Burris and Glenn - Not too shabby!

The REDBLACKS (apparently Ottawa wants us to scream their name) have themselves a pretty impressive QB tandem for their inagural season. Add Nick Setta to the fold and I'm actually pretty excited to watch them play next year. Obviously when the 'Cats play the 'BLACKS (?!?) I'll be Oskee Wee Wee'ing, but I'm still excited for our newest CFL franchise.

Havn't played one game yet and OTT already has two better QBS than WPG has had since....

rusty: The Redblacks need have some younger QB talent waiting in the wings. Burris is 39 and Glenn is 35.

Both these guys can still play at a high level despite their ages. Correct me if I'm wrong but one went to the Grey Cup last year. The Ottawa black n blues have two very good QBs to start 2014. I'd say better than Montreal and the 'Peg. Of course, will they have a decent line to protect them and guys that can catch the ball?

An Argo-Cat fan

And the other went to the Grey Cup the year before.

I would hope that Kevin Glenn would be traded.
FYI- he cannot be traded back to Calgary this year because of the expansion draft rules

Barney: For the short term...OK. But after a couple of seasons a 41 year old QB will have reached his shelf life. It will be time for someone younger ...and I don't think Kevin Glenn will be the answer. I would think he will be traded this season. Ottawa will need to groom a younger prospect with potential in the meantime.

In Early 2012 Henry wanted out of Calgary because Drew Tate was going to be the starter, so Calgary and Hamilton made a deal to bring Hank to Hamilton and send Kevin Glenn to Calgary. Now Hamilton doesn't renew the contract with Burris and signs 25 year old Zack Collaro's from the Argo's, Henry get's set free, everyone says he will sign with Winnipeg, instead signs with Ottawa RedBlacks for more money and is announced the starter in Ottawa, but in December 2013 Ottawa already took Kevin Glenn and Thomas DeMarco in the Expansion Draft and Glenn though he was the new starter for the RedBlacks?

Now apparently Kevin Glen and his agent are very unhappy about the recent signing of Burris as starter and I'm sure want out, I'm sure Glenn would not want to sit on the bench in Ottawa, he at least wants some playing time on a QB rotation or starters job? I'm not sure Glenn would be satisfied going back to Winnipeg where he wanted out in the first place when he first came to Hamilton in 2010.

I don't see that relationship working out in Ottawa!!!