Burris and Ellingson

Why do I have the feeling that the loss of Ellingson's height, athleticism, and willingness to sacrifice himself in getting to the ball is a big part of Hank's seeming poor play the last two games (I mean, in addition to the lousy O line play that can be partially hidden by a great connection between receiver and gunslinger).

Missing Giguere is also an issue. I love Stala, but he simply does not have the speed necessary to be a WR. Not having a FB/TE is leading to breakdowns in O-line protection, Figeuroa sealing off the left side (turn-Dile is not good enough), and now the potential loss of Simmons is worrying.

Added to that, Calgary played a very good defensive game. The play on the first drive in the INC to Grant was a great defensive play.

We simply don't have enough healthy horses to pull the beer wagon...