Burn the Witches Volume IX: Are you the half full or half empty type?

Tired out here but nobody else seems to have had the strength to start this either.

What single play do YOU want to blame for the outcome?

The coin toss

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I blame the Washington defence for blowing htis game.
Honourable mention to the kick coverage teams.

It’s more than fitting that Dane was the QB that ended up beating us.
I came in in the middle of the second quarter, so missed BLM’s brain-fart. I DID see the great pass to Timmeh.

I saw that Cross got injured in the end-zone. Why was he playing DB, were there injuries I didn’t know about? I’m no doctor, but it looked like a very serious knee injury - it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s an ACL.

Our kicker and punter are both sub-standard. Liegghio has zero leg strength, and he always seems to be 10- to 15-yards shorter on kickoffs than every other kicker in the League. Vedvik is simply a BAD punter. Of course, we had an excellent kicker and a very good punter on the roster, but for whatever reasons they decided to not play for the team any more.

This was a very winnable game. Unfortunately, this team may have pi$$ed-away their chance at a home playoff game. Of course, MTL still has to win tomorrow, but with them playing EDM they can sew up second place in the East. The final game will most likely be a pre-season game.

So, it appears that they are easing BLM in TOO carefully. Under 1 quarter in his first game, under a half in his second; I wonder if the plan was for him to play under 3 quarters in MTL, with the hope he can play under 4 quarters in the EDSF?

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I would have liked to see us go for 3rd and 4 at their 40. And not because we lost.

Because I can list 4 games now in 22/23 where we’ve kicked FGs to give the opposition way too much time and a FG feels like a foregone conclusion.

Stein says “this team plays to win” but there’s countless examples to the contrary.


No, Montreal now has the home playoff game. Even if they lose their remaining games and Hamilton wins one to tie, MTL has the season series.


Just shows that there’s more work needed

Montreal is guaranteed 2nd place, they won the regular season Head to Head matches versus Hamilton.


Defensive backfield was soft all night, most likely trying hard not to give up the big play. Death by a thousand cuts instead.
On our pick with 3 minutes left, how was Thurman being pushed from behind into our guy not a penalty??
I knew that BLM pick 6 was going to cost us.
Now that BLM is healthy, if he is only going to play half a game, why play him at all?
If Shiltz plays all 4 quarters, I predict we win.
This biweek comes at the perfect time.
As I said in another thread, losing is a blessing, as we essentially now have 3 weeks to get healthy.


The good news with the standings set is, now they can get the “visions of sugar plums” out of their heads. Lots of work to be done in all areas.

Not typing this for any other reason than healthy debate… but it’s incredible how people watch the game and see different things.

I see the offense with Bo with more flow, he’s quicker with his decisions and has more zip on the ball. There’s no excusing the INT at all.

With Shiltz I see a choppy offense with alot of read option, him running around and eventually someone getting open, but also runs into sacks.

You say if Shiltz plays all night, we win. I say if Bo is left in to finish a drive when he’s on the money and not pulled on the 15 yard line, we score a TD and not a FG. I think we win if Bo stays in, he was rolling.

Both are completely hypothetical situations so nobody is right or wrong, but it’s a great example of how people see what they want to see I guess. (Both ways).


I was surprised Hamilton touched the BC receiver so quickly on the second last play. He had basically given himself up and not like he could have gotten up and scored. Only needed to stall for a second.

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Coaching. Stein was asked on CHML if he had more time would they have coached better. He basically said “I don’t want to get into it because then I’d be singling out a player”.

So he doesn’t believe it’s coaching.

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I think this is a great post and a really interesting encapsulation of how we as fans sometimes focus too much on results. Yes, we all want our team to move the ball, but sometimes a good drive or half isn’t sustainable in the long run and it pays to be patient with the other guy.

There is a reason BLM has won multiple Grey Cups as a starter and Shiltz has literally never been a starter in this league except through injury.

If the BC payer stayed down and didn’t try to advance the ball, the play would have been blown dead.

This was explained, with the appropriate rule book quote, in the PBP thread. The booth official would have set the clock back to 0:01 anyhow.

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True. But player instinct may kick in and any attempt by the BC player to advance would have done it

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Just like it was instinct for Simoni to down the player?

It should never have gotten to that point in the first place.


Agreed. Absolutely.

Simonis instinct kicked in. I don’t really blame him for the play tbh. I blame the defensive play call.


Expected Shiltz to only come in for a series or two. Strange time to bring him in after I thought Bo had gotten on track. But really both qbs played well and moved the ball for the most part. Just figured they’d want to get Bo more playing time and get in sync with the receivers.
Now you’re looking at a meaningless game so Mitchell likely only plays 1/4 -1/2. Really hope they give Butler that game off as well as McAllister.


I like Shiltz. I see people on here say he’s a career backup, and I wonder why.
I think that he’s been our best quarterback this year and last. I think he can be a starter.

I also like Powell, and I think Bo is coming back into form. But, I sure like Shiltz.


Sorry wasn’t following the play by play thread. The touch was almost instantaneous so no real judgment call needed by the ref. Agree it’s instinct to want to down the player. Just saw the highlight though and Simoni grabbed his head in disbelief immediately after.

I like Shiltz too. He’s athletic and can extend plays with his feet. But I also think his ability to read the field is fairly limited. He’s 30 and it doesn’t seem like his pre-snap reading has progressed the way you would expect for a guy in his sixth year in the league.