Burn the Witches Volume Eight

Starting the thread early considering the past and current events.

First time this year we have the majority of sports writer picking us on CFL.ca:

Is this a good thing? :-\

Probably not. Unless Collaros has a banner game the result will be the same. He needs to
make up for the lack of mobility of the running game for us to have a chance.


Hope we get a BIG W TONIGHT and they go into the 2nd bye on a high note. More changes have to be made on the bye week possibly cutting and bringing in some new players . This crappy scouting dept is a joke . Coaching wise i think we are set and done till 2018.Like to see Butler back by Labour Day. Injuries like Teddy Bear and a big Ratio issue this week fuels the fire about our players we have in the mix this season.

Tonight's game may very well be our last chance for a win that will help us for the rest of the season. If we lose, upcoming games with a win potential against Toronto and Ottawa likely won't matter. Barring some miracle, the playoffs will be out of reach.

We should also have a better idea about the influence of June Jones on our offence tonight.
That should be worth a new topic after the game!

Good fix.

Drop the fix and go with the above. And add improved play calling.

Collaros won't be able to break into a high school league...has to be the worst QB of the decade...more of a joke everyday!

A List of Positive Take Aways from Last Nights Game

1). Great Tailgate. :wink: