Burn the Witches Vol. 3 Lightning Always Strikes Twice

Yeah, this one is pretty much over. The CFL record for biggest comeback is 27 points. It's late, I'm tired, and I'm going to bed...

Why do we give up so many turnovers to Winnipeg? And why can't Masoli play a solid 60 minutes of QB?

and on a less serious note...

I think the league should fine Winnipeg for causing the thunderstorms that delayed the game. It's obvious we would have killed them if it hadn't happened... :stuck_out_tongue:

Peggers getting payback for us embarrassing them TWICE last season and knocking Willy out both times.

Winnipeg's best player tonight...just like in their last win vs Ticats... was Masoli.

I also thought Ticat special teams stunk tonight. They made Fogg look like Gizmo.

A perfect storm of terrible play in the 1st half.

This has become a habit and it comes down to coaching that the players are not better prepared to start the game.

Although the players are professional and need to get their own butts ready as well/

This marks the first time I've ever turned off a game in mid play(long punt return which I saw was called back this morning) and went to bed!

I watched the rest this morning and I should have just looked at the score.

An overall poor showing from the entire Cats team. Not the end of the world, just a bad game on a weird night. Three things:

  2. When the D-line knows you don't run the ball, they step up the pass rush/blitz scheme.  Even down 21-0 there was still time in the game to establish the run.   To me, the past few games the threat of the run was legit and it changed the reactions of the Defences.  This game?.?.?.?
  3. With the exception of a few players, the entire Cats D looked like they were just going through the motions.  Rico Murray showed up and  Ted Laurant played well (subject to #1 above).  Dominique Ellis did not look good.  Still injured and back too soon?  I was surprised to see Emanuel Davis get routinely burned and be out of position.  Clearly an off night for him because he is usually solid.  Where was Chick?  Where was Tracey?

Ham made Nick look like Preston Manning. :cowboy:

I'm not worried, don't want to burn any witches. Bad game, it happens. Not all Masoli's fault. Lots of season left. ZC returning soon. We'll be good come playoff time.

This season, there are no free spaces on the bingo card. Masoli has done a good job keeping the team at .500 but Collaros is obviously still the man. This team will be fearsome when ZC is back.

I can't agree, at least now, with your final sentence. For me, it is and will be, likely for another 6 games, a wait and see if this team can become a consistent winner.

This team is mediocre at best and usually only shows up for half a game or less. Why is this team always around the 500 mark on wins and losses. Why do players we had play so well for other teams. Something is seriously wrong.

Question for you Cats fans: how did ex-Al Dominique Ellis fare at DHB? My impression of him, after two years with Montreal, was that he was a solid ST body but average at best as a starter in the secondary. Did he have a good night? Or did he get beaten in coverage a lot?

I didn't pay particularly close attention to him but he seemed to play fine all things considered, don't remember saying "what the hell Ellis" unlike some other DBs last night. Murray got burnt for the first TD and Davis got burnt on the second one, usually best if a fan doesn't remember a DB after a game unless he got an INT.

I think he will be slotted back behind Sears Jr. when he is healthy which by the sounds of it will be sooner rather than later. Glad to have some experienced depth on the team though.

Sears is now on the 6-game, so it'll be a while before he gets back.

The Defence played like rank amateurs. That being said, Nichols got the ball out of his hands within 2 (never mind 3) seconds - you can't get pressure on a QB if the ball is in the air after two steamboats. This is exactly the same thing that they did at THF and, to a certain extent, BC did as well. Tackling has been an issue all season - they need to focus on the fundamentals, but I don't think they actually have TIME to do so in the limited practice time.

There are always going to be a game or two like this every season. Best to learn from them and get it out of their system.

Cats never seem put it together until Labour Day.
Some seasons they never do.
I'm more worried about the new and improved D&P.
Loathed the guy from past battles, mucho respect for his football knowledge.
We should trade for him!
slimjim & seymour for D&P and Johnny TigerCatFan.

If Noah was planning on building his Ark again it would be in Winnipeg, the only city in the world that gets hit with Biblical lightening strikes that delay football games, floods, earth quakes, high winds, snow 11 months out of the year, black fly's and mosquito infestations..it goes on and on!!

I wonder why they ever built an open air stadium at Investors Group field they should built a domed Ark and have been safe and done with it!!


So we won the coin toss two and a half hours before the game. That was the only part I listened to live, and it seemed a peculiar way to not start a game. Maybe we should not have deferred? Let's burn that deferral.

I take pride that the tornado warning in Winnipeg exceeded any of the storms in my Guelph Alumni stadium. Too bad there were no ESPN weather highlights from the rain delay in Winnipeg. Remember the field goal attempt that blew back in Guelph? At least there was no real Ark needed in the Peg. .

Oskee wee wee

I was at that eastern semi final. Strangest weather I have EVER encountered at a home game. Rain, then snow, then rain, then even more snow. Wild wind. It was so strong that it blew any precipitation side ways.

Where I was sitting could not get a great view of that field goal. Later that night, to see it on the highlights, was just weird. Like there was a force field in front of the uprights.

Will never forget that one.