Burnt by the refs

Firstly let me just say, took me 30 minutes to finally be able to post, had to get my son to finally figure it out :oops:

Bombers had this game stolen from them, refs must have been on the take? So many bad calls against us I do not know where to start. One bad call just prior to Als last td, our guy barely touched the Al, and they throw the flag?? Anybody else see this?

Refs were terrible, yes - but you can't disregard the bad play calling and poor execution in the last few minutes. This team has not found a way to win games yet.

Wow, surprising. A Bomber blaming a loss on the refs. EVERY post game post on this site has the refs causing the Bombers a win. Does it ever get old with you guys. No wonder you never win a game, you're to busy blaming your Mickey mouse coaching calls on the refs instead of realizing the real problem, and fixing that. Don't worry, 2020 isn't that far away and you will see playoffs then, albeit a 5-13 crossover, but hey, beggers can't be choosey.

You don't know much about football and that is okay . It was a catch and a fumble that would have won WPG the game ! I guess you didn't see that as you were trying to count all your Grey Cups ! Keep trolling , it's amusing coming from a fan of the all time worst franchise in the history of the league ! Typical Rider fan, loves to dish it out , but will cry and whine when they get it back !

That was a bad call IMO and I believe it was a fumble.

However, we here in Als-land know all too well about questinable calls, especially PI and contacting the receiver. We are the most penalized team in the league in this regard!! I don't know if I'll ever be able to figure out the zebras this season. In the post-season, I think that they should clarify some things.

I will say, however, that the call was reviewed by HQ and I have to surmise that they never thought Jamel had full control of the ball, although it appeared to me that he had.

If he had been hit and went down with ball in his hands, would they still have called an incomplete pass? I don't think so!

well.. of course not.. the ball would've been in his hands, thus he obviously would've had control.. lol

but if that same play had happened in the endzone, i'm positive it would've been called a touchdown. he had the ball for long enough. definitely a fumble.

The play would never happen in the end zone, as there is no way the receiver could get hit by an oncoming DB with a full head of steam -- not enough space in the end zone.

Watching the game over…there’s a reason TSN goes to that “lost in the back of the stadium” look on a lot of replays.
The Alouettes got totally burnt on that two many men penalty…I’ve counted 12 about 6 times…the way the camera pans on the shot you get to count every player on the field.

What about the phanton interference calls against us and the obvious missed offside on MTL'S "winning" TD pass? Refs have been costing ALL teams games all seaso and that needs to be addressed!!

Fire them all already!!

It's hard to count the number of players in those shots because of the distortion in the image. If there are two guys standing close together it can look like there's only one and it's difficult to tell the officials from the players too. On a play like that, I'll take the count of the official on the field over a blurry image.

That's part of my point dude, we all know he caught it and took 2 strides. Pure sarcasm on my part. They called incomplete to cover their mistake. But don't worry Bomber fans, Higgins apologized !!! Everything's all right now.

I a still fuming from last nights officiating, but all said and done i do understand that the replay officials in T.O only had two options on the "fumble":

  1. A completed pass
  2. an incomplete pass

Fact is if it was ruled as a completed pass, the whistle blew the play dead meaning the fumble would not have stood anyway's and MTL would have had the ball regardless so the incomplete pass helped us (sort of).

That being said i think the league has to change this rule and allow a fumble/no fumble to be reviewed by the coaches (if they have a challenge) or by the replay booth inside the 3 min warning, this has determined the game on MANY occasions in the past as well as last night, the officials job is to get the call right and if it appears the mistake was made it should be reviewed. We WOULD have won the challenge and had the ball and the outlook at the end could've been different.

MTL could have challenged it as an incomplete pass if ruled complete/fumble, so why can't a team review it the other way around, this needs to be addresed immediately

there's still 15 yards worth of space if he catches it a few yards deep. my point was, though, that if a guy had the ball for that long and a hit knocked it out (whether it was a hit as hard as Logan's was or not) while he was in the endzone, it'd be called a touchdown

and dan, sorry about that, didn't realize it was sarcasm haha

No problem,bowlerdude. If my index finger wasn't so sore from 2 finger typing I would've used the endzone example like you did. What really bothers me about this fiasco is the player who picked up THE FUMBLE was long gone for six. It would have put the game out of reach. As Papa said , this one and the Glenn fumble directly cost us 2 games. As I've said for many years, there are 2 teams to beat, the opposition and the refs. When we're good enough to run up a convincing lead, the refs will be ineffective to the outcome.