Burris after the game with the Als

BURRIS: That was a pivotal game

September 13, 2008

Tonight was a pivotal game for us. We had a chance to continue to work toward being consistent and get back-to-back wins over two very good teams (Edmonton and Montreal). Those two teams will be involved in the playoff push toward the Grey Cup.

It was vital for us to get back on track here at home. We had a great week of preparation and practice. Throughout the week you noticed that every guy had their mind set that they would play this game with intensity and get this win. We wanted to get this win, not only for ourselves, but for our fans.

We felt we let the fans down the previous two home games against Saskatchewan and Edmonton on Labour Day. It really takes away from the pride of the team and the Stampeders faithful when you lose on Labour Day. But it was good to be able to come back and get the win in Edmonton (Sept. 5) plus get this win tonight. It meant a lot of big things for everybody.

Guys made a lot of plays tonight. From Teyo (Johnson) and the offensive line — despite the penalties — they fought their tails off. They gave me time against the second best defensive line, in terms of sacks this year. So, kudos to the offensive line.

The receivers made play after play. Teyo has a history of making those catches. He was a basketball player and Montreal had a short secondary. I couldn’t actually see Teyo, I could only see his helmet. So my thing was to throw it right at Teyo, throw it with air under it and let him go get it or tip it because Copeland was lined up behind him. I got hit when I threw it so I waited for the ovation or the “awhh? (disappointment) of the crowd. When I heard everybody go crazy, I knew we made a great play.

I wasn’t aware of my career marks that I broke tonight. People have told me but it goes in one ear and out the other. It is part of the journey to go along and accomplish such great feats and mentioned with the greats that put on this Stampeder uniform. But for me it is all about getting to Montreal and be able to get up there on the stage with the Pilons and Lazeos to have a trophy be presented to this entire team. My career won’t be final without that championship. It shows you worked your tail off to accomplish all of that.

To all the people who braved the weather: we thank you for that. Your participation in being the thirteen man out there made Calvillo and those guys have a hard time communicating. It gave us a lift when things were down hearing the fans get behind us. It definitely lifted the team.

We would like to thank the fans for their continued support. Counting this game we have five of our last eight games at home and we are looking for the fans to continue to come out and show their support. We look forward to seeing our fans here next Saturday when we face the Argos.

Take care,
Henry Burris

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Kudos to your Stamps for asserting themselves and playing a whale of a game against my Als. The better team clearly won.

The Als played a great game as well except it seemed that the cold temperatures were effecting them more then the it was with the Stamps. That rain was ice cold and then the north west winds coming of the mountains was just brutal. Half the fans had left after the half. You guys missed Colbourne big time.