Burris Champion QB

Yah he was everything he said he was . What a gutsy 41 year old QB to bring the cup after 40 years to Ottawa .

That bobble TD by Jackson was such an epic moment . YES sir today he and the team are champions . Sorry this is such a riot for any suffering Ottawa fan . I love it .

I've always liked Henry.

I think it's awesome he gets the Ottawa faithful a Grey Cup after 40 years of losing.

Perhaps now he will finally shut his mouth about being cut. Everyone on his team was cut by a team at some point. He does not understand the business of football, clearly. Maybe now he can focus on learning that.

I view him like that linebacker in the movie The Program. Uses that stuff to drive himself even if it was ages ago, or if he has to lie to himself a little.

I admit that I rolled my eyes at his mention of "haters" during last night's post-game interview. I wish he hadn't bothered going down that road. Success if the best revenge. Let your play talk for itself.