Burris criticizes the RB's

From 3 Down Nation....

In Hamilton, we've heard this song before....

I told you so....

Just Hank's biggest fan telling the way he sees it. Man that guy's head is so swollen I don't know how he ever got a helmet on for all those years.

Boy, you folks must have some skill of reading interpretation that I lack because, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to read into the tweet any ego or self-aggrandizement at all. All I read is a guy stating that he believes the issue with the team is a lack of on-field leaders, using himself and others as examples for his premise.

Rather than call him names, rebut his premise; answer his assertion with facts, logic and reason that refute his claim.

Otherwise, google "that is not an argument" and "ad hominem" for some cool reading.

I don't think you tried very hard.

It's not that far of a stretch to paraphrase his statement like this: "The team isn't as good this year because I (among others) am not on it."

No ego? Really?

"You can't take the leadership of a team away and expect the same results. This is not the same Redblacks team from the last two years!!!"

Combine this with previous quotes like "Ive turned around every team ive been part of" and you don't have to look very far to come up with the conclusion that hes talking about himself. He tried to explain it afterwards by listing players, but that only happened when he got destroyed by fans, started deleting their tweets and blocking their accounts. Looks like Mr Media doesn't believe in free speech. Then again he did go after the TSN panel for calling a bad stretch of his, a bad stretch.

I hope this tool never ends up on a CFL broadcast! Can you imagine him with TSN ? Would be another thing he's turned around all by himself.

SHOVE IT HENRY !!!!!!! here's a suggestion for ya , buy a zipper for yer mouth :-X


I refuse to "read in" intent like that. You shouldn't either.