Burn the Witches, Vol. 6: Lion Chow

Well since I have to go to bed, I'm starting this one myself...

So first off...

No excuses for this loss. You can't blame this one on the short week, and time change.

team looked poop tonite especially on defence,,,,i think we need to get a true running game established or jeff gonna be running for his life,,,,,teams like bc tonight seem to be targeting him without a running game,,,i think gable woodson will be fine,,,but out of all our injuries concerned mostly about our banged up oline,,,(olsen figs now bomben).

Turnovers. 2 and outs. Injuries. Winless (0-2), this season, in those uniforms.
Now, if OTT wins in WPG, HAM, to finish first, will have to win 1 of the 2 games with OTT and also win on the 2-game total points, if OTT wins the other game. If OTT loses in WPG, HAM will need just the 1 victory, in 2 games, to grab first place.
Finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd are all still possibilities.

if we split with ottawa,,,and it ends up a 3 way tie somehow for 1st,,i believe we come ahead,,,,cuz we have best record between games played between 3 teams.

Well we've had two upsets this weekend. Maybe the upsets will continue and Winnipeg will beat Ottawa tomorrow. That would leave the top three east teams still in the same pecking order. Winnipeg will be playing with urgency as well to stay in the playoff picture. Last week it seemed none of the teams vying for the final west spot were trying to take it - this week so far it appears to be the exact opposite.

Late start western games are always tough and on a short week to boot - as if the Ticats haven't had enough short weeks this season (I've counted 7) - yes the defense especially looked played out especially by the 4th quarter. Heard that Harris had over 100 yards rushing in the second half (only 15 yards in the first half). Our inability to sustain drives of course didn't help. Tough to keep the running game going when there were a few changes on the OL due to injury. Heard Fantuz say on the TSN post game that OL injuries took out some protection schemes and plays. We had such continuity on the line earlier in the season but now the depth is really being tested. Figs should be back for the next game but how long he stays healthy is another question. Hopefully he can hang in there for the remaining two games and with any luck we'll have a bye in the playoffs.

yep ottawa loses tmow to the peg who will be desperate,,,,then next sunday us beating ottawa gets us 1st.

Yes. That could happen if OTT beats WPG, then splits with HAM, while TOR wins both of their remaining games. Then, the 3-way tie would be broken by "winning percentage in all games played against the other tied teams." HAM would be 4-1 / .750, TOR 3-3 / .500, and OTT 1-4 / .200.