Burris Available?

From what I've heard for the right price,Calgary would be willing to part with Burris.It could be just emotions coming out but I honestly believe that Calgary would be crazy to even consider trading Burris away!He's a good Qb who certainly has the abilities to lead the Stamps to the promised land!With Austin or even Dunigan as the O.C. I believe Henry will be just fine!Don't give up on him so fast Calgary!! I'am sure Winnipeg,Toronto and Montreal would love to have him!!!Hold your heads high Calgary,you have an outstanding future ahead of you!

Why would anyone trade players in order to burden themselves with that salary? Just wait a year and you can get him as a free agent at a fraction of his current salary.

Burris keeps repeating the same errors year after year, no matter who his coach is. He makes bad decisions at the worse possible time and has shown zero skills keeping a locker room straight.

i dont see why toronto or montreal would want him.

Who told you he's available???

because its b.s.

I dont see why Winnipeg would want him...

I'll clarify this. On slam sports Higgins was saying that Burris is the starter for now unless something else comes up.During the pre game show this weekend they were saying that 63% of Calgary fans don't believe Burris is the answer to advance further in the playoffs. I'am not just making this up for the heck of it,I don't do that. I put this topic out here because I assumed I wasn't the only one who read and heard this. Allen is close to retiring and Calvillo
needs a good backup as does Winnipeg. It is probably just emotions flying high after the quick exit from the playoffs.

How about Burris and either Grace or Coe to Hamilton for Maas and a few others? Something might get done there to help both teams.