Burris Bombs Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gosh- Henry really threw it away again vs. BC, a team which used their 3rd string quarterback!!!!!!!!!!!
The Stamps are really reeling. They had every opportunity to win this game but Henry made a bonehead play each time an opportunity presented itself. How much does Henry Who make a year. Loyal Calgary fans should start squaking about this before it is too late. What a shame, such talent on the roster and such a large payroll but little return on the huge investment. Why did the Stamps sign Henry Burris anywayz??????????He seems to blow big games always.
I feel sorry for loyal Stamps fans and even their horse who does not get much of a workout.

I've been very critical of Burris for ages and it seems more people are finally coming around to my way of thinking. Burris is a good athlete who makes terrible decisions. He just doesn't seem to have the head for the game. It's gone well beyond the point of needing more experience. Burris, simply put, is not good enough or consistant enough to be a starter in the CFL.

Burris has been a bit of a puzzle. I thought he would be more consistent at this stage in his career. Still makes too many bad throws into double coverage.
I sometimes wonder if some of these so called "bad throws" are the result of the QB's just trying to follow the OC play calling.
I think a veteran QB should still call some of his own plays. Some of the best QB's in the past called most of their own plays and we keep talking how good they were compared to todays QB's. Just maybe a QB on the field in the heat of battle has a better feel for the game then some OC (who quite often never played at that level)and who's knowledge is learned by observing and book knowledge.
I don't think it is a coincidence that all time winning coach like Don Matthews let his QB's call their own plays.

I'am glad we don't have him anymore. When he's under pressure he just throws it up,or he trys to force to many passes that shouldn't be made, and this usually turns into an interception. You can't win with turnovers, my riders learned that against BC 3 weeks ago.

......i think red (my son) better do an assessment of the quarterbacking situation in cowtown.....he was always laying the 'skeptical' trip on Kevin Glenn as ...maybe 'not quite having it'....after watching Henrys performance yesterday...while he shows flashes of a good to better than average qb.... as of now, i wouldn't rank him above Glenn....IF the stamps fans think he's gonna take them to the Cup....they may have a long wait.... :wink: :roll:

I don't think you can blame all the turnovers on HB. There were a couple that were the result of his receivers not being able to catch.

I also think that the fsct that a QB doesn't call his own plays has nothing to do with the fact that he threw into double coverage. If there isn't a guy open then he should throw to someone who is, not into double coverage just because the OC told him to run that play. Am i wrong?

...agreed.....BUT....it looks to me, that when its 'crunch time' ...Henry doesn't deliver....i.m not knocking his talent....he just seems to have 'something' missing in his game.... :roll:

Burris did also fumble the ball twice yesterday. Not much to do with his receivers.

I have to agree, Burris’ decission making should be much better at this stage in his career, Stamps need to start looking for a replacement (for next year). Maybe Jeff Garcia can be convinced to come back to Cowtown.

...I must admit when I saw the title to this thread I rolled my eyes and thought 'here's yet another turkey rambling about HB that will rehash events from a couple of years ago'...I apologize turk for that initial thought....and agree with everything you wrote at the top of this thread....

I’d still take Burris over half the starters in this league, including turkeys qb.

Right now his confidence is as low as turkeys IQ. Good quarterbacks fight through tough times, lets see what Burris does.

Im not ready to write him off yet, waaaaaay too early.

...well, you're a more patient man than I am 'lo, cause I'm ready for some upheaval here...if the coaching staff comes out of last nights mistake plagued debacle saying 'everything is all right in Stampederland, we just had a few mental errors, but all the right parts are there' I'll lose it....status quo is not an acceptable answer today....do heads need to roll?...no, that is too early, but I am not satisfied to see another game where questionable decision making at QB loses the game for us...

So what are you saying Rednnwhite...trade Burris..or sit him out for a game or so..??

Instead of having Burris throw for 450 yds, maybe
we should start running the ball a little.

That would be a nice start.

…I thought for sure we’d see JR turn it up, but BC seemed to correct the holes that led to Lumsden’s yardage last week…I was satsified with the play calling, we did put up some decent yardage, just not the execution when it counted…

…hank, I can’t answer your question yet, haven’t fully thought it out…

Actually I agree with Eskylo on this one , its too early to write of HB just yet.

Did you see the quote from Mike McMahon the other night after the Toronto/Montreal game. When asked about the interception he threw, he said, "I didn't call the play".
A good veteran QB will pick up a secondary receiver, if his has time. But that's the idea of a pass rush, don't give the QB time to get set and pick out receivers.

Agreed and it is funny that there is so much concern from Rider fans :lol: :lol: :lol: They must still love Henry!

Agreed but they must eliminate the turn overs to succeed. The Lions would have lost this game if it were not for the turnovers ratio. But you have to give credit to that Lion defense yet again. Wake for rookie of the year in my opinion.