Burris bashes Kent Austin

are you really that kind of person?

You know, I don’t think I ever was before. All the crap he is dumping on Hamilton and Calgary is what he claims they did or are doing to him. Isn’t that just projecting your own faults on to others? And in truth I want to see Henry play - but I do want to see him lose. Sorry if that makes me a bad person

My only redeeming grace is that I hope I live long enough to see Henry and Samoni do the Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca duel on stage at some awards function 25 years from now. That would be worth the price of admission?

I'm still trying to figure out how saying there was no respect is bashing someone...it was probably true

You do remember or perhaps don’t know that Austin did offer Whining Hank a contract extension before the end of the 2013 season?

Burris declined probably due to the money not being what he thought he was worth (we now know the extent of his ego) or what Austin was willing to pay a 40 year old.

Burris held out no doubt thinking or hoping the offer would be bumped up but when Austin realized Burris was pricing himself out of reach or Burris was going to test free agency, Austin knew Burris was probably a lost cause so he went after Collaros and youth with potential (since proven).

Ottawa was desperate for a staring QB so opened the vault to sign Burris (reported to be over $400,000 per).

Quite the poor, poor, pitiful me revisionist history on Whining Hanks part.

If you have a boss, tell him tomorrow that you don’t respect him. Then ask him whether that constitutes bashing him or not.

SOP: Every team that Hank has left, he bashes and disses. Just ask Calgary and Saskatchewan. If there is a CFL award for MNP (Most Narcissistic Player) Burris would win hands down!

Just compare Burris to another HOF QB, Anthony Calvillo. AC was always classy all the way. Even when his wife, then himself, battled cancer. Burris couldnt hold a candle to that.

I would say it was true. You could see it between the 2 the last year Hank was here. Saying that, im not sure why Hank needs to bring it up, just move on already.

Austin has done a remarkable job as TiCat's coach. Losing their QB, he brought the team to the East Final by, introducing a running focus and, a game plan that almost brought the team to a Grey Cup game.

Let me get this straight. So under the existing cap rules and in an expansion draft year and the Ti-Cats have an opportunity to sign a young/terrific QB but cant afford to also keep an almost 40 year old QB (even if he is a pretty good QB), itz that 40 year old QBs right he is justified in wwhinning away about being released????. Are we serious??? I think that Hank has lost all perspective about why he was left off the protected list of Ti-Cats. It's about finances Hank, nothing personal so just suck it up and keep some of your dignity intact! I do think though and all aside that you are a pretty good QB!

Hank was doing a press conference after a practice yet you are saying his comments were made at an emotional time? I don’t think so.

Yes Hank seems to think that he is entitled to say whatever he feels regardless of whether it is accurate (it is according to Hank of course), shows good taste or makes him sound like a pompous jerk, simply because he is still playing football at age 40! Calvillo was still playing at a high level and setting multiple records at the same (or close to the same) age yet I don’t recall him ever talking or acting like he should get special consideration or respect because of his accomplishments. Good for Burris who works hard to stay in shape so he can continue to play, but continuing to bring up past slights, real or imagined, especially when not directly questioned about them by the media, just makes him sound like a whiner who is unable to move on from the past.

Getting respect also involves giving respect. It was clear that Austin was frustrated with Hank’s lack of accuracy at times (fumbles, interceptions) when pressured (lack of mental toughness) but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a lack of respect for Hank although HB probably thought it did. Hank may have felt that his past level of play was good enough and Austin’s attempts to coach him differently showed a lack of respect for his ability rather than a desire on Austin’s part to try to help him be successful. Hank obviously felt disrespected by the contract offer that he was given early in 2013 since as I recall, he ignored it probably thinking he would get a better offer at the end of the season but his level of play certainly didn’t warrant the kind of deal he wanted. Of course Hank’s comments at the end of the season were only that he had heard nothing and received no offer, conveniently ignoring the earlier one. Releasing him early before the official start of free agency (at Hank’s request) gave him an early lead to try to get the kind of deal he wanted which Ottawa quickly offered. Hank seems to feel that he if doesn’t get what he wants then it is automatically showing a lack of respect for him - at least that is how it comes across to me. But you’re right, he needs to move on. Hamilton gave him an opportunity but it wasn’t a good fit with Austin, so he needs to leave his perceived grievances in the past.

This really surprises me! I didn't know Hank was like this.In the past I have had indifferent thoughts about Austin's moves but he proved this year once and for all he is a very good Head Coach with the problems near the end of the year.We would likely be in the cup if it wasn't for the mistake the Steinauer (usually a great D coach) call on the 2nd & 25 to play off and only rush 3...that was one for the books???

This was what Burris actually said, the tweet only picked up part of what he said:

"The difference between Jason and Kent is Jason and I have a level of respect for each other and Jason is a guy who recently played the position. In Kent's system, he wanted his guys. I wasn't Kent's guy, I was (George) Cortez's guy."

There is no doubt in my mind that if we did have Zach through the remainder of the season. We would have had first place in the east and would have been hosting the EDF.

It seems to me that Hank is lacking in the humility department. I don’t wish any injury on him but I hope the Esks destroy the REDBLACKS and bring this guy down to earth. If it weren’t for all those injuries on our team, smiling Hank would probably be golfing right now. Go Eskies!!!

" No class
Brilliant Habcat - instead of copying the "Hennnnnreeeee" cheer from the Greenie fans this should be the cheer that rings out at THF next year when the RB team has the ball.
I was going to support the RB team on Sunday, but no more. Go Eskies!!!!

I think Hank has let his true feelings suddenly come out like someone who downed a bottle of Crown Royal might, losing control of his emotions. Taking the place of the alcohol, in Hank's scenario, was the way the 2 or 3 unforgettable seconds in Gascon-Nadon's game went and his bail out by Ellingson. Would he be saying these things if he had the goat horns on, again?

One of the Side effects of Perfomance Enhancing Drugs

Develop a heightened sense of arrogance and invincibility :wink:

Even if Ottawa fails to beat Edmonton, Burris feels vindicated by beating Austin’s team in the playoffs. Since Burris knows he’ll be finishing out his career in Ottawa (if not this year then in another year or two), he feels safe burning bridges. Hank figures there will be no career consequences for anything he says at this point, so he’s showing his true colors. It’s kind of like an employee cussing everybody out at his retirement party.

I think I have finally vented my anger with Burris. I really no longer care what he says, nor what he does. He has shown his real self publically for all to see and judge. If we keep listening and reacting, then we are just like him. Not a place I want to be. So, good-bye Henry, you no longer are worth my time.