Burnham on Lions' year: 'It was the happiest season of my life'

He spent a week in hospital recovering from fractured ribs and a collapsed lung then missed five games with a broken wrist, but that couldn’t erase the pure pleasure Bryan Burnham felt playing for the BC Lions this season.

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Porky will be some pissed if the Lions don't bend over backwards to get him back. Get on it.

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Burnham is a must. As for Rourke, I thought he could get a better deal in the NFL by playing one more season in the CFL, proving he is not injury prone and to erase the less-than-stellar playoff performance. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking...

Don't get your quills in a knot PorkyPine.

We were upset too when Kyle Walters failed to sign Darvin Adams and Kenny Lawler during free agency. Fast forward to today and we're still pinching ourselves over the success of our receiving corps this season. Greg Ellingson and Dalton Schoen turned out to be just as good if not better. If human sky-crane Carlton Agudosi was healthy we'd be fielding our most unstoppable set of receivers ever.


GRELLEY will be (PISSED) to the 10th power if BB16 not back. He took less money than Flash in the Pan #7.....need to have those miraculous hands and attitude!

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JYMN, could NOT agree more.
NFL being what it is should not and would not offer $ and a #2 spot based on 8 games and the WF egg laying (no offense Rourke12, bu tit happens). Remember, football, ESPECIALLY south of the 49th is a "What have you done for me lately (if ever)....and hopefully that doesn't change.

However, that being said, it would not surprise me IN THE LEAST if Rourke is gone - the age old BC / Vancouver and CFL curse, a game draw, league building gone here today and gone tomorrow juuuuust as something gets going.....

Praying Rourke is in 'loops in May 2023 :pray: :pray: :pray: as I don't have ANY confidence in Can'tPlay VA

8 years in the league, all of it with BC... He’s not leaving anytime soon.

"Burnham said he’s going to discuss his future with his wife."
It's that part that worries me a little with 3 kids suddenly in his life. I'm hoping she tells him he was born to play football. Really hoping.

Meh, the man says all the right things… ‘Well I’ll have to talk it over with the Mrs. first’.
Bottom line: He makes a very decent living for his family, obviously loves what he’s doing, and has plenty left in the tank. I somehow can’t see his wife messing with that.
Not to worry Porky, he’ll be back. :wink: