Burn the Witches Vol. 6: Oh Hell No!

What? No post game thread?

I missed most of the middle part of the game but I saw the ugly beginning and ending.

What the hell happened? It seemed like the worst game I've seen Collaros play. He was missing open guys, throwing picks, he never does that. What's worse is that he seemed to be getting no protection. The OL guys seemed to be missing assignments, and letting Argos get free shots.

Lefevour played pretty much to the level I expected of him, so there's no excuse for losing this one...

People complained about the team playing one half of ball, so they tried something new: playing just one quarter.

The highlight for me, unfortunately, was Penny Oleksiak doing the coin toss.

Gable ran roughshod in the second half last week, this week he had 6 touches.
Zack cannot carry the whole team with his arm nor can the OLine withstand the constant pass rush.
Austin's ignoring of the running game smacks of arrogance.
We need a Grey Cup, not some lofty QB jock statistic.

Whole team came out flat but in general, recovered. O-line and D secondary played poorly all game.

Also, I'm not sure why Zack tried to push the ball deep so often early on. Too many short drives and too many big hits on Zack.

It looks like all the teams visiting Toronto will have to play small ball to try and bump TO's fans base up to four. If your going to lay down at least make it look good :wink: :wink: :wink:

I know I may sound a bit repetitive, but this team will not win it all as long as Austin is coaching. The guy is vastly over rated. I can't think of a single game where the team looked like it game out prepared and ready to play. I am not sure the last 60 mins game they played. The offense is going to get Zach back on the IR sooner than later. The line regardless of who is on it will never look good as long as we have no run game. Every D knows what we are going to do so they just continue to rush the QB every play. I am not even sure why at this point we dress and pay a RB. They are never utilized.

We dress and pay Gable because he's the only thing between Collaros and the Emergency Room. Our O-Line (with the exception of Bomben) is a disaster. Filer got blown up, so did Lewis. Before he got hurt Dyakowski spent the night chasing D-Line men from behind.

When Gable misses a block, which is rare, Zach usually goes down or throws an in-completion.

The wonder is why Toronto didn't bring more pressure on Labour Day?

I think that we just saw the real Tiger Cats team on Sunday. They've had time to "gel" and there's 6 weeks left to go. What we see is what we get.

This is an overall less talented team than last year. The defence has taken a step back. The O-line is poorer, the special teams unit not crisp at all.

At times they can put it together but have any of the key players have a weaker game and we are more than ordinary.
Both Collaros and Maher were rushed yesterday due to to the incredible blitz packages coming at them but Zach wasn't Superman yesterday to overcome it. Our airlift hasn't found any gems to give us a boost.

Let's face it. An A level eam last year with Collaros is a B or B- team with him this year. Yes, we could get to the Grey Cup but it's no cakewalk. With him this year our team is about the same level as without him last year.

(I thought that the blocked kick in the 3rd was the real turning point. Argos regained all the confidence that had started to leak in the 2nd.)

So, I have waited until the next day, for my rant.

Our secondary is horrendous!

Cassius Vaughn is a complete bust so far, Sermons simply cannot tackle,
Our secondary is weak because of these 2 guys, it is so blatantly obvious
Just maybe, Do you think it is time to play Daly at safety and play Stephens at Corner again???
They would have to manipulate the ratio in the case of an injury. So what! Deal with it if it happens!
It drives me nuts to think that Daly is standing on the sidelines while these 2 are on the field constantly blowing coverages and missing tackles. :?

Next week, Will we get to watch Cato and Duron Carter light up our secondary?

I love it when Austin bends over puts his hands on his knees and looks at the ground and shakes his head , as if to say ," this can't be my fault , how can this be ?" DUH Anyways , by doing this it is a defeatest attitude and sends totally the wrong message to his players and fans.

This team has taken a very large step back from before the injury to Zach last season. Way too much turnover of players every year. This team is average at best. They have no killer instinct as they had the chance to step on the Arhole throats and failed.

Secondary is pathetic probably the worst I've seen. Oline is less than average Collaros was getting killed in there. Receivers are too slow no real speed. Sinkfield needed asap.

I had a lot of high hopes for this season now I expect a lot less.

Ciguere, Ellingson, Williams, McDuffie, Grant, McDaniel, Getzlaf - how are these things all the same? Oh yeah, receivers Hamilton released or failed to get under contract. Not a bad receiving corp for speed? Not great hands for Ciguere or Getzlaf, I admit, but often the story with Nationals.

:thup: Have to agree 100% with this (better said than I could manage). If Zach is anything less than God-like we are very ordinary.

I don't feel like ranting still, just mad about the game so I will list a series of quotes I agree with to get my frustration out.

Agreed on everything, blows my mind they haven't found a way to get Daly on the field to even try and fix the secondary. Screw the ratio arguments, the secondary is a joke, fix it.

Agreed 100%.

100000% Agreed, Austin has been completely arrogant when it comes to the running game, he freaking dressed one RB before, I don't get it at all. It hurts my head thinking about how you give Gable the ball ONCE in the first half...no excuse that is plain stupid, although Austin would laugh in your face and say otherwise if confronted.

Austin's new rose coloured glasses he wore yesterday were impressive though . Fitting I thought !

Secondary is just really sad, Lefevour throws such an awkward forever to get there ball and he still beat'em up. Vaughn and Sermons are the first 2 released if Im coach Austin.. Why Daley is never given a chance blows my mind, I used to think Steinauer was incredible at utilizing and finding players talents now I'm thinking he's lost it, doesnt care or it was never really him and mostly just the manager/scouts

Fantuz can easily give up on that 1000 yard season now, him and Collaros haven't seemed in sync ever in the 3 years they've been together. Also WE NEED SPEED!!! I know we all love the guys we got now but they're freaking turtles out there I couldn't really give an "F" how good there hands are anymore. Not fun watching 4 possession receivers.

And breathe.

So start both Stephen and Daly in the secondary. Which equally talented nationals are backing them up ? Edem (playing well in BC) and King (not as good an option) are both gone. Easy to say just deal with the ratio but if even one - and even worse both - were to be injured in a game putting in less talented players is NOT going to = success. Ignoring the ratio or not being prepared with the players to deal with it is VERY costly financially - Just ask the Riders.

As for the game yesterday, Zach certainly was off his game, and he and the receivers often seemed to be out of sync, but it was made MUCH worse by the poor play of the OL, Filer definitely had some rust after missing 6 games and Pete having to sit out the second half just compounded the problem. Gable was fed the ball on Labour Day because Stubler rushed 3 most of the time and practically invited the team to run the ball. It's a bit harder to pick up rushing yards when the opposition is sending the house on most of the plays.

This was a golden opportunity to take over first place and the team totally missed it just making the road ahead harder for themselves. Argos were pretty much playing for their playoff lives but Hamilton did not seem to have the same sense of urgency. They really need to stop beating themselves (inopportune penalties, sloppy tackling, etc) and they'd probably have more success. I really wish Austin had held on to that second challenge flag but he trusted his QB's judgement and it worked before (in Calgary). However on that last toss into the end zone that resulted in a pick, Gable, I believe, the only Ticat in the area who might have been able to catch the ball had he been able to get to the spot, was upended on the other side of the goal post and of course NO FLAG was thrown on the play. That's probably a challenge that Austin would have won if he'd still had one left. :frowning:

Hoping that they find enough solutions to knock off the larks on Friday night, but another short week isn't going to help.

They could always start an extra national player on defence, leaving the national count on offence as is. That way, they wouldn't need a national backup for either player. Either one gets injured, the other one stays at / moves to safety, and an international comes in to replace Stephen at corner. It's only when they use the extra national on defence to get an extra international on offence where they get into ratio trouble without a quality backup national DB.

Can't argue with that! :slight_smile:

I just watched that play again, and the first replay shows that the pass was behind Gable, and he was contacted well after the ball went past him. He definitely wouldn't have won that challenge.

What I'm really surprised at on that play is that they didn't flag Banks for being offside. It looks like he was about a foot over the line at the snap (initial movement of the ball). The linesmen usually don't miss that. Would have been declined anyway. Just surprised is all.