Burris bashes Kent Austin


Drew Edwards?@scratchingpost
Former #TIcats QB Henry Burris: The difference between Jason [Maas] & Kent [Austin] is that Jason & I respect each other.? #CFL #GreyCup


If there was any doubt over the last few weeks that Whining Hank lacked class, he's certainly proven the point. Especially considering they were lucky to beat a 4th string QB on an injury battered team.

He's obviously reading too many of his own press clippings and should have followed the " Better to be thought a fool than open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

One more reason to cheer for the West and hope the Redblacks have their butts handed to them... hopefully put him and them in their place. But with their arrogance... Unlikely.

Wow, I was cheering for Ottawa to win up until this point. Austin got Burris and this team to the Grey Cup in 2013, and Hank crapped the bed. Austin coached a team with 24 players on the IR and a fourth string QB to within one missed interception of knocking Ottawa out.

This is sour grapes on Hank's part, blaming Austin for not renewing a half million dollar contract for a QB that is 40+ years old and upset that he got tackled on the thigh where it is perfectly legal to tackle a QB out of the pocket.

I sincerely hope the Esks put the hurt on Hank now and force an early retirement, especially with how he's been saying that he is personally bringing Football back to Ottawa.

No offense to the fans in Ottawa, I get that Hank doesn't speak for you.

I saw that movie. :lol: :lol: :lol:

In the Scratching Post he was quoted as saying he was looking to get Canadian Citizenship. Here’s hoping he fails.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 4h4 hours ago
Burris jokes that Government of Canada considers #CFL a part time job. “Hope that comment doesn’t mess up my [citizenship] application?

Lost all respect for this athlete absolutely no class at all , hope the Esks kick his sorry a$$ ! Sour grapes that's an understatement ! :thdn: Can't wait till Hanky cry baby comes to THF next season ! That game will be OUR REVENGE!

To all of the above posts: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Really? How classless to wish a career ending injury on a future Hall of Fame player! Henry may be a tad arrogant and complain loudly, but he’s not the first exceptional player in sport to have that character. Because you don’t personally like him is no reason to embarass the Tiger Cat nation by wishing catastrophic injury on an athlete.

Agreed! Now I can’t wait until the 2016 schedule is released. The rb game will be more exciting than the Labour Day Classic! Hopefully it’s not the last 2 games of the season again. (what a crazy idea that was)

Not too early in the schedule, I want Zach back and in game shape before playing Whining Hank. Everyone knows the RBs did not play against the best the Cats had to offer.

No Class


Hank has lost it when it comes to interviews , he seems to have the need to air his emotions and criticize those who employed and coached him to the world , everything from being traded from Calgary , not resigned by Hamilton , to not being granted citizenship by the Gov't of Canada .
He also had a knot in his face when he did not win the MVP when the G.C was in Montreal (not sure of the year ) Calvillo ended up winning the award but Hank and Calgary won the cup over Montreal.

He has also taken a shot at Rickey Ray and Calvillo , as much to say they could not have done what he did..... re..... in year 2 take a expansion franchise to the G.C. ...........Yikes !!
I so want Ottawa to win the G.C for Ottawa and its fans , but not for Hank .

Hey there Hank. When I want to hear an a**hole speak, I just f*rt.

Hank WILL win MVP of the league tomorrow night , I sincerely hope he leaves the Axe he has to grind in his hotel room prior to making his acceptance speech.

if it were the other way around. If Kent was Ottawa coach and he let Burris go the way he did, and Burris became the ticat QB and had the year he has had with the result of going to the GC, ya all would be singing a different tune, defending Burris and bashing Kent. You know you would.

Your missing the whole point , Hank is attacking everybody not just Kent …have you not been paying attention what he is saying in Winnipeg . This is not just about Hamilton this is about everything that has happened to Hank over his career , he is venting about everything !!!

Agreed. Let’s not wish injuries on any player.

to be honest, I have not heard anything from burris other than his chip against kent and the ticats.

I'd like to see him trip on the stairs, twist his knee and then try to think of a reason to blame Austin and Lawrence. The beauty of the night is that Westerman, the guy who actually injured him (if we can believe that he is injured, I'm having my doubts), or the guy who he blames for trying to injury him, Lawrence, are also nominated for awards. Irony or what. And why doesn't he whine about Westerman?

It's that old joke: Will Rogers said he never met a man he didn't like. Luckily, he never met Burris.

He was making a joke about possibly not getting citizenship because of something else he said.

Never heard him complain that he should have been the MVP, but it is not that unusual for a player in his position at the time to think that

He wasn’t taking shots at the other QBs as much as simply trying to give himself some credit. I didn’t like his comment, but it was made at an emotional time and was not intended as a shot at the others.

Hank may feel he has not been respected as much as he should have throughout his career. I agree with him on that. It is not uncommon for people in general to feel that way.

A lot of players with way bigger egos and mouths have been accepted by the majority as long as they play well. I think hank had done well over the years and that he has now opened up some about his feelings should not cause him to be made out a pariah.