Burning Question?

I realize that I am officially older than dirt, but am I the only person on this site who wonders, Who the heck is Hedley?

Have to admit, I was asking myself the same question...about The Sheepdogs. At least I've heard of Hedley outside of this forum.

Can't help you here !

I have a teenage son who used to like Hedley, so I've heard of them and have heard their music. He used to like them but says they have sold out to get more airplay.

The music is for 14 year olds with mohawks ( :rockin: ) and 20 year olds with skinny jeans and too many tattoos :smiley:


About 36 sec. into that video,was enough for me.....surely to GOD the CFL can come up with something better than this.
The music sounds like it should be poured over pancakes,pure maple sugar and bubblegum....YEEEEECH!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn: Bring back the HIP again,or sign-up RUSH :thup: :thup: Enough already of this generic,no thought,brainless,much music style crapola!!!!!The SHEEPDOGS should be the headliners......after all.....they are from Saskatchewan aren't they!!

The Cfl should get the forum to pick an act. Then we can sit back and watch the forum talk about how much they hate it. :rockin:

Hedley is poppy popular and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately a band I really like much more than Hedley, Guster, was opening for Hedley at the Phoenix in Toronto (bad bad mix) and I had to pass as I just didn't see these two bands together, I would have left right after Guster performed. That being said, Hedley is probably much more suited to a Grey Cup than Guster in a big stadium sort of thing and more poppy, again though, I might be in the mood to see Hedley as a headliner, just don't want to see Guster at the same time opening for them.

To me Hedley and Nickelback are in the same box, both are great and when I'm in that mood I want to see both as headliners with appropriate opening acts. Guster and Hedley are like oil and water. Just don't mix well. Different crowds for the most part.

I knew a girl that liked Hedley in 2010

Ok Esksfan, I thought I was older than dirt. I have no idea who, Hedley, Guster or the Sheepdogs are and I have no idea what poppy is unless they are some kind of military band. Which I would have no problem with. Wait a second, maybe poppy means that the Poppy Family is getting back together. Wonder how Susan Jacks looks today.

Hedley has been around for close to 10years. I enjoy their music. Good Canadian Band. Are they for everyone, no, but who is. Sheepdogs won an international competition with Rolling Stone magazine and was on their cover. I think of them as a bit of a throwback band from the 70's.
Both are good.

I like that the Grey Cup groups are trying to get variety and trying to get bands that are under the age of 50.
Bands from the 60's and 70's are great, but how many times do we have to listen to over and over again, as much as I like them.
I am for any group willing to go out there and perform in front of a mostly hostile crowd, with sub par sound systems, using the stadium PA speakers for the most part. No more acts like Shania Twain who lip synced and couldn't get away from the stadium fast enough.

There is a joke in there but it is a family site.

Looked at Hedleys picture, not a tattoo fan, going out to get a Pil during their show. They do serve Pil at Mosaic don't they. Need that Alberta beer.

Fair enough criticism 3down. I hate using the word "poppy" as I really like going to see "poppy" bands and have some fun and dance and feel all good while listening to really good music and decent lyrics. Hollerado is in that category as well, love them. The Who are poppy, Rush is popperyThe Stones are poppy but these bands also have excellent lyrics and some of Nicklebacks stuff has excellent lyrics. Folk singers like Townes Van Zandt aren't (RIP) but I love his music for different reasons.

Now is Arcade Fire "poppy"? What about Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, Deep Dark Woods, The Killers, Fred Eaglesmith, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot... list goes on and on. Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, U2, Mumford and Sons, Wintersleep...

This is where anyone like me who uses the word "poppy" should get shot down and good. I will admit I'm not a musician and I'm just trying to say something in words that is difficult to say. They call it art I suppose for a reason. Music is weird stuff and how to categorize it. And maybe that's the problem, idiots like me try and categorize something they really don't know anything about except what they like to listen to.

I'm psycho when it comes to music, this weekend at Hamilton's Supercrawl, I want to see Tom Wilson with Lee Harvey Osmond and Wintersleep and Eight and a Half and Diamond Rings, to name a few. But not the main headliners Passion Pit. Makes no sense really.

dan hedley of the eagles maybe??

You may be older than dirt but I have been to CFL games Mewata Stadium and Clarke Stadium. Don't actually remember watching the Stamps play but my folks took me to a game when I was about 1, moved to Edmonton in 1955 and the family had seasons tickets at Clarke.

Is it too late to start a movement to have the Stampeders play at the Grey Cup. Now that’s a great Canadian band! :cowboy:

Wasn't he the governor in Blazing Saddles? Or was that Heady?

I forget.

Saskatoon... I agree THEY should be the headliner!!

Couldn't agree more 3down. Went to see them at a summer festival a few years back in Hamilton. Awesome! 'Carry Me', great song.

Great suggestion! :rockin:

dont think you need to start any movement. odds are the stampeders will be there anyhow.