Burned again!!!!

The same thing has happened in every game this year, DB #20 Dwight Anderson was burned again for a TD.

I realize that it takes time to develope a good DB, but 14 games?? CUMMON


Man I hate guys who have dreadlocks and love to have fun and dance on the field.

thing that bugs me most about him is that he is too cocky and his skills don't back it up.

I don't mind a bit of ego if you are a good player but Anderson is subpar at best..watching him celebrate a tackle that was a first down anyhow..is to me..pathetic..now if he blocked a pass or intercepted..by all means but he seems to get all dancey and hopped up when he completes the most mundane of plays..just aggravating I guess.

:thup: :thup: Perfectly said.

The last 2 games I made similar comments, they were edited.


Yet ANOTHER mystery to ME ... how this man is STILL in UNIFORM, let alone STARTING - is mind BOGGLING ...

When this SHIP is RIGHTED and the team is making their Grey Cup run - Anderson WILL NOT be part of it.

The SOONER Marcel finds his REPLACEMENT - the better.


I've only seen him make one great play all year ~ that interception in the endzone against Calgary (one of our 2 wins)


umm guys Tony Tiller was supposed to drop deep and guard the corner on that play. Not Anderson's fault.

Funny how you go from hero to goat in this city.

I agree that "in4td" may be right, but unless someone identifies the specific cover scheme on that play, we the fans will never know.

We can only assess the DB's on plays where the defence is playing man to man coverage. There are many different permutations of zone coverage that would be impossible to discern unless you were at the game, and most casual fans would not be able to identify the difference under any circumstances.

So, in summary, "in4td" may or may not be correct, and I invite the rest of you guys to continue to demonstrate your ignorance of the game . . . !!

I must be wathcing the game differently because i think Anderson has been one of our better db's. As mentioned earlier, unless you knwo the play you can't blame him. I would give him credit considering he's one of the only ones that has remained in the same position after all the juggling.

I would also like to give Anderson the rest of the season and training camp next year . It would also be a shame to see the man go to another team and play well because he had the whole season with us to learn the CFL game .

Also , did any of our D linemen even breath heavy on Calvillo ?? I didnt see any pressure on him at all ALL game . You have to have pressure to get hurried throws or interceptions !!!

Its always the db closest or chasing that looks to be burned but i agree that there could have been deep help that he expected and didnt get. Its hard to know but I know one thing, he isnt the man in the d the other teams choose to pick on most days, so that must tell ya something.....

man i dun no if you could tell but im one of his biggest fans. I dun no why people alaways pick him to b!tch about

I am wondering with as bad as we've needed help in the secondary all year that we have not given a proven player like jykine bradley a chance even though he's been healthy since game 6 he has not even dressed for a game all season makes you wonder whata going on with the coaches

Every DB gets burned.

It just happens more often on a young team, with co-ordinators that lack CFL experience and the ability to call a defence before a play starts.

It didn't appear to be Anderson who was burned. He thought there was deep coverage.
Was it his mistake or the DB's? I don't know.
But---physically, he was not burned.

David Lofton I think played a good game, even if he did get burned a couple of times, he was in on a lot of plays and covered well on Cahooon. What do you think.

Lofton looked good. I’d like him to play DB…he has size and speed.

Rohan Marley's still playing??

man ive been wanting to know whats going on with him all year. he cant still be hurt from training camp.

Hey, the Leafs just got beat 7-1 our kind of team.