Burris bashes Kent Austin

[u]Ticats cut Henry Burris loose. He hasn't be able to ‘let it go[/u]'

[b]WINNIPEG — Call him Hatin' Hank.

The Ottawa Redblacks quarterback — known as Smilin' Hank for his relentlessly sunny disposition — used a good chunk of his 30-minute media conference in Winnipeg Wednesday to outline a series of slights he says have become a significant source of motivation heading into Sunday's Grey Cup game against the Edmonton Eskimos.

A number of them involve the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and, more specifically, the team's general manager and head coach, Kent Austin.

"The fact that I helped turn organizations around, doing my job both on and off the field, to be sent packing the way that it occurred, as an athlete I always feel its disrespectful," Burris said. "It is very personal to me. Some people say 'let it go' but that's what motivates some of the best athletes ever. You have to play with a certain chip on your shoulder."[/b]

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/6136028-ticats-cut-henry-burris-loose-he-hasn-t-be-able-to-let-it-go-/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/613 ... et-it-go-/[/url]

Perhaps the first and only time we will ever hear Maas' quarterbacking accomplishments be compared favourably to Austin's. Ticat fans know all too well - based on the painful memories both brought to us - that as players, the two names do not belong in the same sentence, or even paragraph.

I think Burris is going to get tired from running his victory laps too soon. He has celebrated his greatness too much already, and the awards banquet hasn't even occurred yet. By Sunday his arm will be sore from too much stroking of his own ... ego.

Hank needs to stop taking so much credit for big turnaround seasons when he was also the QB in the crappy previous year.

Yes, you took the Ticats from 6 wins to 10 ... but let's not forget who QB'd them to that 6-win season in 2012. And it's great that you took the rEDbLACKS from 2 wins to 12. But again ... who was the QB in that 2-win season?

Compare that to a Danny McManus, who joined a 2-16 team and QB'd them to a 12-5-1 season in 1998. That's a slightly better turnaround than Burris engineered this year, and it's a whole lot easier to make the argument that it was the new QB who made the difference. I noticed Hank failed to list McManus among the legendary QBs who don't have a huge turnaround on their resume.

Play with a chip on your shoulder but shut your big mouth :roll: :thdn:

When you have a 40 year old QB, you don't need an injury to get him put into early retirement. A couple good pops, and another embarrassing 2013 style Grey Cup loss (which I guess you can only respect a coach when he gets you and your team to the Grey Cup), might make crybaby Hank think about giving up his pads for a spot at the used car dealership.

Yes, how dare the Cats go with youth and the future rather than signing someone who's near the end kid his career. Sure he had a great season this year, but he's going to be around for what, another two seasons probably.

Zach has at least a decade. Burris was a victim of business. He shouldn't take it personally

I don't see the big deal. Anyone who does a "good job" and gets let, go takes it personally. Burris has a an ego so does Austin.
If anything it shows he enjoyed being a Tiger-Cat.

Great points. I was ready to cheer for the RB's(aka Ticats 2.0), but now I would like nothing better than to see Burris lose.
What about all the ticat fans that supported him during his time here, which I was one of? You just disrespected us too.

As I chanted in 1996 near centre field in Section 7 late in November:


with a bunch of mostly drunk Edmonton fans in a mini blizzard.

He said he had a lack of respect (he called it mutual, of course) which shows how he felt, but Kent Austin has remained silent on the subject, so far. He is taking the high road, which shows why my admiration for him is not misplaced.

Drop Dead Henry - you old washed up, has been. Sure you had a great year this year, but even Jason Maas would have had one at his advanced age, if he played behind the line you had and threw to the receivers you had. It is a team game but to Bur...ass it is all about himself.


Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 19h19 hours ago
#Ticats @Simoni_Lawrence on doing a Mosca-Kapp with @HenryBurris: “I’m fine with it as long as I’m Joe Kapp.? Laughs. Always laughs. #CFL

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Doesn’t bother me. Burris has not taken care of his brand very well (exhibit A the bra photo) but he’s done well as a QB and that’s what matters. Other players have to worry about what they say because it is a small league and you never know who you are going to play for next. Burris will finish his career with Ottawa so it doesn’t matter to him. Maybe this motivates him, as he says. Maybe it will be a distraction. Whatever.

I’ll still be rooting for Ottawa on Sunday because of their long-suffering fans (who mostly have been pretty classy about their win over the Cats, the posting of the winning touchdown video clip in the Cats forum being an exception). They have some great players including Ellingson and Rogers, who may be the best player in the league.

Lets give Hank (I have an ego) a break ... hes the only CFL player to ever have to go through concussion protocol after injuring his knee!!!! :wink:

Yeah this doesn't really bother me. If we wanted to shut him up, we should have beat him. He went 3-0 against us this year, and can trash us all he wants. I'm sure Kent Austin isn't losing any sleep over it.

Now that you all have last weekends loss out of your system perhaps you can move on from this immature bashfest.

Perhaps Hank should be thanking us for all our unfortunate injuries instead of proclaiming how great he is.... What a Hank load :smiley:

Can't wait to hear his speach after he wins MOP tonight :thdn: :roll: a real class act !

MOP -most offensive prattler?

Agreed spike; Rogers has been truly outstanding this season at LT.

I'd be happy to root for Ottawa and probably would have been IF it wasn't for Hank's recent rants against his former team. Every time a mike is in front of his face he is either glorifying himself or taking shots at Austin and the Ticats organization.

Rogers??? If you are referring to Eric Rogers you have the WRONG team - he plays for the Stamps. Could be you are referring to another "Rogers" who does play for Ottawa but off the top of my head I can't think who that is.

Burris may have led the Cats to a Grey Cup, but they didnt win it. Kinda like it will be with the Redblacks this season, when they release him in 2016 because he couldnt seal the deal. Then Hank will have a whole new team to whine about.