Burris bashes Kent Austin


Drew Edwards?@scratchingpost
Former #TIcats QB Henry Burris: The difference between Jason [Maas] & Kent [Austin] is that Jason & I respect each other.? #CFL #GreyCup

That's hardly bashing Kent. I take it to mean that Kent didn't respect Burris while he was a Tiger-Cat.

Where was all this bravado from Burris last year when he and the redblacks were the sad sacks of the CFL?

Hank complains about how he was supposedly treated by the Ticats when they signed Collaros to replace him after he bombed in the Grey Cup game the season before.

I wonder how Glen felt when the RBs signed Burris after tell Geln he would be the number 1 QB?

It's busness Hank. Grow up your 40.

Don't see the bashing, he's praising Maas.

How dare he only lead you to the Grey Cup for the first time in...How many years? And not win it. You're right, he doesn't deserve the courtesy of a phone call prior to the public announcement of his replacement.

As if Kent Austin would ever show disrespect towards someone. He's not the player-bumping, ref-bashing type that would require his boss to apologize for rude behaviour towards members of the media or anything.

I wonder too, since that didn't happen.

I loved Kent’s reaction on the Jumbotron at Lansdowne when Ellingson caught that pass. It was priceless. :lol: :smiley:

By that logic, we shouldn't ever hear a word from Cats fans again, given Hamilton's record from, oh, I don't know, 2002 through 2009.

Burris is drinking your tears right now and he earned it .. by going through you on the way to the Grey Cup. Suck it up, sunshine, your "team of destiny" couldn't get it done. :lol:

And yes, yes, there will be one of you on here very shortly to tell me about how bad my Alouettes are. But unlike you, I know what my team is, already. I don't build a castle in the sky and then live there.

Cue the injury/officiating combo excuse in three...two...

Not sure if it's worthwhile, but here's the quote in full. Not quite as it was reported.

"The difference between Jason and Kent is Jason and I have a level of respect for each other and Jason is a guy who recently played the position. In Kent's system, he wanted his guys. I wasn't Kent's guy, I was (George) Cortez's guy."

The problem with Twitter and the race to get anything out, lets just omit 60% of the quote.


[b]Henry Burris[/b] 19s20 seconds ago @CFL @Simoni_Lawrence He's one of my all time favourites to compete against! Exactly how we used to compete in practice! #Love and respect

I don't ever recall calling the Ticats a "Team of Destiny". I too know where my team is, infact I didn't expect them to get past Toronto in the east semi or Ottawa for that matter. Once Collaros was done, I knew the Cats would have trouble gettinf back to theGrey Cup game this year. Before his injury I felt there was a good chance for it to happen, but I never expected it to be destiny.

I have no idea what you mean with your "By that logic, we shouldn't ever hear a word from Cats fans again, given Hamilton's record from, oh, I don't know, 2002 through 2009." comment. All I am stating is that Burris is much more vocal with his views of the Ticats and Austin now that his team is doing well compaired to last year when they didn't do so well.

Excellent, excellent. ( I'm rubbing my hands together) keep it up Burris.

Yup, you asked for it. 'Your' Als do suck!

The Cats will be back, better and stronger (and healthier) in 2016 :rockin:

Yeah, I would really like to see how well Ottawa would do without Burris... :roll:

Saw that. My thoughts too. Enjoyed the hell out of it.



[i]Don't worry Whiny Ticat fans, the wambulance is on its way.

WA WA WA cry the Ticat fans... [/i]