Burris burns another bridge

Was only a matter of time.

“If I look at what Trevor and I have achieved – if you look at my resume, mine supersedes his and it’s not even close. It didn’t send a good message. I know he had to do what he had to do to get a quarterback, but look at where he is now because of that decision,? Burris said.

He seems to feel the need to stay in the spotlight by reminding everyone how great he was… A very egocentric man!

It’s human nature, insecurities - sadly you see it anywhere and everywhere these days.

And yet rarely from top professional athletes....

Didn't hear Peyton Manning shove it in the face of the Colts when he won a super bowl with Denver.

Didnt hear Tiger Woods take shots at all of the people that counted him out...

I honestly can't say I've ever seen anything like it from a top player at his level.

I’m not a fan of Desjardins at all but I think he was trying to avoid a situation like what happened with Anthony Calvillo and Adrian McPherson in Montreal. The old warhorse QB won’t retire and eventually the young apprentice QB being groomed as the replacement ends up leaving the organization fed up with having to wait year after year.

Burris might have retired anyway on his own after winning the Grey Cup in Ottawa. He just probably resents the fact that he was told to retire in order to make way for Harris.

They didn’t have insecurity issues.

just to play advocate here, could it be that Burris is just a little more open and honest?

I'm thinking you're trying to be funny, yes?

I find it funny, when athletes are vanilla, fans complain players aren’t being real, when they provide honest opinion fans complain, calling them egotistical etc. Can’t win
Maybe they should stick with the BS humility act and everybody loves them. ( All Canadian hockey players do this act - its in their training)

"It was disappointing for me because WE had just won the Grey Cup and WE worked so hard. Trevor has accomplished alot in the league and he was a great QB to take over, I just wish I could have had a chance to help Ottawa defend its championship".

I just said the same thing Hank did. That wasn't hard.

Tell me about it. Every time I hear that phony baloney Luke Tasker. Seriously, who's he trying to kid ?

Henry certainly likes to hear himself talk and offer expert advice. I personally would prefer the “act like you have been there before” type instead of the “I just saved another franchise.” Henrys biggest problem, is there are way too many I’s.

Didn’t some coach at one time say something to the effect that if a player is happy being a back-up, then he will always be a back-up? I’m not a Henry fan, but I think he is just calling it as he sees it - successful professional athletes are very competitive people who typically believe they are the one best suited to play. Most temper that when addressing the media, but Henry apparently never developed that skill. And, now as part of media and no longer a player, he apparently doesn’t feel the need to.

Listen to Milt Stegall. He says it in a joking manner, but he leaves no doubt that he feels he was among the best players, if not the best receiver, to play in the CFL. I’m sure if you scratch any long term player deep enough, in most professional sports, you would get a similar response to Henry’s.

I wonder if Burris believes he should still be playing to this day? It’s one way to explain the “look where he is now” comment. They got two years and a Grey Cup appearance out of Harris, and Burris thinks they’d have done better with Burris.

Kind of a pattern unfolding with him. He seems to have left each of his past organizations carrying a grudge. Sask, Calgary, Hamilton and Ottawa eventually moved on from him and Burris seems to carry some resentment about that.

Did anyone actually read the story, though? Here’s the context

“I took a pay cut to make sure we got the receivers (Brad Sinopoli, Chris Williams and Ellingson) signed. The next year, I took a pay cut so they could sign Trevor. When they guaranteed Trevor a starting job, I didn’t like it – I found out about it through my agent — that shows you how that goes,? Burris told Ottawa Sun reporter Tim Baines.

“Heck yeah, I was pissed. It’s a hard pill to swallow. In year two, your team is in the Grey Cup. In year three, you win the Grey Cup. And you get forced out. When I found out, I knew when I was retiring. You never promise any guy a starting job. Go earn it.?

What, you think he should have been happy to have been made the backup, literally the year after bringing Ottawa its first Cup in forever, and the first for the new franchise? When he took multiple paycuts to make that Cup win possible and found out Harris was guaranteed the starter’s job by his own agent, and not the team?

Calvillo was productive for two years after his last Cup (2011 and 2012), when he was older than Burris. And those playoff loses weren’t on him either. If Brandon Whitaker catches a pass against Hamilton, they might have won against the Cats. If Brian F. Bratton catches that last-second TD pass against Toronto, the Argos never win the Cup in 2012.

As for Ray, again, he won a Cup with Toronto less than two years ago, so there’s definitely a case to be made for Burris, in objective terms. Sometimes the greybeard doesn’t have it anymore. Sometimes he does and the heir apparent isn’t all that. It’s art, not science.

I agree that he has every right to feel that way. And probably a lot of athletes feel similarly in the twilight of their careers.

But there is a reason most people would advise someone to filter their comments before going public with statements like that. It makes you sound self-centred, in what is supposed to be a team game.

Anyway, for some reason the article talks about what a great season Burris had in 2015 but neglects to mention that he missed a good chunk of the season in 2016. Time was catching up to him, as it does with everyone. The team management had to account for that reality.

It’s not like this will destroy Burris’ legacy or anything. Most people already know how highly he thinks of himself. This is just on-brand. (Although arguably, as a paid commentator, he should make a stronger effort to focus on the league and not Henry Burris.)

Bingo! The best comment on this thread...

Different strokes for different folks. Some athletes are cocky, some aren't. Some give great quotes, some give cliché, some never speak. I love that players can be different. Wouldn't want to get to the NHL stage where every hockey player is trained to say, "Yeah, uh, you know, we got the bounces tonight, but credit to [enemy team], they played really hard, blah blah blah". Recipe for insomnia. ;D

And, on the flip side, to be honest, is it really possible for a lot of us former fans that Henry crapped upon, to think any less of him and his comments?