being number one elsewhere in the league is unlikely.

Burris to the Argos could work, if the intention is to bring him in as a veteran to help mentor Jyles (or whoever they want as their future guy).

If they bring him in to be a starter... ugh. They'll be back in this situation again real soon.

My conveyance wasn't that Burris would be the automatic Argos starter, yet moreso split duties with Jyles until he matures with the team.

Nonetheless, It is doubtful Burris will accept a full-time back up role, although he may be willing to be part of a tandem QB system for a year... Not sure...

I think Burris will be in double blue next year, doing what you say, kind of a tandem deal, unless he just comes out great and stays that way, or comes out bad and stays that way.

Another possibility is in Sask as a backup if no one offers him anything good. BC is set for starters and backup, Edmonton is also maybe in need of a QB so another possibility(Ray's arm looks done this year), Riders have a starter, but no backup and DD gets banged up too much not to have a good backup. Every team in the east I would say is set besides the Argos. But with Barker there is might be too stubborn to bring in a proven starter, but I don't think Jyles is their future, neither would Burris, but he could at least mentor a younger QB for a couple years.

Burris is done as a Stamp. To lose the starters job this late in the season when the Stamps have a playoff spot secured is not good for Henry. I don't see how he comes back to the starters spot on that team.

The Argos are the one team that is in definite need of a starter and I think he would be a good fit. Copeland is there, they have a good group of young receivers and the pressure in Toronto would be non existent compared to Calgary. Whether he's the #1 or the back up they would need to make that clear from the start. They don't want or need another Joseph/Bishop situation.

I think he still has a few good years left in him.

Argos need to go after some FA receivers too. They're simply not good enough right now at that position. If they can upgrade at QB and receiver, they'll be a good team.

Copeland can still play but they refuse to make him the go to guy, Owens and Boyd can are great for the short outlets you want to see YAC yards on and Watt and Bradwell are good young receivers. They have a decent group now if utilized properly but they could use an additional pair of veteran hands.

…I didn’t think he’d throw the towel in so early, after the last game of the season sure, but with the season still in the works that is one defeatist attitude to be taking…what happens if Tate goes down now? does Sinopoli go in knowing the guy wearing #1 really doesn’t give hoot?

what's with the "ray's arm is done" comment? how is his arm done?

anyways, the 2 teams in most need of a QB are toronto and winnipeg, IMO.

pierce has not performed.
pierce supporters have often said, "if he can stay healthy for a whole year, he'd be great". and this year he has been mostly healthy and proved underwhelming.
winnipeg has all the pieces except QB, IMO. while they have all the pieces, they may choose to bring in Burris and go for a championship, as i don't think they will ever win the big one with pierce's sputtering offence.

in toronto, jyles has no accuracy at all. i know his receivers stink, but he can't even put the ball close to them anyways. long balls are underthrown so a receiver has to slow down, allowing the defender to catch up and have a good chance at it. or he just throws arm-punts. may as well have bishop back.

i'm not too sure what's going on with hamilton's QB situation either. if Porter proves not to be the answer in the remaining games this season, maybe bring in Burris as a 1 year hired-gun and shoot for the championship.

will be very interesting to see how this unfolds.

I'm not sure he actually knows where they're going. Suitor in the last Argo game was talking about how the Argos don't use "markers" or any kind of scheme where the receivers run set routes. Instead they have kind of a general place to go and are just supposed to get open somehow, which makes it real guesswork for the QB. He was pretty surprised they were going with a system like that.

Don't know if its true or not, but Suitor doesn't seem like the type of commentator who would make up something that crazy.

pierce has not performed. pierce supporters have often said, "if he can stay healthy for a whole year, he'd be great". and this year he has been mostly healthy and proved underwhelming. winnipeg has all the pieces except QB, IMO. while they have all the pieces, they may choose to bring in Burris and go for a championship, as i don't think they will ever win the big one with pierce's sputtering offence.
Pierce is not exactly the most talented pure passer in the league, nor does he possess the greatest arm either.

What he does have is the determination and an intangible workhorse attribute going for him which makes him a very popular figure in the Peg.

Is he good enough to win a championship though?

Possibly.... IF the entire supporting cast steps up to the plate.
Pierce is not one of those QB's who will boast an extraordinary aerial attack or win games by himself, ala Flutie, Brady , Calvillo etc.. although you cannot ask for a more concerted effort.

And even if Pierce is not the guy to lead them to Grey Cup heaven, he is so popular with the fans that Mack and LaPolice would be run out of town with club carrying members after them. :o

Pierce doesn't need to put up 400 yards to win though. With Winnipeg's D, Pierce needs to put up some points and manage the ball.

The team would be better with a better QB, but I don't see any reason they can't win a cup with Pierce.

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Perhaps Ray doesn't have the power he once had; Ricky is far from done and has adjusted to other ways to win games. Although he can throw hard down the middle if that's the called play. Burris in Edmonton - I would say no.....?

If you have watched this year’s EE games you can tell that he doesn’t throw with near as much power. On the long bombs he is coming up short or its just a plain floater. He has been throwing lame ducks all season. I say he has one-two more seasons left in the tank, unless he is battling injury right now and no one knows about it. If it is injury then he has a few good seasons left in the tank! I was just saying outside of the Argos there isn’t many teams who are in need of another QB besides EE and Riders. I only put EE as a team because of what I have noticed with the majority of Ray’s throws this year. Maybe I am just seeing things, but many others have pointed it out during game days.

Winnipeg I think is set at QB with Pierce, Elliot, and Brink. I think Elliot will be good, and Brink will be a good back up, possible starter one day.

i haven't noticed anything wrong with Ray, and i've watched all the eskies games this year except this last one against the argos.

i agree, that Brink has looked good for the bombers. so, while i don't believe Pierce to be the guy to win them a championship, perhaps they have 'the guy' on their roster already.

if you have what you posted up there, and any kind of passing skills - which Pierce does have - and the stats don't bear out that half his picks are tipped - then you are more than good enough to win a championship. don't have to be a superstar or even a star QB.

re: bringing in Burris..

Pierce is not the most talented QB in the league but there's no way on earth I'd take Burris over him. If I had one year to win a cup, I would take AC, Lulay, and Ray before him ... not Jyles, not Durant, not Glenn, not Burris, not Tate..

not a great passer, but a good passer, a good runner, and a GREAT leader and proven winner. which is why we said if he was healthy he'd be good. not because he'd shatter records or is a superstar or anything like that. because he's a leader, a winner, and a very capable QB.

Further, if the Bomber feel Pierce is not the answer, they have Alex Brink and Joey Elliott for a fraction of a fraction of what Burris would cost, who are on the upswing of their careers rather than the downswing, and who are showing plenty of promise themselves.. I think they would see what they have. and they would be going through all three of those guys before they decide to bring in Burris, in my opinion.

he doesn't have the wicked deep ball he used to, but he can still throw the ball. I'd say it's very very unlikely. Ray's still a good QB.