Burn the Witches Vol. 2 Electric Boogaloo

Six turnovers, and the only reason we were in this was because we were playing the Bombers who showed that they could move the ball, but they didn't have much in the way of finish.

Who wants to light the torches?

Here's the matches light em up!!

Mazola Mazoli still can't find the handle on the pigskin, get em out, he's a third string QB at best, I don't care what some fans think of last years performance that was last year and we lost that game in the eastern final as well.

After a bad performance last week Austin should have had the intuition to start Mathews and let Masoli sit to see what he is doing wrong. Give Mathews the opportunity because really this is a good tryout for all back up QB's until Zach gets back.

If we don't get this fixed soon, it will be a loooooong season!!

I know Harris is a good running back, but what happened to our great run defence?

We don't run anything, so our D doesn't see much of anything to practise against.

We will always be mauled by any team that wants to run the ball, and kick well.

Clock winding down, punt to Banks and he once again ran laterally then backwards to take time off the clock and lose yards. How can the punt return team set up blocks when he does that? :thdn:

Maybe Masoli isnt the answer but Matthews is far worse. Maybe brush this Golson kid up :smiley:

Underwood can't catch , CJ , well I just don't know what his role is , Why do we rush 3 when it is 2nd and long like we did in the eastern final and go burned. Austin needs to kick some ass and maybe start by kicking his own.

Ham probably saved some jobs in WinterPeg. What a fine bunch of fellows. The Allwets are next and they need saving to, just wait Montreal here we come. oops:

15: :thup:

While it's not always the case, I saw this game pretty much exactly as Coach Austin did (see main page video - "Post Game - Coach Austin" July 7). We both think Masoli, with the exception of ball security, played pretty well. Turnovers, a lot of poor tackling, too many penalties in the first half, and a couple of key dropped passes were the big issues. I do question why they didn't go for a two-point convert, with the score H6/W1, and moreso when the score was W25/H23, following the Owens' TD in the 3rd Qtr.

Some random thoughts:

  1. On his TD return Banks looked a lot like he did in the 2014 EDF: running past players like they were pylons. He almost had another game for the ages: but for a near-TD pass that was a few yards overthrown and a misjudgement on a KO return, he would have been over 300 yards with two TDs on the night and no big screw-ups.

  2. I wonder if the ball was slippery due to weather conditions? Not just one guy dropping it out there.

  3. Penalties sure seemed to go against us in the first half, but I think we made up some ground in the second. A couple of long Owens catches could have easily come back.

  4. Despite his screw-ups, Masoli doesn’t seem to lose confidence. He made a lot of good plays in the second half when he could have easily been shell-shocked.

  5. I didn’t realize until I checked the stats afterwards that neither team scored a point in the fourth quarter. Wouldn’t have predicted that after the way the first three quarters went.

  6. For those who were at the game, in case you didn’t realize it … on the short TD catch by Ryan Smith in the first half, he didn’t even see the ball coming, yet somehow he still caught it - with one hand - without ever looking at it. It really defies all logic. It was that kind of night.

  7. In a game so close - where even one more point meant we could have tied it at the end - there were almost too many potential turning points to count. The Underwood drop, the stupid kickoff bounce, the successful challenges, the numerous turnovers. Any one of those plays going the other way could have made the difference for us. Either our luck is bound to change, or the football gods are just against us this year.

  1. Maybe this team does better when we get off to a crappy start? Last time we made it to the Grey Cup we started the year at 1 and 6.
  1. I remember thinking before the season started that I’d be happy to go .500 until Zach returns. At this point that could be tough, but I’d still be happy with it.

  2. The one consolation from looking back at our first three games is that the Argos must really, really suck.

I don’t blame the lack of blocking. Banks tries to hit a homerun every time and that’s just not possible. He needs to learn to get up the field and take it to the house when the opportunity presents itself. Especially in the situation you’re referring to.

There was no excuse in losing that game.

These loses are on Austin and Tillman! They have had nearly a year to find a replacement for Collaros while he was hurt but none to be found!

Masoli is not the answer and should change his name to Baker because his specialty is turnovers!

Masoli is going to catch a lot of heat, but bottom line is if Underwood catches that sure touchdown, we are all singing a different tune right now. Just sucks, turn the ball over 6 times and still had a chance to win, just beyond frustrated right now, this team is way better than what they have shown last two weeks.

An observation from Matt Dunigan:
"I'm concerned about the Tiger-Cats. They're 2 and 6 in their last 8 games at Tim Hortons Field."
And, I'm sure, Matt knows he's not alone with his concern.

Hello from Ohio where I did see the game on ESPN2. A totally winnable game too but again there were just a few too many mistakes. How disappointing to drive down the field and come away with no points? Happened on more than one occasion too. Yes Masoli will take some heat as he gave the game away with at least 2 interceptions - but then may be those were on the receiver not being quite where he should have been. As with last week the loss can’t be pinned on just one player. Midfield tackling has been an issue the past couple of games too. They did play better once they got going but should have remembered that the game begins in the first quarter - not after halftime! Given the fact that they had SIX turnovers, they were extremely lucky to lose by only 4!

Oh BTW - the boatmen are ahead of the Leos (you know the team that stuck it to the Ticats badly last week) 15-6 early in the 4th quarter. Not a great offensive battle here but I did see Lulay in for Jennings!

I imagine the ball picks up moisture in the field from the rain earlier in the day. Noticed Willy was wearing gloves on both hands; not sure if that’s standard for him. Even though some players (especially QBs) don’t like gloves (or are accustomed to years of playing without them), today’s “grip” gloves are so effective and inobtrusive, it’s hard to understand what downside they might still have for a QB. The fact that there are QBs now who do where them shows they can’t be that much of a liability.

I underlined the part I agree with most. You have to know the situation, and realize how costly it is to give the offense a long field at that point in the game if you swing for the fences and miss. Of course, we don't know what his instructions from the ST coach were either, so it might not be purely on Banks.

And as others have observed, perhaps the most disheartening thing is how weak our defence was against the run for the second week in a row. Offense had plenty of problems too, but with a less experienced QB, you know there will be bumps in the road (or giant sink-holes from time to time). Continuing to be soft against the run will end any Grey Cup chances we might have real fast.

Just home from the game 12:30, waiting for the caffeine to slow. Seems to me we are looking more and more like a rebuilding team? No deep threat to replace Grant, no running game or threat without Sinkfield, and no receiver to consistently go for YAC yards. Owens close, Banks spotty, Tasker and Fantuz rarely.

On defence, can't effectively defend against the run if outside the tackles or around the end, and slotbacks are consistently open in the middle. Drew Willy looked like Rickyray of old. No way he is a 90% or better passer.

Have to hope we can develop something over the next few weeks, or we will soon be 1 and 4. Coaching staff have a lot of work, and Tillman has to work some magic.

This is not a play-off team right now, and I don't think we can expect Zach to turn it around by himself. Unless he can also run and play defence?

At least game was entertaining, even if poorly executed. Probably saved O'Shea's job?